Debit Card Fees Bank of America

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Debit Card Fees Bank of America
New federal rules debit card will not be in the game until Saturday. However, Bank of America wasted no time in announcing a $ 5 per month for debit card purchases to offset the expected decline in revenue.

These rules limit how much banks can process transactions with debit cards. The payments are now an average of 44 cents per sale and pay the merchants. Later Saturday, the banks can not implement a surcharge of 21 cents.

The Federal Reserve has determined that it is a "reasonable and proportional" amount, which reflects how much it actually costs the banks to process a debit card transaction.

For its part, BofA is estimated that these new rules, you pay about $ 2 billion dollars a year in lost revenue. Industrial, processing fees took $ 19 billion to banks in 2009, according to Nilson Report, which monitors the card fees.

So here comes a fee of $ 5 to use a debit card, into force early next year, if you make a purchase or 100 per month

Anne Peace, BOFA spokesman, said the new settings have changed, "the economy to offer a debit card."

She said customers rely on services such as protection against fraud and discovered, and services that may not be offered for free. "Convenience has a price," said Pace.

But let's stop and think for a second. The Fed said that 21 cents is a good deal for banks to charge for sales of debit card processing. Bank of America is not saying that's going to lose money by charging that amount.

What it really says is that it will receive less money from debit cards by having to apply a reasonable rate. And apparently, the bank can not have the stomach to tell shareholders that their pockets will not be rounded as much as before.

So customers with heavy slaps tariffs - $ 60 a year - to keep cash flowing in

Put down: BOFA has 57 million consumer and small business accounting. If most of them use prepaid cards, we are talking about a windfall of about $ 3 billion a year - or $ 1 billion more than in BOFA is currently absent from the service.

Meanwhile, Wells Fargo is ready to begin testing at a cost of $ 3 per month by debit card in Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Chase is testing a similar tax in Wisconsin.

"We have saved the banks, and now they want more money?" asked Susan Kirk, who received his services in California BOFA card. "These people are just greedy."

At least Kirk and about 1 million other Californians unemployment benefits through BOFA bank can take comfort that the new $ 5 fee does not concern them. Employee Development at the State Department said the monthly fee does not apply to beneficiaries.

The bank said it will not hit people with fees for transactions at the counter, or if they do not use their debit cards to purchase. It will not shake you down if you have your mortgage BOFA or at least $ 20,000 in total assets at the bank.

But many people will be unable to dodge the bullet. These are the people who have no additional $ 20 000 sitting in the bank. These are the people who burned their fingers by using credit cards moved slightly instead of credit cards.

These are the people who bought the line the banks, the bank is a state-of-the-art amenities, and that this is a more efficient and environmentally friendly to spend money using checks.

Pace asked Bank of America is really how much it costs the bank to process a debit card transaction. She refused to answer.

I asked how much it costs to provide the bank fraud and overdraft protection. She refused to answer.

I simply asked for the number of users of debit cards the bank. He refused to answer.

However, Pace said that BOFA is "trying to be clear and transparent with customers" about the allegations.

The problem, of course, is that by BofA and other banks the truth about how much is actually in the process of plastic, and the provision of related services, others must speak for that. Fed says 21 cents is a realistic payment by debit card sales.

Some consumer advocates say the real cost to banks, thanks to the enormous amount of automated transactions processed daily, is closer to a penny or two.

From this perspective, the sauce is $ 5 per month pure.

In other words, Bank of America is not just to have their cake and eat it too. He used a different song.
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Holly Madison Her Breasts $1 Million

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Holly Madison Her Breasts $1 Million
Holly Madison, the extraordinary personality of reality TV and one of the girlfriends of Hugh Hefner has many, would have assured her breasts for $ 1 million.

Model, Showgirl, and TV personality has taken a million dollar policy with Lloyd's of London insurance company, which is famous for securing the most important body parts of famous people - including dancer Michael Flatley's feet for $ 1 million each , and taste buds will be world-famous food critic Egon Ronay, price € 400,000.

Madison, who speaks openly about her breast enhancement surgery, said his intervention has brought him a cup of D-cup. He said that the insured breasts in order to protect themselves and others, that appear in its Las Vegas production of "Peepshow".

"I've heard people get the body parts of the insured, and I thought, why not, because if something happened to my breasts, I'd be out a few months and I'd probably remove one million of dollars," he told People. "I thought to cover their property."

Madison, who appeared on the reality series "The Girls Next Door," which followed the lives of Hefner's girlfriends, and his own series of his exploits Vegas called "Hollywood world", said it appears topless in Vegas Revue.

"I think it's pretty funny. I think they get the credit they deserve," People reported. "They are my primary money makers right now."
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Breast Cancer Statistics Facts

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Breast Cancer Statistics Facts
National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to end breast cancer through action and defense. NBCC members are committed to achieving this goal by 2020. Here are some statistics that speak of the need to stop this deadly disease:

  • The National Cancer Institute estimates that a woman in the United States has a 1 in 8 chance of developing invasive breast cancer during her lifetime. This risk was about 1 in 11 in 1975 (ACS, 2010).
  • On January 1, 2008, in the United States there were approximately 2,632,005 women alive who had a history of breast cancer (SEER, 2011).
  • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for women in the U.S, after lung cancer. Approximately 39,970 women and 450 men in the U.S. will die from the disease in 2011 (ACS, 2011).
  • Excluding skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in the United States. It is estimated that 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women in the U.S. in 2011. In addition to invasive cancers, 57,650 new cases of in situ breast cancer will be diagnosed; approximately 49,003 of which will be ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). Approximately 2,140 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among U.S men (ACS, 2011).
  • The incidence of breast cancer declined from 1999 to 2003, with the greatest decline among white women. Incidence rates have remained relatively stable since 2003 (SEER, 2011).
  • According to the SEER data from 2001-2007, approximately 90% of women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer were still living five years after getting the disease; among black women, approximately 77% were still living five years after getting the disease (SEER, 2011).
  • Older women are much more likely to get breast cancer than younger women. From 2004-2008, the median age for a breast cancer diagnosis was 61 years of age. Approximately 0.0% were diagnosed under age 20; 1.9% between 20 and 34; 10.2% between 35 and 44; 22.6% between 45 and 54; 24.4% between 55 and 64; 19.7% between 65 and 74; 15.5% between 75 and 84; and 5.6% 85+ years of age. (SEER, 2011).
  • Combining all age groups, white (non-Hispanic) women are more likely to develop breast cancer than black women. However, black women are more likely to die of breast cancer than white women (ACS, 2010).
  • Between 1994 and 2003, the mortality rate for women of all races combined declined by 2.4% annually. In white women, breast cancer mortality declined by 2.5% annually. In black women, mortality declined by 1.4% annually during the same period (NCI, 2006).
  • Mortality has declined faster for women under the age of 50 (by 3.2% annually), regardless of race/ethnicity (ACS, 2011).
  • The current methods of treatment in use in the United States are surgery (mastectomy and lumpectomy), radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and targeted therapy (ACS, 2011).
  • Mammography screening does not prevent or cure breast cancer. It may detect the disease before symptoms occur. It may also lead to over diagnosis and over treatment (Nelson et al, 2009).
  • Mammography screening has led to a dramatic increase in the incidence of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). The diagnosis was relatively rare before the early 1980's and the widespread use of mammography. Today, approximately one woman is diagnosed with DCIS for every four women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer (Allegra et al, 2010).
  • All women are at risk for breast cancer. Only 5-10% of those with breast cancer have inherited a mutation in the known breast cancer genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) and 90-95% of breast cancer cases do not involve these inherited mutations. (ACS 2010; NCI 2006).
  • Factors that increase a woman's risk of breast cancer include older age, genetic factors, family history of breast or ovarian cancer, long menstrual history, null parity (having no children), older than 30 years of age at first full-term pregnancy, daily alcohol consumption, use of combined postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy (HRT), postmenopausal obesity and ionizing radiation. Factors that decrease a woman's risk of breast cancer include breast-feeding and physical activity (exercise) (ACS, 2010).
  • There is some new data to suggest that these risk factors have less influence among Hispanic women. According to results of the 4-Corners Breast Cancer Study, Hispanic women with breast cancer were more likely than white women with breast cancer to have characteristics associated with a lower risk of breast cancer, such as younger age at first birth, having more children, less hormone use, and less alcohol consumption (Hines et al, 2010).
  • Higher breast density has been shown to be associated with the risk of breast cancer. It was found that the rate of breast cancer was almost four times greater in those with extremely dense breast tissue as opposed to those with fatty breast tissue. It is important to remember that since mammography is less sensitive in detecting breast cancer for dense breasts, the effect of breast density may be somewhat underestimated (Barlow et al, 2006).
  • Studies on chemo preventive agents tamoxifen and raloxifene were not adequately designed to determine their impact on the prevention of breast cancer for healthy women, nor are the studies long enough to assess long term side effects and impact on mortality (Vogel et al, 2010).

