Celebrated Summer Solstice

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

At the middle of this historical rock group, they're drinking like it's 2,000 B.C.

Latter-day druids and late-night ravers clustered to Stonehenge overdue Thursday, as countless numbers famous summer solstice -- the lengthiest day of the year in the south hemisphere.

Each noticeable the event in his or her own way, with some pushing their leads against the rocks in quiet relaxation and others screaming out pop music while swigging cheap alcoholic beverages from nasty containers.

"It's miracle," said Exotic Kay, 37, whose flow troupe attended the evening of starting wedding. "It's one of the few times of the year you can go up and touch the rocks."

English History, which operates the website, usually recognizes approximately 20,000 people at the yearly all-night parties which last until Friday day.

Revelers together with modern-day pagans at the website, whose unique objective continues to be engulfed in secret.

It isn't just Stonehenge. Solstice a887 black parties also take place in other nations, although many are postponed until the last few days in May.

Danes light bonfires, and Balts head to the country side. Swedes and Finns spend midsummer at hidden lakeside bungalows or at open-air flow locations during a party when huge volumes of liquor are absorbed often leading to drownings, traffic fatalities and home assault.