Chariots of Fire

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Chariots of Fire, the movie motivated by Scottish sportsman Eric Liddell, is set to be tested at educational institutions across Scotland.

First Reverend Alex Salmond is conference the film's manufacturer, Master Puttnam, in London, uk later to talk about the concept.

It is predicted the tale of the legendary sportsman, who won an Olympic silver honor in London, uk in 1924, will help motivate a new creation of young Scottish.

Liddell popularly rejected to run the 100 meters because the determining warms were on a Weekend.

He moved ranges and against the possibilities won silver in the 400 meters at the London, uk Olympics in 1924.

The 1981 movie Chariots of Flame won four Academy awards, such as best image.

A new electronically remastered edition of the movie is now testing in more than 100 movie theater throughout the UK, as part of the London, uk 2012 Event parties.

Now Master Puttnam wants more formal identification for the Olympian.

Earlier this week, in a BBC documented about the sportsman, he advised the Scottish govt to present grants to enjoy Liddell's life.

The first minister has requested to satisfy Master Puttnam, to talk about the concept.

And they are also predicted to acknowledge a deal to spread duplicates of Chariots of Flame to Scottish educational institutions, to bring Liddell's tale to a new creation and help motivate the sportsmen of the next day.