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National Coffee Day 2011 Celebrate

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National Coffee Day 2011 Celebrate
Tell anyone complacent tea drinkers to go for a walk, because the international coffee day. Caribou Coffee, 7-11, Thornton is, and Krispy Kreme is doing all it easier to feed your addiction by distributing free cups of Joe at locations across the country. (Note the fine print: 7 / 11 of the freebies at 11 h, and caribou, it is to buy one, get one free for a friend.)

Although rumored to be involved, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks said it will not distribute coffee, prompting one fan to write, "I always like coffee, and I still pay for it in the National Day coffee, while others sigh and complain and go to 11.7 for a [expletive] coffee. "

Besides getting a cup of coffee, we suggest you celebrate by remembering that the coffee comes from - a group of goats jumped.

According to the National Coffee Association, the Ethiopian goat reindeer herder named Kaldi was the first to take the wonders of coffee: "It is said that he discovered coffee after noticing that his goats, after eating the berries of a tree has become so busy that they do not want to sleep at night. "

Today, the berries are then harvested and processed, the beans are dried, milled and exported, the coffee tasted, roasted, ground and prepared - anything to get that steaming cup in front of you.
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Walter Payton Enigmatic Life "Sweetness"

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Walter Payton Enigmatic Life "Sweetness"
A new biography of Walter Payton Hall of Fame details the reverse position, the use of drugs, extramarital affairs, and crippling loneliness that has plagued him since his retirement from the NFL.

Sports Illustrated's Jeff Pearlman spent more than two years of work, "Sweetness: Walter Payton Enigmatic Life," and revealed surprising information about the Chicago Bears running back who was so esteemed that he named the NFL Man of the Year award after him.

The book is slated for release next week. Excerpts appear in Sports Illustrated this week. In a section describing the use of drugs Pearlman Payton:

The burden of loneliness and his marriage was not only the problems of Payton. As a player, he had surprised him with pain pills and liquids that are normally provided by the Bears. Payton jumped Darvon robot during his playing days, said Holmes, "I saw him leave the locker room with pots of painkillers, and he will eat them as they had a snack" and also lathered his body with dimethyl sulfoxide, a topical analgesic commonly used to treat horses. Now that he has withdrawn, self-medication only intensified. Payton usually ingested a cocktail of Tylenol and Vicodin. In an embarrassing episode in 1988, Payton visited a handful of dental clinics , complaining of severe tooth pain. He has received several orders for morphine and hit a handful of traders for completion. When a pharmacist noticed the activity, he contacted the police, who arrived in Payton's house and discussed the situation.

Pearlman also detail the use of painkillers Darvon Payton in his days playing and how it fitted with a VR with the nitrous oxide for use in training camp.

Payton's career ended when he struggled against depression and suicide are often discussed with close friends. Two no relationship contributed to his discomfort. Pearlman describes how the ex-wife and his girlfriend Payton took part in both the Hall of Fame induction ceremony - "they were like ships passing in the night," said Payton assistant - and made a triumphant weekend of the worst of life Payton.

As the recent autobiography of Andre Agassi, in which he detailed his drug use unknown "smooth" will be remembered for salacious stories on the inside. Dominate the discussions in the coming days the bright and dark stories in the book: How a young cancer Payton pleased mounted on a flight or the times when I was playing ball with the kids before they sign their football. Drug use and the business will do something funny to forget what Payton was on the ground and how strong it is facing a terminal illness, and how they grew up in segregated Mississippi and calm the racial tensions that his deeds in the field.

As "Sweetness" shows, our heroes are always more complex than we know.
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Andy Rooney Has Been A Mainstay On 60 Minutes

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Andy Rooney Has Been A Mainstay On 60 Minutes
Andy Rooney, whose ironic and bitter trials and foibles of everyday life has been a mainstay on 60 Minutes since 1978, will retire from the magazine program CBS News Sunday after his second original 1097 essay.

"No one, including Andy, nor never will be. He hates to hear, but it is an original American," Jeff Fager, executive producer of 60 minutes, told CBS News. "His work for 60 minutes is huge, it's also a good friend. It 'difficult for him to do it every week, but always has the ability to speak his mind 60 minutes, when the urge hits him."

Rooney, 92, will return to his career in an interview with Morley Safer in the Sunday program and then announce his retirement in his essay.
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Listeria Symptoms The Incubation Period

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Listeria Symptoms The Incubation Period
Contaminated Cantaloupe: Two D-FW Deaths
Two deaths from eating contaminated melons are reported in northern Texas. Tuesday, officials from the Public Health Tarrant County, confirmed the death of a resident of the elderly with underlying medical conditions, and disease in a second case. Monday, Dallas County reported a resident of 89 years died of listeriosis, one in four cases.

Carrie Williams, the Ministry of Health of State said 14 cases were reported in Texas, and the number expected to grow.

Williams: The incubation period for Listeriosis is with great length. Symptoms can occur anywhere from three to 70 days after exposure, which makes these cases so difficult to solve.

Jensen Farms cantaloupe contaminated with listeria, Colorado, was sent to Texas in July-September 10 days. It should be remembered. Williams says symptoms of diarrhea, fever and muscle aches should see a doctor.

Parkland senior executives denied merit increases

Dallas County commissioners approved the budget Parkland Hospital on Tuesday - less than eight million dollars in bonuses for top administrators.

Commissioner Elba Garcia said they would be inappropriate merit raises after the hospital failed a critical federal government and must undergo a management audit on the outside. And she said raises recall will not hurt the hospital's ability to recruit top healthcare professionals.

Garcia: The Council discussed some of these wages, current wages without incentives. And guess what. They are very competitive in the market.

Friday, Parkland Board of Directors has amended the budget to remove dozens of bonuses for senior executives. They include the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, as well as leaders of medical and surgical care, and Operations.

Pay cut jurors

Starting Wednesday in Texas jurors took a "pay cut".

Since 2006, the jury received six dollars the first day of service, and $ 40 per day thereafter. Tarrant County Board of Commissioners GK Maenius told lawmakers reduce the amount of the budget.

Maenius: So controller certify a daily amount that would reimburse on a quarterly basis. This amount is $ 28.

Brooks: So, this amount may vary from quarter to quarter?

Maenius: Yes, sir, it is possible, yes.

Counties to pay jurors and seek reimbursement from a state fund supported by a tax on dollar bills and four fouls. Less eliminate what is now a member of the jury.

Gridlock update from Dallas-Fort Worth

Texas Transportation Institute is out with its annual mobility.

In 2010, the average commuter spent 45 hours stuck in traffic and I lost 22 liters of gas. In 2009, it was an extra hour, and 23 liters of gas. Researchers say "congestion" costs an average commuter in Dallas-Fort Worth more than $ 900 a year in lost productivity and fuel.
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Bling Rings Pleaded Not Compete

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Bling Rings Pleaded Not Compete
One of the co-defendants in a lot of publicity a celebrity case, a burglary, which is known as "Bling Rings, has pleaded not compete for him on one charge.

Rachel Lee of 21 years, Nicholas Prugo, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Leigh Ames and Roy Lopez Jr. used the famous sites like TMZ to locate houses and steal blinds Hollywood.

Prosecutors say that Lee broke into the former The Hills "star Audrina Patridge home and left with millions in jewels and clothes. She faces four years in prison for his burglary charge. His co-defendants are expected to stand trial early next year.

Ironically, their first Lifetime mini-movie based loosely on the crimes, entitled The Ring Bling.

The five robbers were also accused of breaking into the homes of Orlando Bloom, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox.
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Dead Sea Scrolls

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Two thousand years after they were written and decades after they were found in the caves of the desert, some of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls went online for the first time Monday in a project launched by Israel National Museum and the Web giant Google.

The appearance of five of the most important Dead Sea Scrolls on the Internet is part of a broader attempt by the guardians of the famous manuscripts - that were once criticized for allowing them to be monopolized by a small circle of scholars - to make them available to anyone with a computer.

The rolls are the biblical book of Isaiah, the manuscript known as the Temple Scroll, and three others. Browsers can search for high-resolution images of the rolls of specific steps, zoom in and out, and translate the lyrics into English.

The originals are safely stored in a vault in a building in Jerusalem, built specifically to house the scrolls. Access requires at least three different keys, a magnetic card and a PIN.

The five scrolls are among those purchased by Israeli researchers between 1947 and 1967 by traders of antiquity, having been found by Bedouin shepherds in the Judean Desert.

