Apparently The Major Dog Breeds

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The proposed regulations for the Charles County Animal include stricter controls on pit bulls, bulldogs and other "pit bull terrier type" races, holding "potentially dangerous", a label previously reserved for animals that had attacked or threatened by a person or animal.

The proposed amendment aims to reduce public contact with these dogs, according to a presentation prepared by employees of the county.

The impetus to consider new rules was a bully of a domestic cat fatal two pit bulls in the great services, head of Animal Control, Ed Tucker said Charles County commissioners on Tuesday.

Rules, supported by a hefty fine for violations, would be the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog, and "dogs, which are apparently the major dog breeds mentioned above," including a dog listed as one of these races with any official documents.

As potentially dangerous animals under the law, owners of pit bull dogs must be microchipped type dogs and the relationship between the number of the fiche Charles County Animal Control.

In addition, any owner who keeps or lets the dog out to close all or part of his farm, and then create a small box locked and secured to the dog that does not affect the outer fence. If the outside of a kennel owner would have to support the safe and leave the dog, even within the perimeter fence.

The owner would also have to hang a visible sign warning of "dangerous dog", always on access to the area and notify animal control if the dog is running normally.

Violations of the rules would be potentially dangerous animals and ranged from $ 50 to $ 500, while defying the rules pit bull-type dogs would increase the risk of a fine between $ 200 and $ 1,000, determined by the Animal Matters Hearing Board.

The proposal was discussed at the sites dedicated to pit bulls, including, someone posing as a woman in Austin, Texas, published the names and email addresses of County Commissioners Monday and urged readers to express their opposition polite, respectful and informative to breed specific legislation. "

Charles County received at least two of the same message boards as well.

Commissioner Ken Robinson (D) said he received "hundreds" of e-mails on the subject, most apparently sent by non-residents.

After the presentation Tucker, president of Commissioners Candice Quinn Kelly (D) has said the government needed time to reflect changes and that another work session will be held in September.


Dozens of people turned out for the working session of the commissioners Tuesday to oppose the proposal.

Rachel Richards, of Lexington Park was presented with one of her five pit bulls, Kari, in tow. She said she feared that if other jurisdictions are beginning to restrict dogs, St. Mary's County could be next.

Kari, women brown and white, wearing a scarf printed the words "good dog" hung silently nuzzled Richards in the legs and feet during the meeting. 2-years, was allowed because it is a service dog provides emotional support, Richards said.

Richards led the standards against pit bulls to racial discrimination.

"It's like, 'You are black, can not enter" That's discrimination. Obviously it's not aggressive, "said Kari Richards.

Tom Miles of Waldorf agreed.

"It 'a form of profiling. We do not do that two-legged people, right?" He said.

Attack dogs instinctively that their babies can cry sounded like a wounded animal, and no dog should be left unsupervised with children, said Richards.

"Any dog ​​has the potential to be dangerous or vicious," said Miles.

"All dogs can bite," Richards agreed.

Jessie Rice, a dog trainer of Waldorf said that the restrictions are unfair to well-behaved dogs and their owners, and ineffective anyway. She cited her experiences working in the county of Prince George, which banned the dogs directly.

"For me, the fact is that the County of Prince George has tried to ban pit bulls and have gone to larger dogs and dangerous," as mastiffs, Rice said people who wanted to have aggressive dogs. Others, in their experience, even pit bulls maintain, and replace them if the authorities to confiscate.

These opponents have joined the Charles County Humane Society, said the director, Anita Marsh. The Group has not given control of the animals and the Commission's statement that "Our stand is ... that the Humane Society of Charles County does not support detection of the breed, special treatment or unique, for any reason. Appropriate measures security must be addressed with the individual dogs that have proven to be dangerous. "

Other companies oppose the proposed changes as well, but no representation until it has reviewed the entire document, Marsh says.

Tucker presented statistics on the county "shows" involving pit bulls, which means an assault cases, in a an animal bite or scratch of a severity of a person or another animal. The proportion of exposures involving pit bull type dogs being dragged up from 14 percent in 2008 to 19 percent so far this year. By comparison, "the kind of laboratory" sample fell 11 percent to 9 percent and the "type of pastor" 6.8 percent.

"This problem is the irresponsible pet owners keep their animals so they get on the go, and they are matters of public safety or public nuisance. We want to keep these animals from becoming wider "with the new delivery requirements, Tucker said.

The Centers for Disease Control study site in Atlanta examined the reports of dog bites involving people who died between 1979 and 1998 and found that most, 238 492, almost half were caused by dogs of unknown race. However, the "pit bull type" dog breed pure or mixed breed was involved in 76 254 or 30 percent of fatal dog attacks in the well-known pedigree, more than any other type of dog.

But the stain has warned that the statistics should not be used in a political nature, and that the dog can not bite.

Local opposition was offset by national policies of the animals.

"Breed specific legislation" is "akin to racial profiling" for dogs, said Lisa Peterson, communications director for the American Kennel Club. Instead, counties impose and enforce the laws that affect all races too, she says, because "no one breed is inherently dangerous."

Adam Goldfarb of the Humane Society of the United States have reacted similarly, saying that he seems to be around the pit bull to be demonized as a race.

"When you go back through the decades, there is always one or a few breeds that are, quote, dangerous dogs for that period. In the 60 and 70, it was Dobermans and German shepherds them. What's really nice is that if you go back to 1800, see bloodhounds, and Newfoundlands [fear], the dogs that we would never think that dangerous dogs. It's fashionable, and I think that pit bulls will eventually go out of style and something new will come, "said Goldfarb, Chief Animal body program risks.

Other changes

Treatment of animals outdoors in general, would be tighter regulations with new requirements for space, shelter and shade, a restriction limiting tethering outside 4:00 to 1:00 and to attach a ban with a collar or harness made primarily of metal.

"Tethered dogs are an interesting topic," said Tucker. "When an animal is attached, you are taking away their ability to fight or flight instinct. They have no way to escape so they are more likely to be aggressive."

The proposal will also maintain a "dangerous animal" designation established by another jurisdiction if the animal moved to Charles County, prompting a murmur of disapproval from the audience.

"It 'been a cause, determined by the Board of fierce or dangerous animals. We should go for it," said Tucker.

Lying to the authorities or animal control authorities to hide the animal under investigation should be crimes, while the growing pile of animal-related charges are also proposed, as well as increase the fine to interfere with the animal responsible for overseeing $ 50 for $ 250 and a maximum fine of $ 500 for cruelty to animals is $ 1,000.

Tucker also introduce an anti-hoarding considered, an annual license of a "fantastic animal," defined as someone who holds at least 10 animals in one place for purposes other than farming, shipping or livestock. An annual inspection is necessary.

