Xbox SmartGlass With Windows 8

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Xbox SmartGlass
E3 2012 recognizes Ms in a exclusive place among the system companies. While Panasonic may make video video games, tvs, and netbooks, only Ms has both a system environment and significant PC os. And with Ms windows 8 only months away, now may be the best time lastly sketch a strong line linking the two. But according to what we've seen at the Ms E3 media meeting, this may not be the year for that.

SmartGlass, the new multi-screen/multi-platform app from Ms, is a nice beginning. While SmartGlass will be available on many types of pills and mobile phones, Ms was sure to highlight that Ms windows 8 as a SmartGlass foundation, presumably both on the conventional PC desktop/laptop edition of Ms windows, as well as Ms windows RT pills.

It can affair video content from PC to system to product, and then turn your system into a "second display." In video games, such as Mobile 4, it seems a bit like the second display on a Manufacturers DS or 3DS. Going the other route, SmartGlass can toss a internet browser screen up on your TV display via Xbox.

Additional particular Windows-based tie-ins, especially on the game playing front, have not been explained yet, beyond the giving of success, using the SmartGlass interface to be a part of multiplay video games on your System, and using your product or other SmartGlass system to control an Internet Traveler internet browser on your big-screen TV, via the System.

We'll have more information on Xbox/Windows 8 tie-ins as they create.