The scrolls, considered by many to be the most significant archaeological find of the 20 th century, is thought to have been written or collected by an ascetic Jewish sect that fled Jerusalem for the desert 2,000 years ago and settled in Qumran on the shores of Dead Sea. The hundreds of manuscripts that have survived, in part or in whole, in caves near the site have shed light on the development of the Hebrew Bible and the origins of Christianity.

The most complete scrolls are held by the Museum of Israel, with more pieces and fragments are smaller than in other institutions and private collections. Tens of thousands of fragments from 900 manuscripts from the Dead Sea are held by the Israel Antiquities Authority, which began its own separate project to put online in cooperation with Google.

The photographic work on the project began earlier this month to coincide with a former NASA scientist. A camera developed at the $ 250,000 Santa Barbara, California, allows researchers to distinguish words and other details not visible to the naked eye.

The effort most recent photographs of two technical centers on a fragment of a manuscript known as the Scroll of Thanksgiving. On a computer screen was a piece of the Apocryphon of Daniel, an Aramaic text which includes a verse reference to a figure "will be called the Son of God." The first fragments which will be online by the end of the year.

The Antiquities Authority project, aimed primarily at scholars, is tentatively set to be complete by 2016, when almost all the rolls will be available on the Internet.
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ACT Scores Results Taken From Fort Morgan

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ACT scores results taken from Fort Morgan, 11-year elementary school last year increased slightly over the previous year, according to findings published in Fort Morgan School District.

Students who graduate this spring were placed in 0.2 of a point above last year's seniors in the test that was taken during the years of high school, as well as English and mathematics, and reading more than 0.1 and science.

Mathematics is the highest score in the results of the ACT this year, the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Evaluation Joy Perry said, noting that it could be considered as a result of the emphasis in the teaching of mathematics in secondary school. Students from Fort Morgan averaged 17.9 points per part of math. The state average for math was 20.4.

England had the most points the average student in Fort Morgan. This was also the theme on which local students were far more than the average of the state, Fort Morgan, an average of 16.1 points, and the state average of 20.1 points.

But students Fort Morgan, on average 17.7 points or reading compared to average 20.9 points in the state. As to the previous year, reading scores seem to be a downward trend in general, the average score over 18 points was shared by seven years before that.

Science is another area that has seen a small improvement over last year, after a substantial decline in results. State average this year was 20.7 natural part of the ACT. The most recent results of the local average of 17.9 points in 2010 average of 17.8 points. But almost all the eight years before the results were averaged over 18 points.

Mean composite score were statistically equal between the classes of 2011 and 2010, according to results released by the district, sitting at 17.5 points.

However, these figures are a bit disappointing due to changes in the type of data transmitted to the State and included in the statistics, according to Perry.

Perry told the Board of Education of Fort Morgan "no qualifications" of students not tested are not included in the results of 2011, but were in 2010.

Board member Rob Carruth fear because change data was not correct in his analysis of the results is somewhat higher.

"We're not really comparing apples to apples," he said. "2011 is a new baseline."

Perry said that was true in a sense, but that the Government should not serve their students' performance in the test.

Just like in Fort Morgan, the results were similar in the two years, instead of radically different, the performance stable government in all areas tested, said Perry.

Perry also said the Council some of the other statistical differences between the data, including the results of the gap between white and Hispanic test-takers.

Overall, Hispanic students in the ACT last year received an average of 3.9 points below the white companion.

Perry has also released information on dozens of students re-take the ACT examination last year.

This difference was greater than two years ago, but below the results of three to four years.

"We're just average with the state," she said. "There is no real dramatic news here."

He noted that students in the district "to overcome the state to take a series of rigorous courses in math" and are "close to the state of science."

But Perry said she was concerned about the total number of students for the test results showed that was prepared for college courses after graduating from Fort Morgan High School.

He said that more attention can be given during class times to create what students need for large companies wishing to pursue college or other post-high school educational opportunities.

"A challenge for our whole system is to think about what classes they need to take," said Perry. "It is our system to prepare children for what they need."
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Aaron Rodgers Packers Lead Bears

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Aaron Rodgers Packers Lead Bears
Aaron Rodgers did not know how you evaluate it.
Never mind that the Green Bay Packers took control early and won again at Soldier Field to remain unbeaten.

"We just won a big game against division rival on the road, and I think there is a feeling that we might have a little 'better," he said.

Rodgers threw for 297 yards, three touchdown passes to Jermichael Finley, Packers and closing Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears on the way to 27-17 victory Sunday.

The stakes were not as high as the previous meeting, when the Packers left the field at his home in Chicago celebrating the NFC title along the way to the championship. Still, it gave the Bears (1-2) more headaches in the longest streak in the NFL.

Rodgers led the charge, after completing 28 38 races. He threw his first interception season, when Brian Urlacher picked off the Packers leading 27-17 in the fourth quarter.

Bears took their 45, but two penalties - holding, Chris Spencer, and Devin Hester is unnecessary roughness for a confrontation with Sam Shields - ended any shot at a comeback.

Finley Rodgers hit a 6-yard touchdown drive to open the game, a 7-yard run early in the second quarter made it 14-0, and a 10-yarder that gave the Packers (3-0) 27-10 sent a early lead in the fourth.

Greg Jennings caught nine passes for 119 yards, while Finley finished with seven receptions and yards 85. Ryan Grant ran for 92, and Morgan Burnett intercepted twice in Cutler's pass intended for Roy Williams to help the Packers to remain unbeaten.

Still, Rodgers said he still is not quite "click". He sees a better balance between career and go, but still sees room for improvement teams offense, defense and special.

"I think we have the potential to improve, and do not know how many ways you win or playoffs or whatever, but I think we can play better football," he said. "The standard is close to Green Bay is excellent, as we are at this point, there is much work during the week."

That is the argument get to know Jennings.

"We have things to work, and we always try to constantly improve, and we are not satisfied in every way," said Jennings.

For the bear, it was just a brutal performance.

Their quarterback has struggled at large and the running game was nonexistent in Chicago fell to second after an impressive victory in Atlanta.

The Bears managed only 13 rushing yards. And with 12 subjects, matched within their second for the second straight game.

Against New Orleans last week, they called 52 pass plays and delivered 11 times, with a run by Cutler bringing the total to 12.

Coach Lovie Smith attributes the Green Bay defense, and said: "If you do not get your racing game will have to see what the other side of the ball."

Bears, however, clearly has some work.

"That means they probably have to work for next week because it does not work today," said Green Bay BJ Raji. "But seriously, we have played well this season full circle, I know the focus is on the media (Matt) Forte the ball, but we knew that if he took over the business would not be a factor."

For Strong, "it's frustrating." He was only 2 meters of nine works - or less than a quarter of the farm yard.
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Apple Crisp Recipes

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Apple Crisp Recipes
It's apple harvest season and if you're like me, you find more apples than you might expect for eating or cooking. So this year, when my family again, put a limit on the number of bushels which could take home and I am determined not to let these children go to waste. I decided the best way is to add to my dessert of apple arsenal.

So while I am known for my apple pie murderer, I'll go to a branch of the apple, and I decided that apple crisp is the way forward. It's delicious - and easy (without stand scabs to agonize and agonize over, I do). I just love a dessert that can be a problem on purpose and always delicious.

Here are apple recipes that look pretty amazing. I think I'll start with the first cook and eat my way down.

Apple Crisp Recipes
You'll need:
  • 3/4 cup all-purpose flour, (spooned and leveled)
  • 1/4 cup packed light-brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, cold, cut into small cubes
  • 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats (not quick-cooking)
  • 3 pounds apples, such as Empire, Gala, or Braeburn, peeled, cored, and cut into 1/2-inch chunks
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
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Herman Cain Defeated Other Republican Presidential

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Herman Cain Defeated Other Republican Presidential
Herman Cain, a former vice president, defeated the other Republican presidential candidates in a straw poll of Republican activists in Florida Saturday, a blow to the country after the outbreak, the Texas Governor Rick Perry, who had performed pressure to win.

Mr. Perry was the only candidate to declare leading all-in for the white vote organized by the Republican Party in Florida and was held in Orlando. His supporters had targeted the 3500 delegates and Mr. Perry had even blocked some other candidates to dodge the event.

But Mr. Cain won the election with 37% of the votes 2657 votes. Perry finished a distant second, with just over 15%.

Mitt Romney, who has been dueling with Mr. Perry's status as the favorite in national polls, placed close third in the poll in Florida, with 14%. Mr. Romney is to build a presence in Florida, but he said he would not actively campaign in the straw polls.

Activists in Florida has shown little enthusiasm for the representative Michele Bachmann, who made only 1.5% of the vote. Ms. Bachmann had won a poll last month in Iowa, where participants plan to include many conservative evangelical Christians.