The license costs between $ 62.50 to $ 212.50 for sterilization and $ 250 to $ 850 for non-castrated animals, according to the number. Failure to obtain a license would be fined $ 150.

Four counties of Maryland in Baltimore, Prince George, Washington and Carroll have amateur license requirements, the filing states.

The proposal to raise the price of a dog license, and introduces the licensing requirements for cats, in the footsteps of other 10 counties of Maryland to require owners to register their cats. The staff proposes to increase the license cost of $ 2, $ 5 for neutered for $ 15 and $ 25 for dogs and cats are not sterilized. In other provinces, rates range from free to $ 12 for neutered cats and $ 25 for free intact.

Issuing licenses that come with microchips, will help unite lost cats with owners, Tucker said.

"We often think of bones you give your cat out, go away a day or two days and then come back. And sometimes it is, but sometimes wonder if he sits out the owner is. ... Even if you come to us four or five days later, the animal is often no longer with us, "that have been taken out, or stop, Tucker said.

Other changes will prohibit the sale or possession of exotic animals, including poisonous snakes, monkeys and apes, wolves and wolf hybrid dogs, wild cats weighing over 30 pounds, and wildlife, including skunks, raccoons and bears, with the rules in accordance with county law of the State, the U.S. presentation.
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Receiver Braylon New York Jets Edwards

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Gary Myers New York Daily News tweeted last night that the Titans are interested in the former Cleveland Browns and wide receiver Braylon New York Jets Edwards. This would be an interesting move Titans. Edwards would come with some baggage, but if you get him to focus, can be a star-sounds like anyone you know?

Of course, we do not know how deep this is of interest. None of the guys covering the Titans have said anything, so I'm wondering if it was just the fact that Mike Reinfeldt, call an agent just to see where they were.

Myers says the Vikings, Bears and Redskins are also interested in Edwards.

All the big names in free agent catcher it never worked for the Titans, but for the right money, Edwards is a guy who could pay big dividends page. He had a tremendous season in 2007 when he caught 80 passes for 1.289 yards and 16 touchdowns. Their number has not been prolific since, but remained strong in 2010 when he published 53/904/7.
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Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-800 Crash

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A plane carrying 163 people crashed and broke in two after landing in rainy conditions in Guyana's main airport, causing several injuries but no deaths. Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-800 flight from New York carrying 157 passengers and six crew members Cheddi Jagen International Airport in Guyana's capital Georgetown.

Bharrat Jagdeo of Guyana President said the engineer, who had already made stops in Trinidad, crashed near the runway to stop only 61 meters into a ravine, which could have caused dozens of deaths.

Jagdeo said: "We are very grateful that many people were injured,''he told the authorities closed the airport, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded and dozens of flight delays.

Geeta Ramsingh, an American citizen who escaped with bruises on her knees, said passengers had just started to applaud touchdown zone lights "when it turned out to cry."

A woman from Guyana Kaieteur News Service quoted described hearing loud noises, when the plane landed and then everyone started screaming.

"It was terror," he said. "I prayed to Jesus."

Her husband opened the emergency door and the passengers began to flee, he added.

"Serious harm"

The accident took place in 0132 (0532 GMT) local time, according to a statement of Caribbean Airlines.

Guyana authorities initially struggled to remove passengers without lights in the field equipment and adequate emergency.

"About 100 people received medical care, with four hospitalized for serious injuries," said Maharaj front, the Minister of Transport of the Trinity, which is based Caribbean Airlines.

He said the company was sending a team to Guyana to help investigate the accident.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Enrico Woolford, a journalist from Guyana, said that "even if conditions are wet, the Meteorological Office in Guyana say the cause of the accident is not only due to weather."

Caribbean Airlines, based in Trinidad-based airline is the largest carrier in the region, operating at least five daily flights.
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Plaxico Burress Visited His Other Former NFL Team

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After the meeting last night met with Giants coach Tom Coughlin, who describes the consequences of the "positive" (which is about as surprising as any NFL player cut was later described as "successful"), the receiver Plaxico Burress visited his other former NFL team - the Steelers.

In Beaver County Times, meeting with coach Mike Tomlin Burress and director of football operations Kevin Colbert.

The presence of Plaxico in the camp illustrates a dynamic that, like Peter King said during Monday PFT Live, coaches like to avoid - to provide free agents for visits at a time when a team has a group of players on the same position as may be wondering exactly what in the hell is going on.

Recipients of the Steelers, despite a strong group which operates four deep (if / when Hines Ward is healthy), it lacks one thing that Burress leads up to the table. The Steelers thought they were Limas Sweed with the addition of a second-round pick in 2008 than three years took place just a list, and is about to leave.

Although there has been a contentious issue between Ward and Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers know what a great guy like Plaxico can do for the crime. The question is whether his team will join first or second team of the old age, or if someone jumps on the hunt for a man who can still be a weapon.

Eagles sneak recently as the pursuit of big-name free agents, for all we know, declaring that it has signed Burress minutes after he leaves Latrobe.
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Hall of Famer LaDanian Tomlinson Darren Sproles

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After spending four years playing behind future Hall of Famer LaDanian Tomlinson in San Diego, Darren Sproles is not exactly a household name. But that does not mean a guy with his speed and elusiveness will be missed on the open market.

Kevin Acee, San Diego Union Tribune reports that the race to land on Sproles 'services was down to three teams: New Orleans, Philadelphia and Sproles' old team, San Diego.

Some say it is too small (5-6, 190) carry a heavy workload, 28, Kansas State is a dynamic dual threat of a new 104 that was passed last two seasons, an average of 4.6 awesome meters for load current career.

If the land SPROLS one of the three teams mentioned above, we believe that a good fit. After all, Philadelphia, San Diego and New Orleans all ranked in the top six in total offense last season.
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Reggie Bush Rather Large Disappointment

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Last fall, I spent my Sunday in the war room at the world headquarters of ESPN, watching NFL games with guys down. It was great fun, and as you can imagine, the discussions of football and many stories emerged. At one point a former player who shall remain anonymous asked me what I thought of Reggie Bush. I told him I thought Bush was an injury prone tease whose career has been a rather large disappointment.

It is a former player (skill position guy) just crazy. He asked around the room, especially a former defensive player: the player who was a Saints offense that the defense of the most feared in the NFL? The same answer came back over and over again. Reggie Bush.

Now this does not mean that Bush apocryphal story is a great player and above all does not mean it's a great player great. It is not. The NFL pros means is that the lines of Bush all over the place, trying to create mismatches. If you are not ultra-aware of where you are, anytime you end up with a defensive end or linebacker record of Bush's ultra-fast and dangerous. I understand.

