Barack Obama Dog

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

In awaken of the believed that Barack obama takes pets, I believed it might be useful to re-interpret some other paragraphs from the two guides he is claimed to have published.

In Ambitions from My Dad, Barack obama shares about having "a big yellow-colored dog with a baleful howl" in his back garden. Remember that it was "away from the evening meal table" that Barack obama "was presented to dog various meats." If I were that dog, I would have been baleful too.

"We got off in Ndori," creates Barack obama of his Kenyan encounter, "and invested the next two time having on heated carbonated drinks and viewing run pets click at each other in the dirt." It doesn't say so in the publication, but I think Barack obama was just developing up an hunger.

In Audacity of Wish, Barack obama informs of his first trip to the property of his upcoming in-laws, "All that was losing was the dog," he laments. Seemingly, his popularity beat him.

Also in Audacity, Barack obama recounts a discussion with girl Malia:
"Daddy, I have a question."


"Can we get a dog?"

In the edited version, Obama answers, "What does your mother say?" In my apocryphal unedited version, Obama says, "No, honey, I've sworn off them for Lent."

Not surprisingly, Bill Ayers is also obsessed with dogs. He makes twenty separate references to dogs in his memoir, Fugitive Days, including this curious admission. "One day we passed out thousands of leaflets advertising a demonstration . . . in which we would burn a dog to death with napalm in protest of the war." Of course, he was bluffing. The killing he and his pals would reserve for humans.