Perry, second place caps a difficult part of the Governor of Texas, after he stumbled several times on the debate Thursday night, also held in Orlando. In interviews, many Republicans in Florida said during the debate to wait for the poll election as governor of Texas. But I am again, after his poor showing.

"I had planned to support, Rick Perry, but I was a little disappointed with his performance," said Fred Scheibler, a delegate who helped former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 2008.

The discussion, Mr. Perry's effort to ward off attacks on his rival, and had repeatedly rejected his rival, Mr. Romney, former governor of Massachusetts.

Perry has also angered conservatives standing signed a Texas law making illegal immigrants legal status in college enrollment. At some point in the debate, Mr. Perry suggested that opponents of the law "heart" - a line of Romney quickly adopted their own attacks against the governor of Texas.

"We were all looking at Perry as our knight is a great armor, but we know that the luggage," said Joyce Estes, when I come to Apalachicola, before the vote. "The question is: how much luggage we can accept."

Polls show the race a two-man contest between Mr. Perry and Romney, the victory again catapult M. Cain in the picture after his own presidential bid languished during the summer.

Subsequently, Mr. Cain welcomed the victory as "a sign of our growing momentum and that my application can not be ignored."

Mr. Perry came into the event with all the momentum. Quinnipiac University poll released earlier this week gave Mr. Perry, a nine-point lead over Romney among Republicans in Florida, 31% to 22%.

In other poll results of the straw in Florida, located in Pennsylvania Former Senator Rick Santorum fourth position with around 11%.

Ron Paul of Texas won just over 10%, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has earned just over 8%.

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, received just over 2%, ahead of Ms. Bachmann.
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Endurance Swimmer Diana Nyad Down

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Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad down on Saturday, his pace a bit 'slower after a rough night of painful stings Portuguese Man O' War, but progress has been made about a quarter of the way of Florida.

Nyad team, which also updates the fans and supporters around the world through social media, previously announced on Saturday that he was about 25 miles (40 kilometers) off the coast of Cuba is hoped to complete 103 miles (166 km) in Florida, beating his personal record with a swim in open water without a shark cage, about half a mile (1 km).

"It was a difficult night and morning," he told his assistants through Facebook, Twitter and his personal website. "Diana was recovered enough from multiple bites Portuguese Man O War 'for the bathroom - but are struggling now normal pace, between 52 and 55 beats per minute, was reduced to 48, but you can swim.".

Tweet then said: "Diana seems to be increasing his hours of rest are less and less.".

Diana Nyad suffered bites and arms, face and chest. Later, he complained of difficulty breathing, and the two doctors gave him a shot of steroids, oxygen and other medications, they said.

"The night turned into day when the sun rose slowly above the horizon." You do best. I can see, "said his boss Nyad manager.

Diana Nyad says its strategy to take about 60 hours that would take him to swim from Cuba to Florida, testing the limits of human exhaustion at the age of 62 years, is to focus on one sub-goal after another.

"The mental approach is out of the package. None could swim all the while thinking about the whole thing," he said on his website. "Until we get a taste of the end of the beach, I start obsessing about it - is too remote and too vague - I do not know where it is So I'm going to take day to night: first, to survive the night and then spend the day, and then again during the night, and so. continues. "

She told reporters Friday in Havana that loves to sing songs in the head to pass the hours. Among his favorites: The Beatles, Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan.

Diana Nyad makes his second attempt several months in Cuba-Florida border, a lifetime dream, he first tried the 28-year, in 1978, when she swims inside a steel cage shark 42 hours before finishing the test.

This summer, she tries to cage-free, rather than relying on electronic equipment that surrounds a field that deters sharks.

An attempt in August fell short by 29 hours, when, breathless, Nyad threw in the towel after an asthma attack in 11 hours, which he attributed to a bad reaction to a new medication.

But he said the experience convinced him that it is not physically up to the challenge, and Nyad, who called the problems that had nothing to do with his age, came to mind to swim is not interrupted, but a problem of unplanned exercise habit.

Although she had promised that there would be no second trial this week, she flew to Cuba to enjoy what she calls a "magic window" of good weather and sea conditions. Friday night, she jumped feet first into the calm waters of Havana harbor as his support team cheered and blew horns, and began to caress the northern horizon.

Minutes earlier Nyad weighed herself and tipped the scales at 146 pounds (66 kilos). She said she expected to lose about 15 pounds (6.8 kilos) between now and her anticipated landfall in Florida on Monday morning.

Nyad is no stranger to painful stings suffered on marathon swims in the open ocean, and her assistants said she could recover and complete the journey.

"'It was scary' said (chief handler and close friend Bonnie) Stoll," according to one tweet. "But Diana Nyad is happy that this happened early while she is still at her strongest."
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Orlando Brown Dead Friday He Was 40

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Orlando Brown Dead Friday He Was 40
Orlando Brown, an offensive tackle bruising to the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, who were temporarily blind in one eye of the flag of a sanction errant judge, which led him to file a lawsuit of $ 200 million against the League National Football was found dead Friday in his apartment in Baltimore. He was 40

No evidence of malicious or suspicious material in place, Anthony Guglielmi, director of public affairs for the Baltimore Police Department said.

Brown, a 6-foot-7, 360-pound lineman nicknamed Zeus, was a brave, like the Ravens and Browns. It 'was one of the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL and has started 119 games in his career 129-game.

Brown had ignored the incident, December 19, 1999, while playing against the Browns Jacksonville Jaguars. When the referee Jeff Triplette threw a flag, weighted by BBS, Brown was struck in the right eye, missing his helmet face guard. Brown walked off the field, but the furious, came back and shoved Triplette peat.

The league suspended indefinitely for assaulting Triplette, but lifted the suspension after it was found that the flag was temporarily blinded Brown. The Browns released him in 2000.

In 2001, the defendant Brown League for $ 200 million, said the flag incident was terminated early in his career. According to reports, he settled for between $ 15 million and 25 million in 2002.

Brown came out of retirement in 2003 to play for the Ravens, and as a blocker, he was an integral part of running back Jamal Lewis '2066-yard rushing season. Brown started 35 games before retiring in 2005.

Orlando Claude Brown was born in Washington December 12, 1970. He attended D. Howard Woodson High School there, before South Carolina State participates. It 'was signed undrafted free agent by the Browns in 1993.

Survivors are three sons, Orlando Jr., Justin Wallace and Braxton.

Brown opened a Fatburger franchise restaurants in Elkridge, Maryland, in 2009.

He kept the tape for Ravens, mentoring second-year offensive tackle last Ramon Harewood.

For months after his eye injury, Brown kept the flag to a referee in his locker, and looked intently when the referees said sanctions.

"I always throw them away," he told The Associated Press in 2000. "I would just go down, that's all."
Orlando Brown Dead Friday He Was 40
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Latest Episode Of All My Children

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Latest Episode Of All My Children
It was early 1980. The girls lined up in Adobe-style house to get to Torres and her husband Joe to catch the latest episode of "All My Children."

"It was our special time," said Desiree Sanchez, one of the granddaughters. Now aged 32, a gymnastics coach in New York and plans of their meetings so she could see the program running on the treadmill.

"It was just a stupid show. It 'was a lot more," he said.

Last Friday, the ABC television network, will end almost 42 years running "All My Children," which stars Susan Lucci as Erica Kane, temptress and imaginary Philadelphia suburb of Pine Valley. Drama has been progressively losing viewers, and ABC was concerned that he would soon be losing money on production.

Changing public tastes, increased competition and the economy have fallen challenging soap operas, a staple of television during the day. ABC's "One Life to Live" will end in January, leaving only four games for television during the day.

For the avid viewers, cancellations have been devastating. Fans are gearing up for Friday with the same range of emotions that accompany the death of a loved one.

"It's like losing my grandmother again," Sanchez said. "This program made me feel connected to people who lost, and people that I am far from. Whatever happened, you can always turn on the TV and there was that the only constant, which is comforting, especially when the world seemed to be in chaos. "

Soap cause some degree of devotion that is rare in the fragmented world of media.

"There is another type that is put on the skin and DNA of a soap opera viewers," said Sheraton Kalouria, senior vice president of Sony Pictures Television, which produced three of the four survivors of telenovelas, including including the top-rated "The Young and the Restless "on CBS.

The researchers were impressed by the strong personal attachment viewers showing. Fans get anxious to learn what happens to their favorite writers to carefully plot development packages. They refer to the program as "my program", and consider the characters friends.

Hearing is often several generations. For example, in the Torres / Sánchez, women beyond the ritual to their husbands, uncles and children - which extends to the dedication of more than three generations. The family tie is used to intensify the emotional pull.

But the most important factor, the researchers said, is the frequency of the program. Fresh episodes to run five days a week, offering privacy, a few shows can match.