But I still think that Bush is a pretty big disappointment.

In theory it should do all these things to the defenses of the NFL, but in practice, Bush has lost 16 of its 42 previous games. His career by making an average 4.0 monotonous (particularly low given that it is not a runner from the inside.) His reception total is literally fell into each of its five-season pro. And he scored but one TD last year.

Thursday morning, Bush was traded by the Dolphins Santos. It's probably good news for fantasy value. He escaped a crowded backfield New Orleans, where Mark Ingram, Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory effortlessly and goes to a Miami team that has reportedly dropped Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Only rookie Daniel Thomas is clearly ahead of Bush in the depth map, and last year we all had a good dose of reality to find out how RBS recruits may disappoint (hello, Ryan Mathews!). If he stays healthy, Bush is likely to generate between 150 and 200 touching the line of scrimmage. Not an option short terrible, especially around the edge, as his 17 rushing touchdowns in the first four years of their degree program. And we all know can be a force in the receiving game (which was 87 and 73 catches in '06 and '07, respectively). But it is fragile. You can project a powerful flex if you feel optimistic, but we hope to play 16 games this year in the border circular boulevard in the sky.

At the same time, this spot is pretty good news, Daniel Thomas. Yes, he's still a rookie, who have stayed all summer working on his new team. Yes, Bush is eating his touch. But the Dolphins have never been completely surrender touches RB untested guy (no matter how talented), so they were always going to acquire a veteran. In recent days there have been rumors that Miami was serious about signing of Ahmad Bradshaw, which would have been much more catastrophic Thomas' book. Bush is also injury prone, and the idea of ​​someone's property back. As such, Thomas is a top-30 fantasy option to be more upside down.

New Orleans, the most important unknown is a state of Ivory injured leg. He needed surgery Lisfranc this winter, and now I'm assuming that he is a distant third place in depth. If so, the main concert comes down to Ingram and RB Pierre Thomas. We all know that Sean Payton loves to share his work quickly: In the last four years, the Saints rusher has a total of more than 230 shades of the season, and only one - Bush in '07 - has received more than 186. Although the fantasy value of Ingram and Thomas will probably be a little 'clearer with Bush gone, my ranking of those more or less always assumed Bush would leave. The fact is, Ingram, and Thomas are going to fight every other aspect. At the moment, I think they are very close, Ingram seems the favorite plow-horse (even short TDs), while Thomas will take a few steps, and take the most common formations.

Frenchy I like this kind of role - in the same position in '08 and '09, his average of over 1,000 total yards and 10 TDS - and I think I could have the first draft. But Ingram did not go higher than most of the proposals, and probably much higher.
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Colby Rasmus The Big Winner

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The silence of a quiet week unusual maturity was finally broken by an apparent three-way deal involving the Toronto Blue Jays, Cardinals and Chicago White Sox. If the parts are accurate, this is how it shakes a fantastic view.


Colby Rasmus - The gardener of 24 years, not only in Toronto and one of the five park home run in the majors this season, also gets to escape conflicts bench at random and persistent Cards manager Tony La Russa .

(Broken down, the park factor for left-handed hitters at the Rogers Centre in Toronto is 116, compared to 84 at Busch Stadium. 100 is average)

Rasmus is hitting only .246 to 30 points down in the middle of last season - with 11 home runs and 40 RBI, 94 games. His relationship with the Russian rock, which seemed to be felt on its performance. In Toronto, it could be part of an exciting and sporty, less than 25 outfield players with Travis Snider and Eric Thames.

Edwin Jackson - The Cardinals have improved their pitching staff by obtaining the OFT trading on the White Sox right-hander. Jackson has compiled a record of 7-7 with a 3.92 ERA and 1.42 whip, but he was sacrificed to the rental of a Sox rotation of six players.

Although Jackson may have occasional control problems, it fits the mold of many experienced pitchers have had success in Cardinals pitchers Dave Duncan. The passage of the American League National League should help improve its core, and the total strikeout. In addition, he will go back to being a five-man rotation.

Octavio Dotel - to relinquish their center fielder for 24 years, the Cardinals also received a pair of Blue Jays bullpen, veteran right-hander Marc Rzepczynski Dotel and Lefty. Although rookie Fernando Salas has become 19 of 22 save opportunities, Dotel 37 years of experience and are always close to a batter per inning. NL-only owners in search of savings should take a chance on Dotel get some opportunities down the stretch.

Jon Jay. When you went Rasmus, the Cardinals apparently feels Jay is able to handle full-time in the middle of the field. Jay is hitting .312 and 26 RBI in seven houses 260-bats - with the OPS is 0.801, almost 50 percentage points higher than Rasmus. "
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Still Far From Donovan McNabb

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The Philadelphia Eagles are still far from Donovan McNabb (notes) era, with the help of Michael Vick (notes). Of course, if the Eagles have never been so close to the Super Bowl, as we did with McNabb maybe we the fans of Philadelphia will begin to forgive him for never winning one. But before he can be properly worshiped by Philly, he has to endure the severe end and the decline of his career first and the only hope to soften the blow may be to land in Minnesota.

But according to Jay Glazer, McNabb will finally play the Minnesota Vikings when the Washington Redskins face over for him. If this happens, it will eventually # 5 out of Washington and the NFC East in general and give him a clean slate at the end. With a new home, and with a team that has more to offer, he could stop his career freefall.

In truth, the Eagles have done a favor and send McNabb to the Vikings last season. It would have been a much better fit that Washington turned out to be, when Minnesota came out a year when he finished second in the Super Bowl. Of course, because the Vikings were taken hostage by the Brett Favre would not risk pulling the trigger, and condemned to purgatory McNabb in Washington.

Favre has left a lot of collateral damage to its reputation, and finally to the Vikings at the end of his career, and extend it to McNabb as a result. Now he and Minnesota is in rebuilding mode, when the Vikings come after a year when Brad Childress was fired, the Metrodome collapsed, and everything that could go wrong went wrong. Therefore, if McNabb heads now, will have expectations and hopes for him and the Vikings are much lower.

But now that Minnesota can move from Favre circus, circus and Childress, the Vikings might be ready to move forward. They still have Adrian Peterson, who is supposed to be their main weapon, and the most dangerous running back in the NFL. As such, the Vikings went with Favre make him the center of their attack again, and McNabb will not throw 50 passes a game like he did in Philadelphia. But old habits die hard for him, although it should not be.

If McNabb can adapt to a lighter workload in Minnesota, and let Peterson do the rest, while the Vikings can get back to respectability again. However, their window of opportunity may have closed a bit, as the rival Green Bay Packers are the defending champions, and bring to the class of the NFC for a while. With the Packers firmly in control of the NFC North, the likes of the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons in the South and the Titans usual in the East, the Vikings a Super Bowl long shot, no matter leads .

