Jetblue Pilot Became Troublesome

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The Government Aircraft Management says the leader of a JetBlue journey these days had been presenting "erratic behavior" before other team associates determined to secure him out of the seat.

Passengers say the leader became troublesome when he couldn't get again within, and was shouting about a blast.

A traveler informs CNN that the head still in the seat used the P-A program to desire travelers to limit the leader, which they did.

That head, Clayton Osbon, life in Keller, Atlanta, which is in Bryan Nation.

News 3 discussed to his companion and next door neighbor Elton Stafford.

Stafford has known Osbon for 7 decades, and calls him a companion, very expert and an excellent guy.

Stafford said what took place on the aircraft these days was out of personality and was stunned anything like this would occur.

"I just don't know what to think. Obviously something visited or something," considered Stafford. "Clayton is a immediately going guy. Very stage going. very expert. Nothing you could ever say adverse about Clayton, he's just an excellent guy. You are damaged up about this? A little bit yes, he's a companion. He's a companion. I'll be hoping for him."

The journey from New You are able to to Las Nevada was redirected to Amarillo, Arizona, where Osbon was taken for therapy.

According to JetBlue, an off-duty leader who was a traveler on the journey went to the seat, and took over the responsibilities of the leader "once on the earth."

The FBI says it's analyzing, along with other federal companies and regional law enforcement.