"In many ways, soap operas, the first social network," said Stacey Matthais, co-CEO of Insight Research Group. "For decades, people have to listen every day to get an update on their favorite characters. The frequency of the connection is reminiscent of Facebook today. "

Which makes the soap unlike other scripted and reality is "the feeling that you're walking through life with these characters," said Matthais. "These programs are an extreme version of what is happening in the lives of people every day. It's like concentrated life."

When ABC announced last spring that was canceling "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" fans glass angry hate mail from the network, held demonstrations and boycotts, and raised their Facebook pages, including a called "Save Our soaps".
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Person Of Interest Debuted Thursday Night

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Person Of Interest Debuted Thursday Night
"A person of interest" debuted Thursday night and action-packed pilot, which will certainly keep your interest.

The new CBS series, created by Jonathan Nolan, who wrote "The Dark Knight" and co-produced by JJ Abrams, brings Jim Caviezel ("The Passion of the Christ") and Emmy winner Michael Emerson ("Lost") together solving crimes before they occur.

Photos: New fall TV CBS

Photos: Michael Emerson

Caviezel stars as John Reese, a former CIA agent, which is off the grid after losing the woman he loves. And 'ruffled, depressed, and sleeping on the subway, when he found the mysterious Mr. Finch (Emerson), who gives him a new purpose in life.

In post-Sept. 11 New York, Finch has developed as a Big Brother system of security cameras and other technology that monitors everything and everyone. It can detect crimes that will occur, but the computer does a "person of interest" and does not specify whether he is the victim of crime or the perpetrator. That's why he needs Reese and expertise of the CIA.

The episode moves at a steady pace and there is a spirit in the midst of stealth and separators. Emerson proves once again, is ideal for playing enigmatic characters (remember, the man who made Benjamin Linus on "Lost") and Jim Caviezel plays Reese as a man who has nothing to lose. Taraji P. Henson is seen briefly in the pilot as a police detective from New York who is skeptical of Reese, and hope to get more screen time as the show goes on.

It will be interesting to see where the "person of interest" goes here. Will anticipate and prevent crime (and should) still a big part of the fabric of the show, but also have a broader, comprehensive stories can still be character development, and to continue the series. Maybe Reese will dive into the love interest, and how he died, Finch light background, or history of the technology that fuels today's moral vigilantism of the duo.
Person Of Interest Debuted Thursday Night
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Cedric Benson Faces A Three Match Suspension

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Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson faces a three match suspension for the player-conduct violations lock-out, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Benson will have an appeal heard Tuesday by the NFL to decide his fate, a source told 's John Clayton. There is no timetable for Benson, it will be possible suspension if he loses the appeal. It should be available for Sunday's game against the 49ers.

Sources close to the situation believes Benson is a "strong" to appeal the suspension. He's playing this weekend against the San Francisco 49ers, as the suspension is not official until appeal.

Benson has run 180 meters through the first two weeks, even though he weighs the matter.

Benson was released from prison in Texas on Sept. 3 after having served five days to resolve the violation of two cases of aggression.

He had pleaded no contest and received a prison sentence of 20 days which was reduced in part because he volunteered to help mop the floors and painting crews. He also received credit for time served after his arrest.

28-year, Benson was arrested in 2010 on charges of hitting a bar worker from Austin, incident, which brought him a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but did not lead to punishment. He is not appealed to the competition, which is responsible for an attack on the personal injury case.

He was also arrested in July for allegedly beating a former roommate in downtown Austin. That did not contest a charge of assault with physical injury, family, and will be rejected if done 30 hours of community service and pay an undisclosed amount of restitution to the victim.
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EBAY CEO Meg Whitman Defeated By Democrat

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EBAY CEO Meg Whitman Defeated By Democrat
Meg Whitman, who spent nearly $ 150 million with their own money before being defeated by Democrat Jerry Brown, last year a disastrous foray into politics in California as governor, could be back on top soon.

At least in the business world.

News reports on Wednesday that Whitman can can be exploited to serve, even on a temporary basis, as CEO of Hewlett-Packard as a tribute to the resilience of the old CEO of eBay is one of the few women on in the ranks of management exalted.

2010, in the wake of the political pounding that not long ago, I watched a public profile lethal, Whitman is back in the spotlight I would suggest the effectiveness of systematic work on changing his public image. This week, Whitman Family Foundation has announced $ 5 million donation for the Silicon Valley charter schools.

A year ago this week, Whitman was the nadir of his career rising Republican politician after revelations that his former home was illegal has become an embarrassment that ended his dream of becoming governor.

Political opinions

"When you run this spectacular campaign for governor and lost, is like the implosion of the sun into a black hole," said Jon Fleischman, publisher of the popular Web site the Republican Party.

While "his image with the business community has always been very high," he said, "I do not know if she was never able to translate his experience in the business of the voters as someone who could run good."

Whitman is the Renaissance can be even more interesting, because it can take place that was once held by Carly Fiorina, who led a failed GOP campaign last year against the charge U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Democrat.

While Whitman and Fiorina campaigns were seen as important steps for Republican Women, the two leaders had a personal relationship fresh.

"I like the irony that it would be nice sitting at the desk once used Carly Fiorina," he joked Fleischman, "taking into account that they never wanted to be on the same stage at the same time."

A little in common

Wade Randlett Democrat, a major fundraiser for Obama in Silicon Valley, said Whitman and Fiorina shared little in common with the front of the business.

"HP has been a great company run by a director terrible" during the reign of Fiorina said. "And eBay is a great company that Meg did a great job with ... so it's a great opportunity for Whitman and HP, to bring back a bit of polish on their respective reputations."

Other political insiders say Whitman has shown its strength in the months after his double-digit loss of Brown.

The main consultant Chris Lehane said that the democratic political after criticism of too much processed and scope of awards during his campaign, Whitman in recent months to meet the many journalists who covered it.

Whitman and showed that it was "ready to go and take the extra step, rather than going into the bunker," to improve its image, Lehane said. "We must give credit to someone to at least look at this worked and what did not, and try to identify next steps. "

Yet he argues that the movement to run HP, a company faced with difficult decisions and layoffs are likely to improve its bottom line, almost certainly means Whitman will not run again for office anytime soon.

"Withdrawal can be your qualifications for the performance of employees, but not to stand", as Fiorina's learned from his Senate race, and "why Mitt Romney is about to find out," said Lehane.

Cutting Jobs

Fiorina has come under fire from Boxer to the displacement of thousands of jobs abroad HP. Romney and Whitman have faced criticism for his work at Bain & Co., where Romney cut labor and subcontracted work, a record that can provide fodder for attack ads, said Lehane.

Republican strategist Bill Whalen, a fellow at the Hoover Institution, said Whitman's possible return to the ranks CEOs include "an interesting space in California," where "the venture capitalists involved in the politics of left and right and put their names behind the causes of all time. "

"The directors do," said Whalen. "CEOs have advice to report the profits of the company to think." So, it is likely, he said that "the CEO of HP means it does not intend to be a candidate so early ".

But if it takes first place as interim CEO, Whalen said, could leave open the possibility of later work with his former chief of Romney. Whitman is a finance director of his presidential campaign and strong, and "the choice is not for another year," said Whalen.
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Elizabeth Warren Of The Election Campaign

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Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of the election campaign heats up over the Internet, some commentators point out that the clip - in which Warren argues in favor of progressive policies in the economic sphere - as evidence that the New Democratic candidate could correspond Sen. Scott Brown a run for their money.

In the video (left), which was filmed at an event in Andover, Massachusetts, Warren rejects the GOP touted idea that raising taxes on the rich amounted to "class war", argued that "There is nobody in this country who have become rich on their own. Nobody."

Warren rejects the idea that you can separate from the Americans thrived.

"You have built a factory there? Good for you," he said. "But let me be clear: move your goods to market on the way to the rest of us pay, who have hired workers in the rest of us pay to educate, they were safe in their plant, as the police forces and fire than the rest of us pay. You do not have to worry about marauding bands had to take all your plant, and hire someone to guard against this by the work of the rest of us. "

He continues: "Look, you built a factory, and turned it into something horrible, or good idea God bless keep a big chunk of it, but the social part of the underlying contract is taking a piece of that salary as well as Boy Advance which is next ?..."

First of Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race marks his first political candidacy - and while the consumer advocate long loved by some liberals, he wondered if any of their lack of political experience s' turns out to be prohibitive in competition.

The Washington Monthly Steven Benigno, however, points in the video as an explanation of "why Warren has a strong base of fans who love him."