Only one way to Super Bowl victory redeem McNabb, although it is too late to save him from Philadelphia currently. In fact, we Eagles fans probably more upset at him if he got a ring because he could not do when he was young and had so many chances to Philly. But in all other aspects, it would be a relief to see him pull a John Elway and save his legacy in the last minute.

There is no way he can do in Washington, and there are few others who want to take a chance with him as a result. But if McNabb can return to glory for that matter, in Minnesota is probably his best chance. Therefore, as the Eagles need to send Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals and let go to better things, the Redskins be charitable and give his best McNabb responded with the Vikings. because it seems they do.
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Mini Cooper Different Models

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How big a collection Mini is growing? The next generation of vehicles will be on sale in 2013, and is set to spawn a dozen - yes, ten - in different models. And not to mention the various BMW models, which share the same platform.

The Mini will debut the first of three doors Cooper, followed by nine models. The range includes a new version of the Clubman station wagon, and later, a town called motor travelers - the name refers to a car wheelbase over the 1960 Mini.

All next-gen Mini series will apparently be based on a new platform called BMW UKL1. The chassis front wheel can be built in two different wheelbases and employs strut front suspension and a multilink rear. Engine choices are said to include three-cylinder BMW provided with an output of 120 hp to 160 hp. The chassis may be able to get a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four that up to 230 hp in the hot John Cooper Works MIC.

The platform UKL1 can also allow all four-wheel drive Minis, and a hybrid or electric. Mini has already said that a smaller model, perhaps based on the concept Rocketman could go into production with an electric motor car electric poached next BMW.

As expected, BMW will enjoy a more pleasant compared to the Mini in the coming years, with no fewer than five new BMW models will be built on the platform UKL1. The new BMW could use a small three-cylinder 1.2 to 1.5 liters in size, because the motors are lighter and more compact than the four-cylinder units. The two front and four-wheel drive will be offered. The BMW will be competing with people from the Audi A1 and A3 and Mercedes-Benz A-and B-class.

As far as five vehicles from BMW will germinate UKL1 chassis, each strongly associated with a product Mini. Obviously, this would mean three and five-door hatchback based on the Mini Cooper. In addition, a large series of a model is based on the aforementioned Mini Traveller, and a fastback model - conceived as the series 5 GT - could be based on the upcoming Mini Clubman. Also on the cards is a small crossover that would have four doors, a spacious boot, flexible seating and a larger roof line.

If predictions are correct Autocar, 15 different vehicles will be built on the chassis UKL1, so BMW's most prolific new car online platform.The third generation Mini to be revealed in late 2012 and will be put on sale by 2013. All variants of BMW cars is also starting new UKL1 around 2013.
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Leighton Meester Own Mother

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These days you hear all kinds of trials to come from the city of glitz. But it is enough to make even the most hardened veterans balk right. In a gesture worthy of its single-screen alter-Person Blair Waldorf (CW show hit TV, "Gossip Girl") is requesting Leighton Meester own mother turned against his own flesh and blood.

This is one of the real moments in which art imitates reality, when the show of a cold-blooded of Manhattan will begin to play with the agreement of the truth. Yet, despite its intriguing Blair Waldorf, and show that quickly became a sensation teen, Meester could well be justified in slapping his mother with a massive lawsuit.

According to celebrity Gossip Thirty Mile Zone site (TMZ), the applicant Meester's mother Connie Meester, for allegedly pocketing the money sent by the young star for his younger brother, Lex, who has serious medical problems. Meester has been sent to his mother - who apparently refuses to work to earn his bread and butter - a whopping $ 7500 a month to provide treatment for Lex.

However, the dress is horrible accusation. It claims, Constance, Meester has used the funds for his daughter, cosmetic procedures, hair, plastic surgery and Botox. Meesters can also be argued that it was a "verbal agreement" with each other, which was followed by an understanding that Leighton will send more than $ 10,000 a month old. Now is what you call good parenting.

Leighton argues that there is no contract or agreement and is currently in negotiations with the judge awarding the contract to declare null and void.

But Constance respond and, according to TMZ, the oldest Meester claim the money, especially $ 7500 each month, is part of a settlement that has been assigned to get to the point that his daughter is in her career, and play a central role in making the money she earns. Constance has threatened to sue unless $ 3 million Leighton will start to pay up.

Constance has also filed a counterclaim against her daughter in Los Angeles County Superior Court that in December last year, Leighton assaulted with a bottle. She argues that Leighton had to be taken from his mother after she was thrown to the ground and started "hitting it repeatedly with a bottle."

However, what makes the strongest case Leighton is the fact that Constance is an old sedition and subterfuge. Celebrity Circuit CBS says: "Connie Meester has a history of trouble with the law." She actually gave birth to her daughter to serve a federal prison known for his involvement in a smuggling ring that transported the illicit drugs from Jamaica to the United States.

Moreover, New York Daily News reports that earlier this year, 54 years, Constance, had a restraining order filed against her by a Wigg Laurel, whose son went to school with the son of Meester. According to a statement by Wigg, Constance had threatened to "hunt and kill" both Wigg and his son.

One wonders if Leighton was chosen for the lead role of Blair Waldorf for the dreaded her acting skills at all, or if his genes ensured she landed the role as the evil New Yorker. Anyway, it seems Leighton will not be out to sign messages to her mother with the mark of Gossip Girl "xoxo" anytime soon.
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Held Off Olympic Champion Michael Phelps

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Ryan Lochte held off Olympic champion Michael Phelps is a thrilling end to win the 200m freestyle at the World Championships in Shanghai men. Lochte, 26, clocked one minute 44.44 seconds for gold, with other American Phelps taking silver in 1:44.79, ahead of defending champion Paul Biedermann.

French duo Jeremy and Camille Lacourt Stravius ​​shared the gold men's 100m backstroke after a dead heat.

Britain Liam Tancock, who won the defense of 50, was back in the sixth.

France had never won a title in any men's swimming World Championships, but Stravius ​​and clocked 52.76 seconds Lacourt, Ryosuke Irie ahead of Japan, who won the bronze in 52.98.

"For me it was a lot of time to reach the final," said Tancock later. "In a world in sixth place is not bad. I have a couple of days to rest and recover from 50m, and I look forward to that."

Phelps, Olympic champion and former world record holder, had led to the first half of the final of the 200m freestyle, but Lochte surged through from third place to win a narrow victory.

"Michael and I have battled head-to-head in almost eight years now," Lochte said. "It was back and forth, and it is certainly a good rivalry."

Women's 100 meters backstroke final was equally dramatic, with China's Zhao Jing winning in 59.05secs, beating Russia's Anastasia Zueva of only one hundredth of a second.

