Powerball worth a huge $241

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

A Powerball admission worth a huge $241 thousand was purchased in Wi at a Cedar plank Rapids food market, but the region's greatest sweepstakes winning one ever has yet to come ahead to declare the award.

The winning numbers in Wednesday's illustrating – 7, 10, 14, 33, 57 and Powerball 18 – were purchased at a Hy-Vee shop in the southern Wi city, the second greatest in the condition. Wi sweepstakes authorities on Friday advised the winning one to keep the admission in a rut and to seek advice from a financial advisor before coming ahead to declare the jackpot feature.

"This truly is a life-changing sum of cash and we want our champions to have the details they'll need as they make their choices," Wi Lotto CEO Terry Wealthy said in a declaration. "Whoever has the successful admission should indication it instantly if they haven't already done so for secure keeping."

The successful admission was the 7th in Wi to win the Powerball award – and the greatest ever in the region's record. The past record award was a $200 thousand jackpot feature won by a Ft Avoid several in Oct 2006.

The winning one of Wednesday's sweepstakes – the 15th-largest jackpot feature in Powerball record – can choose to obtain the cash in 30 expenses over the next 30 years amassing $241 thousand before taxation or take an immediate mass sum of $160 thousand before taxation, with an after-tax total of $112 thousand. Powerball jackpot feature awards have to be stated at the sweepstakes head office in the condition investment of Des Moines. Under Wi law, details about sweepstakes champions is public.

The Ft Avoid several who gathered the 2006 award said they did not realize they had won until they saw the results of the illustrating in the next daily paper.