"If there are persistent concerns about Warren could be an effective speaker on the stump, I think these questions are answered," Benigno wrote. "If more Democrats were able to do in the case of the social contract underlying the most effective, our discourse would be much less stupefying."
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X Factor Judges Highly Anticipated

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X Factor Judges Highly Anticipated
A mother's son 20 years, a stay of 42 years of age, the mother of his house and a 13 year old boy with big dreams Pop were among the findings on Wednesday (September 21) first two hours of "The X Factor "Fox singing competition again expected.

The show, an adaptation of the hit UK, featured the return of American television by Simon Cowell, who, after nine seasons, to the left of "American Idol" to start "Factor X" in the U.S.. Cowell was joined on the panel of judges by the record executive Antonio "LA" Reid, his former "American Idol" Paula Abdul sparring and pop stars Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger, who played a game of musical chairs in the first episode. (Cole appeared at hearings in Los Angeles, then moved to his chair Scherzinger Pussycat Doll.)

There are several important differences between the "X" and "Idol" record deal all, $ 5 million, to be awarded the "X Factor" winner. Other distinctions? "X" is open to singers aged 13 and over, including groups of artists, participants will eventually be divided into four categories (boys, girls, over 30 years and groups) and the towers of the hearing will be held early face a live audience rather than the closed in the early "Idol" rounds.

Also, judging by its offer of Premiere, "X Factor" is to opt for a more upbeat, positive vibe "Idol," which focuses on the participants rather than inspiration backstories hearings gag. The tone was at the beginning with the first competitor in the tryouts in Los Angeles, 13 years Rachel Corneille, who even at his young age is called the hearing "the most important thing I've ever done in my life. "

Spiral Sleeping Crow, who sang a cute, emotional version Duffy "Mercy", the judges said they wanted a bigger house for his family of six, which is currently crammed into two bedrooms at home. The judges took their job, Paula said, "what we need people to do at this stage." He sailed up to the next round, perhaps the recipient of the judges at the beginning of good feelings.

Siameze Floyd, a 30-year "mega star" on hold, who has dreams of his own energy drink ("Siamenergy"), had a little more difficult road to travel. With blowing Prince 'do and heels match, he took by surprise the judges with a series of turns, splits and high kicks that looked like David Lee Roth, in the form of James Brown. LA Reid was not sold, to ask him to Floyd "originality "even if the other three judges sent him through, despite (or perhaps because of) Cowell predicting that" there will be a total, say nightmare. "

The disagreement between Reid and Cowell was teased into a montage of two bickering with each other, all set to "Eye of the Tiger." If "Idol" was driven back and forth between Simon and Paula "X Factor" is warning of a confrontation between the two big dogs at the opposite end of the table of judges.

However, both Cowell and Reid were able to agree on Stacy Francis, 42, homemaker mother who has treated your setup, as their last chance of glory. Which was released at all and said it was too old for the past 12 years, Cowell said, "I do not want to die with this music in me", and begins to let out with a version of Aretha Franklin "(You make me feel Like) A Natural Woman, "which Cowell called" one of the best auditions I've ever heard in my life. " François graduated comfortably to the next level of competition sad story, in tow.

Seattle a test to see emphasized in two hours, and 20 years, Marcus Canty wowed the judges with her confidence, Footloose to Stevie Wonder "I Wish". Reid, together represent the largest vote of confidence, when a young singer Bobby Brown, but Cowell has tagged "to keep an eye on." Canty, self-described "mama's boy", who put off college to pursue his dream pop, fell to the ground when he heard the crowd cheering.

The Anser, a trio of boy band from Salt Lake City, Utah, also made an impression, but at the end of the show was Chris Rene, a garbage collector for 28 years and drug addict in recovery, whose original song "Young friendly" won over the judges and the crowd at the stadium in Seattle. The song is sung religious verses / hit, and Rene have entered into a falsetto (a bit agitated) to refrain, but the judges picked him up. "What you wrote," Lil friend, which Trippin 'on'? "Scherzinger asked, referring to the lyrics of the song." Yes, honey, I'm Trippin 'On You. I'm serious. "She said that Rene had, you guessed it, the" X factor ".
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Author Maurice Sendak In Wrote

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The first book is 30 years, beloved children's author Maurice Sendak in wrote and illustrated the story of a pig birthday party chaotic.

This does not sound nearly as scary as the scary characters celebrate "If the Wild Things Are." But parents are up in arms over Sendakin history than they were in "Wild Things" was published in 1963, the Christian Science Monitor.

"Bumble Ardy" follows the story of 9 years Bumble orphan pig has never had a birthday party. When Bumble decides to launch the final game at his aunt when she disappeared, the result is more than a few fear-inducing moments, including some grotesque masks costume and appearance of the Grim Reaper.

Parents may feel particularly nervous, because the monsters in this story is inside the house, or on a remote island, because they were the "Wild Things". It can not be satisfied with the licentious pigs, which are a party, drank salt water. (The first draft of the pigs drank wine, but Sendakin granted, the salt water has changed in the final version).

Very few comments mother "Bumble-Ardy" was specific about what bothers them about the book. Most say they just do not like it. reviewer of a teacher is called "Bumble Ardy", "disturbing book in so many ways."

The second evaluator, who bought his nephew's book, wrote: "I do not think that children can understand, or to see a particular sense of humor in this book ... too difficult for younger children."

Sendak says that parents are not willing to recognize and manage the nightmarish fantasies of children. He told the New York Times children's books that sought to "preserve [Kids] calm, keep them happy, keep them warm and safe ... I left him and I was considered weird. So be it. "

But while Sendak was accused of fear in the hearts of children for years, the Atlantic, writes that the paradox of his books is that "too often, children and adults do not agree with them."

Any civil war broke out in the households of Sendak's books, Atlantic said, because so often - despite concern of parents - children have absolutely adored them.

Sometimes parents come around. "Where the Wild Things Are" later became a literary success - for all ages.

But will they move to "Bumble-Ardy"? Look at the scenes of celebration! treats! evil!

After all the fuss dies down, they realize that "Bumble Ardy," is as imaginative as the previous work Sendak. They may realize that it's even more fun. And they could see that as "Wild Things "Bumble story offers children a" safe way to explore the fantasy of parentlessness, "The Atlantic wrote," before he returns, content and confident than loving arms. "
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Troy Davis Has Run Out Of Call

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Troy Davis has run out of call.

Davis was denied this morning's grace, forgiveness and Paroles Georgian government, an agency of state, which can reduce the death sentence, and was carried out on Wednesday night in the state prison in Jackson.

"The Council has reviewed all the information presented in this case, and a thorough discussion," said spokesman Steve Hayes of the board in a brief message. "After the decision is to reject grace."

Davis was convicted in 1989 for killing off-duty officer Mark Allen McPhail. McPhail worked as a night watchman at Savannah, when he rushed to help a homeless man who was assaulted. In the chaos that followed, Mr. McPhail was shot three times.

The police never found the murder weapon, and seven of nine witnesses who said Davis was the shooter have changed their story.

In 2007, said one of the seven witnesses, ABC News she first singled out because of police coercion Davis, and she believed the real killer was one of the other witnesses. She said she feared he would come after her if she told the truth. She would not be identified at the time.

Another woman told the parole board Monday that she also believes that the real murderer went free. Lindsay Glover said he heard Slyvester "REDD" said Coles was actually the shooter. Coles had been drinking heavily, he said. The two were at a party.

Coles, it was the first to involve Davis, and the trial, testified that he left the scene before the shooting.

The family told police after the decision was announced that they simply want justice.

"That's what we're fighting for twenty years," said Anneliese MacPhail, the mother of the officer. "We are ready to close the book and start our lives."

He stressed that this is the date of execution of Davis in fourth place, in a case that eventually went before the U.S. Supreme Court. McPhail family has never had any doubt that Troy Davis was the shooter. They believe they have been convicted.

There are still many people who believe in the State of Georgia is about to execute an innocent man.

Representative John Lewis of Georgia said it was a "sad day for Georgia." "We have confirmed that the administration of the law is more important than the pursuit of justice."

NAACP, Amnesty International and other groups are all stamped Parole Board decision, there is every indication that life in prison would be a right decision.

At the time of the murder McPhail, in 1989, becoming divided by racial and socioeconomic lines Savannah. The police were under enormous pressure to solve the case and put the murderer away.

Davis is scheduled to die at 7:00 Wednesday night.
Troy Davis Has Run Out Of Call
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Michaele Salahi Affair With Neal Schon

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Michaele Salahi Affair With Neal Schon
Michaele Salahi's home is transformed esctatic group status and claim her love affair with guitarist Neal Schon Journey is the true love.

The duo talks about her scandalous relationship and how they became a couple 10 days after the rocker asked the DC Real Housewives star and her husband, Tareq Salahi, in concert in Virginia. After his wife disappeared with Neal, Tareq feared he was kidnapped and asked the audience in search of his wife.