Natalie Coughlin, and the United States finished third, while Britain's Lizzie Simmonds finished seventh, his performance at the same event in Rome in 2009, when Gemma Spofforth took the gold.

Spofforth no progress Monday's heats after the destruction of their preparations for the disease.

"I was in a lane that was never going to be the center of the action, but it was hard for me to swim," said Simmonds. "I was so excited to be in the end, I had a good race and I really enjoyed it."

British Rock Partners Michael could not reach the final of the 200m butterfly, after passing the slowest time in the semifinals.

Rock, who was removed from qualifying in 16th place, said: "I am disappointed that he could not produce the result I wanted, I do not apologize, but I was sick and having stomach pains. Did not have the best pair of days. "

Phelps, who could still win five gold medals in Shanghai has successfully completed the third best time behind Takeshi Matsuda of Japan and China Chen Yin.

Rebecca Adlington and Jo Jackson were able to get the heat out of women's 200m freestyle.

The race for four length is not a major event Adlington, but Jackson was disappointed to finish seventh in his heat and 23 overall with a time of 1:59:40 seconds. Adlington finished eighth in the same race, finishing 0.4 seconds back.

Rebecca Soni of the United States defended his title in the 100 breast, ahead of Australian Olympic champion Leisel Jones and Ji Liping China, who took silver and bronze.
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5 Paleo Diet Health Benefits

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The Paleo Diet has been called the Caveman (Cavewoman or diet, in this case) the diet with good reason: it is based on the diet of our ancestors lived in the rear main wheat harvest and before McDonald had one in each city. While there are certainly drawbacks to Pael diet, there are some health benefits of eating like humans did 10,000 years ago. Here are some of the profits!

5 Paleo Diet Health Benefits

1. And 'treated. In other words, the cavewoman not have to worry about eating organic, because it was all organic and natural, without artificial ingredients and preservatives. After the Paleo Diet to help you eat a diet clean.

2. It will reduce the weight. Want to flatter abs? Reduce the swelling to get more fiber, drinking water and avoid salt. All the principles of the Paleo diet!

3. And 'rich in fruits and vegetables. In addition, the protein, most of Paleo eating diet plan consists of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Get your five a day is not a problem!

4. It is rich in healthy fats. The Paleo diet is rich in omega-3 rich fish and nuts. These protein sources are full of healthy fats!

5. This will be filled. This nutrient-rich diet plan is also very filling. Among the proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, it's hard to go hungry.
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Strikeforce Fighter Gina Carano

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Official Trailer is out of the "mess", the upcoming film starring Strikeforce fighter Gina Carano. The film, directed by Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh, hits theaters in January 2012.

Beyond Carano, who made his debut at the silver screen, the film also features celebrities like Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGregor, Bill Paxton and Channing Tatum.

"Haywire" focuses on a freelance covert operative Mallory Kane (Carano), which is double crossed by her handlers. It should evoke an international manhunt and the return to the United States to protect his family and take revenge.

The race held late project Carano fight once prosperous. One of the biggest names in MMA female, 29 years, has not fought since August 2009 in a loss of Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos ended his unbeaten run in the sport.

After the shooting, Carano, of course, was booked to fight for Sara D'Alela April, during the Strikeforce show in Houston. But the battle that would be the first woman to fight for the Strike Force, as the UFC has purchased earlier this year, when it was scratched (even if the distance from Texas Licensing and Regulation) Carano doctor has refused to compete for unknown reasons.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker said, however, eventually return to the cage.

Meanwhile, Carano recently attended Comic-Con in San Diego to start promoting "haywire".
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The Death Of Amy Winehouse

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While the authorities still call the cause of the death of Amy Winehouse "unexplained" and the official results of the autopsy are not expected before tomorrow, new details emerge about the last hours of the singer. Amy Winehouse was seen buying a trait of drugs that included cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine from a drug dealer in London's Camden around 10:30 Friday night.

It was also reported that she seemed determined to get completely smashed. A source said: "None of us know who was with her in the early hours of Saturday, but out of it was clearly his most important priority of the night.." Someone also share that Coke Amy bought enough there was not much of a problem because she could "do cocaine until the cows came home." Instead, friends of Amy saying that "ecstasy pill doubtful" mixed with the large amount of alcohol was probably the last straw.

I can not think of all the disturbing details surrounding the deaths of artists.

Questions about the suicide of Kurt Cobain and the drug, a combination of heroin and alcohol is the destruction Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix choked to death as after taking nine sleeping pills, Sublime singer Bradley Nowell's heroin overdose (28, was one of the stars in the 27 Club). These tales have become part of the story disturbing rock 'n roll'. I remember vividly how young some of my peers and even repeated the stories of Cobain's idealistic, and Nowell's death, when they occurred. It 'been like to live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse was something some of them tried. And it is fear itself. Since there is no need either of these events is fictionalized.

It is sad that all these talented musicians have been ill, suffering from addiction, which, as Russell Brand has noted in his blog praise on Amy, is a serious disease. And it would be a disservice to his memory to absorb the details of the death of Amy and pass them as 'other' fuel dead celebrity drug. As Russell wrote:

All we can do is adapt the way we view this condition, not as a crime or a romantic affectation but as a disease that will kill. We need to review the way society treats addicts, not as criminals but as sick people in need of care.

Often we just assume and accept that someone is required to be equipped with an addict, as artists would simply not exist without dependence, the two go hand in hand. Perhaps it is true to some extent, but I do not think I can only accept this. Russell is right. Maybe if not turn a blind eye to it, we would lose less creative geniuses too young.
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Kim Kardashians Diagnosed With Psoriasis

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim was diagnosed with psoriasis. Not everything is as scary as the moth Khloe is suspected that the illness is one that, naturally, Kim hit hard.

Despite their seeming perfection, being diagnosed with the incurable disease that manifests itself in red, scaly patches on the skin, was shocking, but also very brave Kim independent state with the world. I'm sure you know that your experience will be a comfort to others who suffer. So good for her, but the fault is Kris Jenner for his reaction to the diagnosis correct Kim.

I do not know if they are deliberately trying to make Kris seems insensitive, money-hungry mad, who cares less about emotions, his daughters' to make money, but they do it well.

Since the victim herself, you'd think he would be in tune with the concerns of Kim, but he laughed, when Kim showed his psoriasis. Only in a hot environment, the maternal reaction you expect from your mother. Even better was the comforting words like "Oh my God, you're so bad," and points out how difficult it was to be Kim because he is still dating and it was easier, because he was married when she was diagnosed with yourself. Thanks, Mom?

