Betty White Last of TV's "Golden Girls"

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Betty White
Betty White Last of TV's "Golden Girls"
She may be the last of TV's "Golden Women," but the popular Nancy Light came in first in a latest market research asking nearly 2,000 on and soon-to-retire People to select a function style from a collection of popular elderly people.

Light, who changes 90 these days, is the older of the stars offered to the research team under the going of whom they would most like to replicate in pension. She is one of the most popular, glancing in the TV Area sequence "Hot in Cleveland," preparing a new hidden-camera actuality present presenting senior citizens known as "Betty White's Off Their Rocking chairs," and being feted by NBC in a Ninetieth wedding honor on Earnings 16, which is why, according to her click broker, she was too fast paced to thoughts on the results of the Hartford-MIT AgeLab research.

The Age of Opportunity study was conducted by GfK Roper for The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. - an insurance and wealth management firm - and the MIT AgeLab, a think tank of researchers, business partners, universities and the aging community.

The 1,964 respondents contacted by random telephone calls, were men and women over 45 who had retired in the past two years or planned to retire in the next two to 10 years and further divided them by total household investable assets below or above $250,000.

Light obtained the best amount of ballots from each type of participants. Her competitiveness - in order of reputation - contains former Chief executive Jimmy Carter; every day expert Martha Stewart; Oscar-winning celebrity Sue Mirren; mountain star Steven Tyler; writer and former General Electric CEO Port Welch and boxer-turned-entrepreneur Henry Foreman.

Why Ms. White? "Because she knows how to have fun," the participants said.

The choice of Light is interesting, considering that 42 % of current on persons thought they could have on previously and 35 % of those nearing pension thought they were already there.