However, the dismissal was kidnapped, who had fled with Neal in what he called a "fairy tale" ...

"It 's like a fairy tale. Yes, really," said Neal, the Daily Beast and Michael end of life. "I'm very happy, very happy after waiting for her for 15 years. Now I want to get through this hype Thatt Tareq is to put in there. It 'really embarrassing."

Bravo reality star has revealed that in the late 90s, had been dating, and Neal and Tareq Tareq was chosen because it has been found in multiple sclerosis, and believed he would take better care of him.

"I chose Neal Tareq more because I thought I would live a less stressful life in a vineyard in Virginia," he said. "Life on the road with a rock band ... well, I thought that I could not have been able to keep up."

A new pair admit that the night before the concert, they were text messages to each other the secret of his friend on the phone he had with Michael, so you can communicate with the outside world without knowing Tareq.

Michael knew he was going to leave her husband after Neal asked if they wanted to keep the round forever.

"I began to see that he really loved me. I had to start to feel totally in my soul," he said.

On the night of the concert, said Michael Neal told him she loved him.

"What happened was ... removes his wedding ring in front of Tareq .... Take away," says Neal. "And there shall come in my dressing room where I sit. I have tennis shoes, and he is like a nine-feet long on me. And he looks at me while he is on stilts, and says" I love you, and will never change. "And when it happened I said, 'Come here! This has been 15 years!"

The same night, Neal was trying to him on his tour bus with him, but went home instead of Tareq avoid humiliating him.

But hardly a week later, she was ready to bail.

"I did not want to offend anyone, but I realized that I was harmful," he said of his decision to leave her husband permanently, which he called "management".

Neal said that Tariq had ordered around Michael, tell him when she could and could not leave the house and take his money, phone and car, so she could not do much about herself.

And when she finally left, she left all her property back.

"I was going crazy," he said. "Because when you want to be with someone so bad, you start going crazy. He [Neal] sent someone to pick me up. I had the same machine, and I just went. I walked away from it all".

It remains to be seen whether the new couple will last, Neal has also left her partner, former Playboy Ava Fabian, who had married in Paris two months ago, but do not know if the ceremony was legally binding.

Tareq has already filed for divorce from Michael. The second part of our exclusive interview with the man despised broadcast on E! New night at 7:00.
Michaele Salahi Affair With Neal Schon
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DADT Law Called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

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DADT Law Called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
Today, homophobia in the law called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" comes to an end. a young gay soldier who served between the ages of 17 and 22, DADT has forced me to live a life that was defined by fear to speak openly about my sexuality. Isolate meaningful relationships with my colleagues, rooted in an internalized homophobia that I took years to undo, and a dark'm almost led them to take my own life.

DADT repeal the fact that these soldiers do not go through what I went through. This means that they are free and open to be themselves with the very visible support of the LGBT community outside the military is there for them in every phase. Repeal makes me feel happy, time, and proud of it.

But it makes me a little worried too, because deep down I know that hate and discrimination will not disappear so easily. I know that when it becomes unpopular without spout the kind of ideas they smolder under the surface and manifests itself in different ways. After being an African American soldier in the U.S. Army long after the troops were integrated, I know firsthand how isms and phobias of the dominant society is often repeated in our armed forces, and why protection Legal was established to prevent discrimination based on race.

Unfortunately, this protection is not guaranteed, gay soldiers to serve in the future, because the non-discrimination clause in the gay and lesbian soldiers were dropped DADT repeal language to ensure its passage. Yes, gay soldiers to serve openly, but there is no legal way to combat all forms of anti-gay discrimination that may occur during the service of our country.

This is wrong and worth discussion, as is the maintenance of discrimination at the national level that will keep these soldiers and their spouses to enjoy the benefits of equal marriage. It is these questions and more will keep them and other LGBT people in this country, second-class citizens in or out of the army.

Today, the fight against "do not ask, do not say" it's over, but will signal that the battle for gay rights has just begun. This is a victory that was hard fought and well deserved, and now is the time to be vigilant and take forward for the rights we deserve in all areas. Now is the time to push the rights of marriage itself, anti-school bullying protections extended to protect LGBT Youth HIV / AIDS funding, and will continue to fight against homophobia wherever it occurs.
DADT Law Called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
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Dolores Hope Wife Bob Hope Died 102

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Dolores Hope Wife Bob Hope Died 102
Dolores Hope, who through his 69-year marriage to actor Bob Hope oversaw their charity and played a central role in the development of Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California, has died. It was the 102nd

Ms. Hope died Sept. 19 at his home in Toluca Lake district of Los Angeles, said publicist Harlan Boll. No cause of death was reported.

In late 1960, hopes the donation of 80 acres near Palm Springs, the future of succession to the medical center, which opened its doors in 1971. They have become "the driving forces behind the creation and long-term growth" of the medical establishment, the center said on its website.

He served as chairman of the board of the Centre for many years, and has raised millions of dollars through the center of the annual golf tournament to use his name, and is now known as Humana challenge.

When her husband died in 2003 - two months after turning 100 - Lady Hope refused to estimate how many millions they had given or raised for charity. He says that most young people involved.

A large proportion of their wealth come from holdings of large real estate in San Fernando Valley. On the death of Bob Hope, have seen their fortune estimated at less than $ 500 million.

In 2009, its 100 years, has attended the party in the courtyard of Toluca Lake home, she and her husband bought in 1938. Conference, daughter Linda Hope theory that the laughter of the family home to help his parents, long-term.

She was born Dolores DeFina, May 27, 1909 in New York and raised in the Bronx.

In 1930 she sang in nightclubs using the stage name Dolores Reade and met Bob Hope, when he caught a show in New York. After a brief courtship, married in 1934 and was soon sharing the stage in vaudeville.

While Ms. Hope raised their four adopted children, her husband's career took off and was often absent.

"When we celebrate our 50th anniversary, people would say:" Fifty years? Bob and say, 'Yes, but I've been home three weeks "," Ms. Hope told the Palm Springs Desert Sun in 1995.

It means that half a century, gave him a paperweight engraved with: "Do not think about these three weeks is not fun."

Bob later said that he enjoyed the stability of having a home to return to. He remembers how her children listen to his jokes, while Mrs. Hope, a Catholic, decided they were appropriate for family viewing.

"I've learned to temper my humor in those years," he said. "Dolores was a criticism difficult."

In the same interview, Ms. Hope said: "We have always had the quality rather than quantity .... When he was not at home, it plays almost every day, except when he was in a combat zone Even then, she had to try. ".

In the late 1940s, Mrs. Hope began performing in the famous husband travels overseas to entertain American troops and later sang on several of its NBC television specials.

When Bob went to Saudi Arabia to entertain American troops in 1990, was forced to leave many women out of the show. An exception was Mrs. Hope, who got to sing "White Christmas" is the troops on Christmas Eve.

Besides his daughter, Linda, she is survived by a daughter, Nora Somers, a son, Kelly, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. A son, Anthony, died in 2004.
Dolores Hope Wife Bob Hope Died 102
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Michael Vick Was Spitting Blood

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Michael Vick was spitting blood and walking off the field for the last time fantasy football owners saw him. It's not good.

Eagles quarterback thrilling, and a very high draft in fantasy football leagues, wounded in the neck yesterday, defeating the Atlanta Falcons is a strange game where it was assembled around him and knocked the helmet in their own offensive linemen. ONT language sounds little Vick and was helped off the field because he was seen spitting blood on the turf.

Apparently, blood is only his tongue and nothing more serious. But he also suffered a concussion, to play, leaving his availability for next week's game against the New York Giants in the air.

What is ironic about this injury is that it does not happen to a Crypt trademarks Vick or one of his superhuman athletic movements. Instead of being hit by a charging linebacker, he obtained by his own teammate.

And that's what we all knew would happen to Vick. It is a little guy who throws his body around, more than any other NFL quarterback (NFL running back or for that matter) playing behind a suspect offensive line. It had to happen. And anyway, the fantasy football sites (except ours) had classified as being either the first or second quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers total. We had ranked sixth for this very reason. If we have to pass an end of first choice or second round guy Ona, we prefer to stay with the person who has a better chance to stay on the pitch and play all 16 games as he missed almost all games in the season his career (and not counting those that failed in the fighting of dogs.)

Everyone knew that Vick is going to hurt at some point this season. It was only a matter of when and for how long. More information is available today, but we have seen how concussions have affected the players lok Austin Collie, Ben Roethlisberger, the NHL, Sidney Crosby, MLB Justin Morneau and a host of other athletes in recent years years.

If we learned anything from frightening and concussions, is that Vick could be out from the rest of the season. He's almost certainly opened their home, but time will tell how long he is out.