Moreover, in the course of his career, Kim was concerned about a commercial he filmed, is the day after, when his body was covered with psoriasis. Kris was a little 'sympathy, and Kim said he blew the whole "disproportionate" - a commission that was in play, Dammit.

"You have to suck it up," she said. After struggling with Kim about it, she stormed out. "You are so rude," she shouted. "Call me when you calm down, princess."

Um, that is rude?

For someone whose entire career was based on their appearance, I would say from an incurable disease, the reaction of this Kim was actually pretty quiet. Although there are some treatments, there is no cure and can be very bad in some cases.

Fortunately, Kim decided not to let psoriasis keep in the shade. Her makeup was able to successfully cover the spots, and filming went well.

The only problem was that Kris Downer got his way in the final again. "I'm glad we're all back where it should be, and I get my 10 percent," he said.
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Russell Brand Tribute To Amy Winehouse

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Russell Brand has posted a tribute to Amy Winehouse on their website, calling it "genius". Brand has revealed that he had met on several occasions Winehouse in Camden, but his lack of musical knowledge meant that he was "embarrassed" when the singer got the attention of mainstream jazz. However, he then saw live, and he changed his mind.

Fire said ... "Go into the room, I saw on stage Amy Weller [Paul] and his group, and the fear of reverence that surrounds a genius when witnessing my ears, my mouth, my heart and my mind instantly all open so now I know It was not just a wannabe ... it was unfortunate ** king genius. "

He continued his message by saying that the media are "more interested in a tragedy that the talent" and calling for a review of those addicted to the way it is.

"When you love someone who suffers from the disease of addiction are you waiting for phone calls. There will be a phone call. Sincere hope is that the call is from the addict himself who tells you they are tired, they "are ready to stop, ready to try something new. Of course, even if you fear the second call, the night bell sad a friend or relative tells you it's too late, she disappeared.

Frustrating is not a call, you can still do to be received. It is impossible to intervene.

I called Amy for years. When I met him near Camden, it was just some twit in a pink satin jacket mixes round bars with mutual friends, most of which were cool indie bands or peripheral figures Withnail Camden-ing their way through life on charisma powerless. Carl Barat has told me that "Winehouse" (as I usually called and got kicked out cos it's a little funny to call a daughter by his first name) was a jazz singer who struck me as an odd crowd, unusual. For me, with my limited musical knowledge of this information is placed Amy beyond an invisible border relevance, "Jazz Singer? It must be a kind of eccentric" I thought. I talked to her about any so even if she was still a girl, and she was cute and original, but most of all vulnerable.

I myself was at that point just out of rehab and was thirsty women seeking less complicated if you just thought about the fact that Winehouse is already evident and I share a sorrow, sickness dependence. All addicts, regardless of the substance or the status of them a clear and consistent symptom, not as present when talking to them. They communicate through a veil almost imperceptible, but not ignorable. Whether a homeless right on his head, wondering about 50 cents for a cup of tea or a coked-up, foam stripes executive of its "star" will be a toxic blocking the connection. They see them as well, look through you to another place they like. And of course they are. The priority of any addict is to numb the pain of life to facilitate the passage of days with some relief purchased.

From time to time I bump into Amy, was beaten so good that we can talk a little ', and laughing, it was a "sign", but that the world was full of half-cut, drugged up opportunists, I was one of them , including the initial recovery was maintained I live just outside bodies that Winehouse, but its nice features, not specifically recorded.

She then became massively popular and I was happy to see him recognized, but also confused because I had not seen his work, and what is not 1950, I wondered how a "singer jazz "had gained such cultural significance. I was not curious enough to do something as extreme as listening to his music or go to one of his concerts, I was about to be famous me at the time and it was an experience while consumption. It is only by chance that I attended a concert by Paul Weller at the Roundhouse that I never saw her alive.

I arrived late and went to the public through the plastic smiles and plastic cups, rolling resonance heard a female voice wonderful. Entering the room I saw on stage Amy Weller and his band, and then fear. The fear of the envelope when we attended a genius. His presence curiously delicate voice, a voice that seemed to reach it, but somewhere beyond even Billie and Ella, police in all sizes. A voice filled with such power and the pain was both fully human with the divine is still tied. My ears, my mouth, my heart and my mind instantly all open. Winehouse. Amy Winehouse? Amy Winehouse! It's silly, all eyeliner and detection of Chalk Farm Road lager and a copy of Barnet hair, lips that I had only seen shaking a queer fish and curses now dripping a portal to the saint. So now I knew.

It was not just some hapless would-be drunk again, even the NIT is never clear, and it was up to ten-penny-singer to enjoy her fifteen minutes. It 'been f ** king genius.

Shallow fool I am now looking from a different perspective, the light shone from the sky when she sings. Now that his power and began a new phase in our friendship. She came to some of my television and radio, I kept looking around, but now I saw the interest of a little more. Publicly, however, Amy has become increasingly by its length. Our media is more interested in the tragedy of talent, so if the ink begins to rent out your gift to represent the fall. Destructive relationships, blood-soaked ballet shoes, it shows the folly of youtube mice. In public perception this ephemeral gossip replaced his timeless talent. Thus in our occasional meetings and brought home the seriousness of his condition.

Drug addiction is a serious disease that will end up with prison, mental institutions or death. I was 27 when, through friendship and the help of Chip Somers to the treatment center found Focus12 recovery. With the approach was introduced to support scholarships for alcoholics and drug addicts that are easy to find and open to all with the desire to stop drinking, without which there would be alive.

Amy Winehouse is dead, like so many others whose deaths were unnecessary retrospective of fiction in 27 years. That this tragedy was avoidable or not is now irrelevant. Is not avoidable today. We have lost a beautiful and talented woman with the disease. Not all addicts have incredible talent Amy. Or Kurt or Janis and Jimi, some people just punishment. All we can do is adapt the way we see this condition, and not as a crime or a task, but as a murderer in romance. We must review the way society treats addicts, not criminals but as sick people needing care. We must examine how our government is funding the rehabilitation. It's cheaper to rehabilitate a drug addict sent to prison, while the penalty does not make economic sense. No, we all know someone with talent, Amy had but we all know that drunks and drug addicts and they all need help and support is there.
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New Versions Macbook Air Review

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We have heard much talk about new versions of Apple MacBook Air laptop and the Mac Pro and Mac mini desktop processors are updated and the ports again this month, but so far nothing n has been said about the popular MacBook White.

This morning 9to5Mac said that one of the new numbers from Apple last week as a new Mac Pro desktop is actually intended for a new version of MacBook 13 inch white.

We have obtained some new information from our source, Mr. X, about Apple's next Macs. Now that we have this info, we have determined that part numbers for new Mac Pros are not yet available. Instead, these part numbers are actually for an upgraded white MacBook and new Mac Mini line.

