J.K. Rowling New Book

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Grownup lovers of J.K. Rowling can rejoice: She has a new novel arriving, for adults.
The children will have to delay and see.

The author of the mega-selling "Harry Potter" sequence has an contract with Little, Darkish in the U. s. Declares and England to launch her first adult novel, the marketers declared Friday. The headline, launch time frame and information about the publication, lengthy rumored, were not declared. A friend of Rowling's in The capital of scotland, author Ian Rankin, tweeted Friday that he believes Rowling has published a secret novel.

"Wouldn't it be crazy if J.K. Rowling's first novel for adults became a criminal offense tale set in Edinburgh?" Rankin composed. "My concept yes."

Her 7th and ultimate Knitter tale came out in 2007, and these days the English author has said that she was working on grown-up publication and on a Knitter encyclopedia. Rowling's Knitter guides, which split revenue information all over the community, were published by Bloomsbury in England and Scholastic in the U.S. Rowling will now reveal the same designer with Stephenie She, whose "Twilight" sequence at least partly loaded the gap started out by the summary of the Knitter testimonies.

"Although I've experienced composing it every bit as much, my next publication will be very different to the Harry Knitter sequence, which has been published so superbly by Bloomsbury and my other marketers all over the community," Rowling, 46, said in a declaration published by Little, Darkish. "The independence to discover new area is a present that Harry's achievements has gotten me, and with that new area it seemed a sensible development to have a new designer. I am excited to have a second posting home in Little, Darkish, and a posting group that will be an excellent associate in this new stage of my composing life."

Rowling's broker, Neil Blase, would not reveal economical information of the cope but said there had been no market. He said Friday that Rowling was staying with Bloomsbury in England for the Harry Knitter guides.

"As her new publication is for a different viewers, and represents a new fictional route for her, it made feeling to individual the two and for her new publication to be published by a different designer," said Blase.

Blair became Rowling's fictional broker last season when she eventually left the Captain christopher Little Literary Organization, where Blase had proved helpful. Bloomsbury said its 15-year connection with Rowling "remains more powerful than ever" — and new models of the seven books were on the way. Some 450 thousand duplicates of the seven Knitter testimonies are in list and the guides have been converted into 74 dialects. A billion-dollar film business, featuring Daniel Radcliffe as the youthful expert, finished last season.

"We are happy to mention that as part of our lengthy run technique for Harry Knitter we will post shown models of all seven Harry Knitter guides in a moving application from 2013 forward moreover to our connection on e-books with the Pottermore web page," the designer said in a declaration. In the U.S., Scholastic speaker Kyle Excellent mentioned that Scholastic didn't post adult guides.

"We will keep post her kid's guides in the U.S.," Excellent said Friday.

Any Rowling publication would seem a assured thousand owner, although it's doubtful that her new novel will have the same huge charm as Knitter. Grownup writers from E.B. Bright to Sherman Alexie have perfectly handled the move to composing for youth but, once a author is placed as a kid's author, the move can be confusing. Winnie the Winnie the pooh designer A.A. Milne, a effective playwright in his beginning decades, once revealed that he was required to say "goodbye to all that" after his dearest guides about the endure and associates. Maggie Prudent Darkish, author of the traditional "Goodnight Celestial satellite," tried for decades to create testimonies for The New Yorker.

Daniel Owner of "Lemony Snicket" popularity and Ann Brashares, author of the "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" books, are among the latest well-known writers for children who have had restricted achievements as adult writers.

But Rowling does start with one advantage: The Knitter guides had an tremendous following among visitors of all age range and she is commonly acknowledged with showing to marketers that kid's guides were no more just for the youthful. Meyer's creature of the night books and Suzanne Collins' "Hunger Games" trilogy also have found on with both adults and children. She herself composed grown-up publication, "The Coordinator," a best-seller in 2008.

"It would just be awesome if my current lovers liked it," She informed The Associated Media in 2008. "And I want to get some new visitors who would never go into the YA (Young Adult) racks."

Beth Puffer, film director of the Manhattan-based kid's bookseller Monetary institution Road Book store, said she would have to see the novel before determining where or whether to inventory it.

"I believe if it's published for adults, it's not appropriate for children," said Puffer, who included that she might inventory the publication in a area for age range 14 and up. "There are a lot of former children and youngsters who increased up with Harry Knitter and they would likely be an viewers for her new publication. You also have all the adults who liked the Knitter guides."

One of Rowling's most enthusiastic lovers, Brian Anelli, said she was beyond herself "with pleasure." Anelli, 32, works a major Potter/Rowling fan site, http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org .

"J.K. Rowling is simply an excellent author, and regardless of what she is applicable her abilities to, we will predict and appreciate it," Anelli composed in an e-mail. "I'm also so interested by this process: What will occur as the biggest children's/YA author navigates the new posting landscape designs and posts for a new audience?"

Rowling's novel will be available in both list and automated codecs. The author presented out for decades on enabling the Knitter guides to come out electronically, but declared this year that Knitter e-books would be marketed through her own "Pottermore" web page. The guides were expected to become available last tumble, but have been late until sometime this season.