Billboard Music Awards 2012

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Billboard Music Awards 2012
Even with the moving of two songs tales this weeks time, the display went on in Las Nevada for the 2012 Billboard Music Prizes, praising music's greatest data covers of these days.

And when companies Bieber Bieber, Bob Darkish and Katy Perry are all present, you just know it's going to be an excellent display.

Missed out all the action? Well then look no further; we've got all the information on the best, the toughest, and the relax at this seasons Billboard Music awards:

Best Starting Act: LMFAO started the display with a efficiency of their hit tune "Party Stone Anthem" to get the audience thrilled and into complete "shuffling" function. A moving zebra also signed up with the group on level to liven elements up.

Worst Remove Tease: The men of LMFAO removed down into smiley-face clothed lingerie and smashed out into sexually-suggestive flow goes onstage. Well...perhaps they were trying to provide the men of Miracle Scott a run for their money?

Best Serves Ever: Serves Jules Bowen and Ty Burrell introduced the fun to Las Nevada when they poked fun at their Stone and Throw cred. "We are incredibly bright and somewhat suv. Stone and roll!" announced the Contemporary Household dad.

Toughest First Award: Bieber Bieber took house the prize for best public specialist for the second successive season. Really like the Biebs, but we can't help but wish a larger shock started the prizes for the night!

Best Date: Lately separated Katy Perry introduced her granny as her time frame to the occurrence. "I can't delay to go and do photos with you after this," Perry laughed as she approved her Focus Award onstage.

Not Our Preferred Beat Premiere: We really like Kelly felix Clarkson, and of course, her efficiency was outstanding, but we can't help but wish the United states Idol victorious one would have performed her high energy hit "Stronger." Instead, the musician decided for a sorrowful tune, selecting to introduction her song "Dark Side" in a gorgeous red full-length dress.

Best Boy Group Smiles: The Desired performed their hit song "I'm Grateful You Came" and hit the level with happiness. The five associates of the attractive British boy band checked definitely excited to be doing.

Worst Attire Choice: Miley cyrus Cyrus provided the prize for Best New Artist sporting a bright tux coat and...nothing else. Although the celebrity hit a house run in the locks and cosmetics office, we were less than satisfied with her outfit—apparently, jeans were optionally available this season.

Best Surprising Performance: Bob Darkish murdered it on level doing his hit song "Turn Up the Songs." We may have not been stunned at the Bob Darkish Grammy love holiday, but the smooth flow goes, riders and an legendary lighting display created the efficiency one of the evening of most interesting.

Toughest Professional Timing: Natasha Beddingfield conducted a wonderful version of D Summer's hit "Last Flow," or so we think—the efficiency was easily cut off by an industrial separate. Greatest bummer of the night?

Best Lady of the Year: Sacred Taylor Swift! The musician rocked immediately locks and a gorgeous red outfit as she approved the prize for Lady of the Season. Zooey Deschanel presented the nation crooner and popular hte 22-year-old's many success.

And On To Bieber Fever: Bieber Bieber introduced some serious camping swag to the level, doing his hit tune "Boyfriend." We couldn't help but gush and experience like Selena Gomez is one of the most fortunate GFs around.

Worst Bieber Follow-up: The Biebs protégé Carly Rae Jepsen conducted her hit tune "Call Me Maybe" soon after Bieber remaining the level. The musician checked lovely in her shiny natural top, but her schedule sensed a little boring in evaluation to J.Bieb's legendary takeover.

Best Ode to Las Vegas: Keep it to Ty and Jules to keep the laugh's coming—cardboard cutouts of the Contemporary Household several "toured" Nevada in a very funny movie. Boy, do we really like these two!