MacBook White is the only stable basis of Apple notebooks, which is not the Pro or Air. And 'even the cheapest Mac of $ 999 (related to Air 11-inch), and continues to be popular among students. Like the current MacBook Air has an Intel Core 2 Duo, CPU, leaving two generations behind the most new laptops.

Apple-related rumors should always be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism and is subject to almost daily updates and flows. But with OSX Lion update is due later in July, and the current MacBook Air start appearing at selected retailers exceptional discounts, it is reasonable to expect the equipment updated to at least some of Apple hardware in the near future.
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Playground For Otis Redding

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Before Jay-Z and Kanye West was transformed into a playground for them war opera, by Otis Redding in the 1966 version of "Try a Little Tenderness" was a classic in its own right. Yes, the song appears in the sample, "Otis," a track off the highly anticipated LP Watch Throne, but the song has permeated popular culture over the years, and this latest incarnation of the soul song that shows the love story is still strong.

Written by James Campbell and Reginald Connelly (under the pseudonym of Irving King) and was originally recorded in 1932, Ray Noble Orchestra, then again in 1933, the actress Ruth Etting and Bing Crosby, "Try a Little Tenderness" will continue to cover the many. Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin to put any spin on it. But until now, Redding edit remains the most popular.

In 1986, the "Pretty in Pink", the actor Jon Cryer, playing goofy Duckie character, danced on the song in a movie coming of age of several memorable scenes. Five years later, in 1991, singing the melody actor Andrew strong in the movie "The Commitments". Perhaps the funniest use of lyric poetry came in 2001, "Shrek." Donkey (voiced by Eddie Murphy) is found love gives advice to a cartoon troll trying to block the marriage of his beloved Princess Fiona and villainous Lord Farquaad. Pinning against a door Shrek, Donkey closed explodes in the song when he laments: "You want to keep it? Her Please? You must therefore, I have to try a little tenderness. "

Masta Killa Wu-Tang Clan love song samples cut in 2004 "DTD", and even brought Raekwon and Ghostface Killah buddies on the trip.

Singer Chris Brown has a crack in the classic 2007 film "This Christmas", the modernization of the song that shows the chops with vocal tracks and Windy elongated normal loot. In May, Amber Riley, also known as Mercedes Jones in "Glee," tried a little tenderness itself, and put his stamp on the track in the second season of the popular series.

Now is Jay-Z and Kanye. 45 years after its release, the Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness" as influential as it was in 1960. Who would have thought it?
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Medco Health Solutions Inc

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Express Scripts Inc. agreed to acquire Medco Health Solutions Inc., $ 29.1 billion deal with at least ten of the largest among U.S. companies manage prescription drug benefits.

Offer-$ 71.36 a share in cash and stock is 28 percent more than yesterday's closing price of $ 55.78 Medco. Investors in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey company will receive $ 28.80 cash and 0.81 of Express Scripts one share for every share held at the end of Medco, a company in a statement.

Buy Medco provides St. Louis-based Express Scripts scale to become dominant among the companies that manage drug benefits for business and government clients. Medco also announced today a contract lost $ 11 billion with the insurer UnitedHealth Group Inc., which represented 17 percent of its business. The loss drops Medco No. 3 in the industry, leakage, Express Scripts and CVS Corp Care Mark

"Wow, I've seen the next," said Art Henderson, an analyst at Jefferies & Co. in Nashville, Tennessee, is an e-mail today. "It 'an incredible synergy here, but I'm sure this will go through a long" review of the regulatory authorities of the United States.

The deal came together quickly, with interviews from a few weeks ago, according to three people familiar with the deal who declined to be identified because the talks are private. Previous discussions about a possible merger helped to hasten the operation, the people said.

Medco executives and consultants contact Express Scripts to let them know they were open for sale due to concerns about Medco contracts had lost last year, CVS Caremark Corp. and feared it could sell its Pharmacy Express Scripts, said the people .

Previous FTC Probe

The acquisition of Medco, once completed, is expected to exceed $ 21700000000 agreement that formed CVS Care Mark 2007 as the largest in the industry for a decade. CVS won the case after the FTC began an investigation into possible anti-competitive aspects of a rival bid from Express Scripts.

The agreement announced today, Medco will receive a "very, very closely," The regulatory authorities before being closed, said Bob Leibenluft, who led the FTC's health department, 1996-1998 and is now a partner at Hogan Lovells LLP, a law firm in Washington.

Medco rose $ 7.96, or 14 percent, to $ 63.74 at 12:43 New York Stock Exchange composite trading, after gaining as high as $ 66.38. Express script rose $ 2.80, or 5.3 percent, $ 55.34. CVS was 3.3 per cent of $ 38.17.

The value of the project will depend on the price of Express Scripts in cash at closing, the company said.

CEO George Paz of Express Scripts said in a conference call with analysts that the combined companies would have "if we thought it would be approved" by the FTC. "We believe that we will work our way successfully through the regulatory approval process," he said.

Pitch regulators, which is mostly national accounts Medco and Express is a local and smaller businesses, and that United HealthCare will be a strong number 3, said a person familiar.

Termination fee

Agreement between the Company, no termination fee payable if the transaction does not receive regulatory approval in the United States. The FTC investigates whether pharmacy benefit managers owned by insurance companies, as well as regional and niche businesses to sufficient competition to keep prices low, a former FTC official said Leibenluft.

"It 'hard to get this past the FTC," Sanford Bernstein said Wolk. "But the growth of United HealthCare" pharmacy department of the insurer, "we will be back there are three dominant players."

Pharmacy benefit managers to negotiate drug prices for the employer and the employees' state insurance and claims management. The company, which combines Medco and Express Scripts would control about 30 percent market share by 2013, says Helene Wolk, an analyst at Sanford Bernstein in New York.

CVS, United HealthCare

CVS care market, on the basis of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, control of the "low 20s" market, while United HealthCare of the group will increase the "low teens", he said.

Express Scripts and Medco have been historically different cultures, said Wolk. Medco is a strategic approach and long term, we will take a while Express Scripts is usually short-term economic vision guided, he said.

Medco led by President and CEO David Snow, who lost $ 3.5 billion contract in March. The share fell 13 percent from 26 May the day before the company reported a loss of $ 3 billion contract covers 9.8 million mail-order prescriptions. In March, the company did not renew $ 500 million with the public employees retirement system, California.

David Larsen, an analyst at Leerink Swann & Co. in Boston, said in a note today that Express Scripts will pay 9.1 times 2012 estimated earnings Medco before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, excluding contract UnitedHealth and potential savings .

