A Thousand Words

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

A thousand words: Eddie Murphy is a fictional broker who understands that he goes one phase nearer to passing away when a foliage comes off a wonderful shrub in his again garden. Once the shrub drops all of its simply leaves, Murphy’s Port McCall will reduce his lifestyle. Kerry California and Allison Janney also celebrity. Ranked PG-13.

In "Tower Heist," Eddie Murphy seems vitalized and moved and positioned for a return. In "A Thousand Words," the acting professional smashes all those desires to parts. Ignore it. The fantasy is deceased.

The only purpose this stupid, disparaging film won't completely destroy Murphy's profession is that few individuals will ever be required to sit through it outside of trans-Atlantic routes and interrogation locations at Guantanamo Bay. Why has this blessed comic regularly spent his abilities on such crummy pictures? Even Adam Sandler hasn't gathered as many bad films as Murphy has ("Holy Man," "The Journeys of Pluto Nash," "The Haunted House," "Imagine That" - the record is endless).

Maybe he just doesn't study his programs, much like his personality of Port McCall, a fast-talking fictional broker who doesn't study manuscripts. Port just knows how to program guides so they offer. The assumption of "A Million Words" - which was published by Bob Koren, who also composed "Jack and June," so you know what you're in for - is that Port must understand to be a better individual after a Bodhi shrub pals in his garden and drops a foliage with every concept he says. When the tree's offices are simple, Port will keel over deceased.

"A Million Words" was instructed by Mark Robbins, who also proved helpful with Murphy on "Norbit" and "Meet Lady." Instantly, those two films experience like profession highpoints. This is the type of crass, soulless cash-grab that has Murphy positioning a Local cafe java cup before side of the camera while saying the range "This java is amazing." This is the type of improper, homophobic image that creates fun of a grower who talks in a absurd feature ("Dee landscape sprinkler ees deceased, but I feex eet!") and a managing gag about an obese gay man trolling a resort for informal sex.

This is the type of colossally misdirected mirror venture in which the tale requires a alarmist convert, uses Dark red Dee as an seniors lady being affected by Alzheimer's, and indicates with a series in which Port gets touching his inner kid by following a boy through a area of whole grain or grain taken in fantastic, sun-kissed lighting. I am not creating any of this up. Nicolas Crate provided as a manufacturer on "A Million Terms," which creates me wonder if he regarded featuring in the film himself at some factor. And yet Crate gradually approved, and he's the guy who created "Ghost Rider" and "The Rattan Man."

"A Million Words" was taken in 2008 but wasn't planned for launch until now, to be able to utilize Murphy's estimated gig as coordinator of the Academia Prizes. Except he skipped on the Academia awards, and we got trapped with this unbearable film. I wish I could remove "A Million Words" from my storage, because I suppose I will never be able to discover Murphy crazy again.

A film this terrible sears into the mind forever: It's bad enough to scratch. Be careful.


1 star

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington, Cliff Curtis, Clark Duke, Allison Janney, Jack McBrayer, Ruby Dee.

Director: Brian Robbins.

Screenwriter: Steve Koren.

Producers: Nicolas Cage, Alain Chabat, Stephanie Danan.

A DreamWorks Pictures release. Running time: 82 minutes.