Baseman Ike Davis likely Valley Fever

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Mets first baseman Ike Davis likely has valley fever and will be given days off to prevent excessive exhaustion, a manifestation of the situation.

Davis took a actual when he arrive at beginning spring training in Interface St. Lucie, Fla., and the examination unveiled an irregular breasts area X-ray. He was sent to New You are able to for further testing and when he came back to get away, the Mets said Davis had a simple lungs illness.

The group unveiled a new analysis Saturday night after unveiled Davis' situation previously in the day.

"Following extra testing here and in NYC, lungs and catching situation professionals have determined that Ike likely has area high temperature, which is predicted to take care of itself eventually," the Mets said in a declaration.

Davis was predicted to be available to correspondents Saturday.

Valley high temperature is a illness that is published from the dust in leave parts of the Free airline and is consumed. It can be stirred up by development and gusts of wind. Davis life in State of arizona ( az ) in the offseason.

"Ike is not infected, is not taking any treatment for his situation and does not currently display any of the external signs associated with area high temperature," the Mets said. "However, Ike has been directed to prevent excessive exhaustion. No extra testing or exams are awaiting, but Ike will have a follow-up examination when the group comes back to NYC in beginning May."

Expected to bat tidy up this period, Davis had two visits in an intrasquad game Saturday.

Valley high temperature can be a serious problem — it triggered Conor Fitzgibbons to neglect all but the first 30 game titles of this year's period with the State of arizona ( az ) Diamondbacks. Greg Kraft had his ensuring tennis profession preoccupied after he hired the situation during the 2002 Tucson Start.

After a ensuring fresh period, Davis skipped most of 2011 with a cuboid bruise in his eventually left rearfoot, continual in a routine-looking impact with Mark Wright on May 10 in Co. Davis has proven no results of the damage this beginning spring.

Davis batted .302 with seven homers and 25 RBIs in 36 game titles last period after reaching .264 with 19 home operates and 71 RBIs truly.

The loss of Davis for any moment period would be a serious strike to the Mets after All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes finalized as a free broker with the Las vegas Marlins this winter season. New You are able to has reduced its paycheck after going 77-85 last period.