For all the fantasy players, who owned a Vick, you should wash the waiver wire this week replacement. It could be a very long season for you.
Michael Vick was spitting blood
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Julianna Margulies Has Been A Nightmare Journey

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Actress Julianna Margulies has been a nightmare journey to get to the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday (18Sep11), after his flight to Los Angeles was canceled.

Dear wife of the star and husband Keith Lieberthal was supposed to fly to New York on Saturday afternoon (17Sep11), but their plans were thrown into chaos when they take place at the airport - and Margulies in front of more than a nightmare, because he still had deciding on her dress on the red carpet.

But 45 years refused to let tragedy ruin his big night when she appeared before cameras outside the Nokia Theatre.

Wearing a white Armani Prive gown, Margulies E! TV Ryan Seacrest: "I found the dress last night at nine. (It was) not good.

"There's a long story of how I got here. My flight was canceled, my husband and I ended up in the car, sitting in the middle (section) away from each other ... It was a great day yesterday, but we did and now we have a good time. "

Margulies is nominated in the Best Actress in a Drama Series category for his role on the hit legal drama The Good Wife.
Julianna Margulies Has Been A Nightmare Journey
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The 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards "Emmys 2011"

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The 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards "Emmys 2011"
TheWrap as predicted, voters gave the best comedy and drama series award for "Modern Family" and "Mad Men" on Sunday, 63rd Annual Emmy Awards - but they also threw in some disturbing welcome, especially by honoring the recently deceased "Friday Night Lights."

Voters face a dilemma this year: Should the honor shown consistently as "Modern Family" and "Mad Men" or find new fat as "Boardwalk Empire" and "Game of Thrones"? Or return to the small-seen but beloved "Friday Night Lights," which ended his season last race?

We chose an elegant combination shows the new durable and recognition, with a special mention for "Lights."

"Modern Family" has claimed five awards, including its second consecutive year for comedy. "Mad Men" was the fourth consecutive victory 's for the drama of her only award of the night.

Hosted by Jane Lynch and produced by Mark Burnett, the television was one of the fastest, jump the Emmy ceremony just in time to arrive. At first, it seemed a predictable event, the winner of last years best comedy, "Modern Family," claiming the top four awards. Then Jim Parsons won his second consecutive award for outstanding comedy series actor - first prize is a night and a "Modern Family did not have the condition E 'started to look for even more choices such as cash continues ..

But then things got interesting.

Newcomer Melissa McCarthy, fresh from stealing the summer blockbuster "bridesmaids" were put in a coup of his winning comedy series, an excellent actor in his first season of "Mike and Molly." Vince previous winners Tina Fey and Edie Falco.

He started his race winning shocked: "Friday Night Lights" has won two big prizes, Jason Katims, holding Series Excellent dramatic writing, and Kyle Chandler High score a protagonist in a drama. (I was impressed, Jon Hamm, who seemed a sure thing, "Mad Men" with the three-time winner Bryan Cranston denied "Breaking Bad", this year).

The "lights" earns a way to recognize all five seasons of the popular NBC series, which has prevented the cancellation of a single agreement in which the episode was broadcast on DirecTV.

"Mildred Pierce" seemed like it was going to dominate their categories, as the HBO mini-series was the most nominated program with 21 nominations overall. But he was beaten repeatedly by the Abbey of PBS "Downton".

While Kate Winslet won for best actress and actor Guy Pearce for exceptional support in the category movie or miniseries, "Abbey" also marked.

Won outstanding miniseries or movie, while Julian Fellowes won for Best Screenplay, Maggie Smith won for Best Supporting Actress, and Brian Percival won Best Director of the mini-series or film arena. "Downton Abbey" was nominated for 11 Emmy Awards.

Some victories have been more expected.

Juliana Margulies, widely predicted, scored Actress in a Drama Series for "The Good Wife". Voters recognized the bold new "Game of Thrones" by recognizing the landscape devouring Peter Dinklage as Best Actor in a Drama Series.

Margo Martindale won Best Supporting Actor in a drama for FX "legitimate" - not the biggest surprise, given the buzz for her performance in the open category.

Martin Scorsese won for his outstanding leadership for a drama series, "Boardwalk Empire," which was nominated for 18 awards. It is also clarified the Emmys last weekend creative arts.

After losing last year for the first time in the history of the category of "senior leader" of CBS 'The Amazing Race, "he said again the Emmy for outstanding reality competition.

And an almost obligatory winning "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" won its ninth consecutive Emmy for outstanding variety, music or comedy series "- a price that may be necessary renamed in his honor.

Prices for the comedy "Modern Family" including best actor for Julie Bowen, best supporting actor Ty Burrell, Michael Spiller, Best Director and Best Screenplay by Jeffrey Richman and show co-creator Steve Levitan.

Burrell's victory was particularly impressive and shows why he won over three other "Modern Family" candidates. He defeated the winner of last year, his castmate Eric Stone Street, and had campaigned for Ed O'Neill, and named.

In a show of unity, to provide all the actors and actresses performing in the categories of support rather than a fight over which of them are considered to be the leader.
The 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards "Emmys 2011"
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Ted Kennedy Died Friday At Age 51

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Ted Kennedy Died Friday At Age 51
Kara Kennedy approved the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with tears in eyes, on behalf of his sick father in the 2009 White House ceremony, but also managed a smile as the life of Senator Ted Kennedy has been awarded. When the Democratic senator was killed two weeks later, after the battle of brain cancer, his only daughter to read the psalm at his funeral in Boston, moving a lot.

The eldest of three children of Senator Kennedy Kara died Friday at age 51, collapsed after his daily workout at a gym in Washington. The cause of death was not immediately disclosed.

Although she never sought money like many others in his famous political family, she has contributed to presidential and Senate campaigns of his father and heard his call to give back by the utility. She worked as a filmmaker and television, and was active in a variety of reasons, the art of combat fetal alcohol syndrome.

He himself was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002, but was cut the following year, the doctors had said it was successful.

But his brother, Patrick Kennedy, said his treatment against cancer - surgery and grueling chemotherapy and radiation - has left her physically weak.

"His heart gave," said Patrick Kennedy, a former Democratic congressman from Rhode Island.

Telephone interview with his NA in Boston Saturday, Joan Bennett Kennedy said that she and her daughter were "best friends" they had to do a long swim together, and walks on the beach. She said her daughter had fully recovered from cancer, and there was no lingering health problems.

"She was very healthy. Therefore, it is a shock," said Joan Kennedy.

Kara Kennedy was a member of the Sport & Health Club, although the spokeswoman Nancy, Terry wanted to release details, citing the death of a user's privacy. Spokesman of the District of Columbia medical examiner said an e-mail that the cause of death was pending.

Kennedy, the former husband, Michael Allen, said he frequently visited the club and went swimming every day if I could. He said funeral arrangements were carried out.

"His legacy is one of courage and guts and determination in the face of his own illness and in the light of the many family tragedies and unlimited devotion to our children absolutely unlimited," he said.

Kara Kennedy, was born in 1960 to Edward and Joan Kennedy, as his father was campaigning for his brother John F. Kennedy during the presidential primary.

The late senator wrote about his oldest child in his memoirs of 2009, "True Compass" that "I had never seen a more beautiful baby, or have been happier in my life."

Later, she appeared with her father during the campaign for the unsuccessful 1980 Democratic presidential nomination, and he and his brother, Edward Kennedy, Jr. helped to run a senator in 1988, re-election campaign.

A graduate of Tufts University, Kara Kennedy also helped produce several videos for the very special arts, an organization founded by her aunt, Jean Kennedy Smith. She has also served as a director of Edward M. Kennedy Institute, National Director Emeritus and a director of John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and member of the National Advisory Council for the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

His diagnosis of lung cancer was in 2002, and the prognosis was bleak. But the family refused to accept that he wrote the senator. He underwent surgery in 2003, and Edward Kennedy accompanied his daughter to chemotherapy.

"Kara answered my exhortations to have faith in himself," he later wrote. "Today, almost seven years later, as I write this, Kara is a dynamic, healthy, working mother with two children is increasing."

Her children, Grace and Max, now teenagers.

Kara Kennedy brothers are involved in the health of them, Edward Kennedy Jr. lost a leg to bone cancer as a child, and Patrick Kennedy in 1988, had surgery to remove a benign tumor pressing against his spine.

"His great strength in his successful battle with lung cancer was an inspiration to us all calm and always with family and other patients of Hope", the Institute Edward M. Kennedy said in a statement.

In August 2009, Kara Kennedy accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, on behalf of his father. Tears filled her eyes as achievements of the senator read aloud. She smiled when President Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, which was approved in 2008, put his arm around the shoulder in a reassuring way.
Ted Kennedy Died Friday At Age 51
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