Cost Savings

About $ 1 billion in cost savings have been identified so far and should be "a little 'to increase the first year after the closing deal, and moderately to start when fully integrated," said Larsen, NB. CVS Corp., has paid 12.2 times EBITDA by Mark Rx Inc. in 2007.

"People wildest speculations in their thinking that, perhaps in 2013, after Medco UnitedHealth lost, it could merge with Express Scripts, but honestly, no one put much stock in it," Bernstein said Wolk.

Credit Suisse AG and Citigroup Inc. provided financial advice to Express Scripts, a Skadden, A, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP, has given a lawyer. Medco to co-lead financial advisors are JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Lazard, with Sullivan & Cromwell LLP as legal advisor and Dechert LLP, legal counsel.

Second largest contract

Medco's case is the second largest this year in the United States, after AT & T Inc. $ 39 billion proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA Inc. The Wall Street Journal reported the deal today.

Express Scripts and Medco also reported the second quarter. Express Scripts earned 71 cents per share, excluding certain items, matching the average estimate of analysts compiled by Bloomberg. The company reaffirmed its forecast for this year of $ 3.15 to $ 3.25 per share. Analysts expect $ 3.19, the average of 25 estimates compiled by Bloomberg.

Medco posted profits in the second quarter excluding certain costs of 96 cents per share, beating the average estimate of analysts 94 cents.
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Murdoch UK Grilled Hacking Scandal

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Rupert Murdoch has discussed Tuesday by a committee of MPs on the phone hacking scandal that rocked his world empire, shaken by the tough questions before returning to the calm and pushing his interrogators with flashes of his legendary tenacity. The elder Murdoch slammed his hands on the table and said that day was the most humble of his life, to become confused when the committee was bombarded with questions and turned to his son James for some answers.

He recovered after a tense question and answer session with legislators, pushing the firm denial of wrongdoing. Murdoch, 80, said he was "shocked, horrified and ashamed" to hack the phone to a schoolgirl killed by her now-closed tabloid News of the World. He said he had seen no evidence that these victims of September 11, 2001 against terrorism and their families were subjected to any of his papers.

Murdoch said he was not responsible for the scandal of piracy, and his company was not guilty of willful blindness. He repeatedly hit away from questions about operations in the New World, saying he was not really in touch with the newspaper or did not know what was happening there.

Murdoch also told the committee he did not believe that the FBI had found no evidence of hacking Sept. 11 victims in a newly launched application. He said he lost sight of the New World, because it is a small part of his company and spoke to the editor of the paper only about once a month, talk more with the editor of the Sunday Times in Britain and the Wall Street Journal United States

James Murdoch apologized for the scandal, told British parliamentarians that "these acts do not meet the standards of our company strives to".

The young Murdoch said the company acted as quickly and as transparently as possible. Rupert Murdoch, acknowledged, however, he had not looked after Murdoch is the former British newspaper owner, Rebecca Brooks, told parliament of years, the New World had paid police for information.

The lawmakers asked why there was no investigation, said: "I did not know." Says the News of the World "is less than 1 percent" of his News Corp., which employs 53 000 people. Murdoch also said he was not informed that his company had paid large sums of money - 700000 pounds (1.1 million) in one case - to settle lawsuits by victims of phone hacking.

James Murdoch, said his father noticed the colony, said a civil case of this nature and size would be led by executives in the country "in 2009 after a newspaper article was a confidential settlement.. '- In Here, James Murdoch, chief operating officer of News Corp Europe and Asia.

James Murdoch says, news organizations should put more emphasis on ethics in the wake of a phone-hacking scandal, told lawmakers that "we need to think in this country stronger and more concerned about our journalistic ethics."

The value of Murdoch's Corp. "New added approximately $ 1.5 billion, while they were roasted, trading 3.8 percent higher at $ 15.54. The stock has taken a beating in recent weeks, throwing about 17 percent of its value, or about $ 8 billion. Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng and News Corp. executive, Joel Klein, in charge of an internal investigation of wrongdoing, sitting behind him during that he spoke. The elder Murdoch denied that the closure of the New World was prompted by economic considerations, he said to close because of criminal allegations.

Much has been speculated that Murdoch wanted to close the Sunday paper, to merge its activities with the six days of sunshine a week, some said reissued up to seven days. Asked on Tuesday if there was a financial motive for the role, Rupert Murdoch, said: "Nothing like that."

Politicians also pressed for more details on the links Murdoch Prime Minister, David Cameron and other members of the British political class.

In a separate hearing, lawmakers questioned reports that police officers in London have accepted bribes to journalists to report in relation to the tabloid balls and ask why the force has decided to close an investigation by phone before hacking after only two people. Detectives reopened the case earlier this year and is looking at a potential of 3,700 victims.

The scandal has resigned and the arrest of Brooks and the resignation of Wall Street Journal The publisher Hinton, sank on Murdoch 'dream to take complete control of the lucrative satellite television company British Sky Broadcasting and raised questions about its ability to keep track of its global media empire. Rupert Murdoch is eager to stop the crisis from spreading to the United States where many of its most lucrative assets - including the Fox television network, 20th Century Fox Film Studio, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.
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Gold And Silver Push Prices

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Investors have certainly taken "out of risk" approach opens a new week of intensified concern about the national debt and the continuing political debate on the budget woes of U.S. debt. That gold and silver push prices even more. Last week, gold futures set a record $ 1590.10 an ounce nominal. Today, the most actively traded contract or on the Comex in August rose 9.90 to 1.600 dollars per ounce.

Silver for September delivery was ahead $ 1.27 to $ 40.35 an ounce. The SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), which stores physical bullion for investors and the cash price of the tracks, up 0.8% to $ 156.38 action. Funds that focus on young people are even better: Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) is ahead 1.8%.

Money is better than this morning. The iShares Silver Trust (SLV) was 3.6% and Global X Silver Miners (SIL) is up 2.3%.

Maybe put a damper on profits today, however, is an indication of the rising U.S. dollar. The benchmark tracks the greenback against a basket of major currencies and increased by 0.8% more recently.

"In the long term, the higher the dollar tends to weaken the appeal of precious metals," said Thomas Winmill, manager of Midas Fund (MIDSX) in an interview. "But the inverse relationship is falling apart."

And 'because of "short-term Fear Factor," he believes. "People are going to security at the time, both in foreign currency and gold," Winmill said.

Periods when the inverse relationship between gold and the dollar crashes, he added, is generally short term in nature - even if they can last for months at a time.

Midas is leveraging a portfolio of mining stock fund. Currently the portfolio of 100% long. It's called Top Goldcorp (GG). "It 'one of the fastest growing companies in senior mining. But it is the secret ingredient is a low political risk," said Winmill. "We believe that the less risky than many other miners."

Most of the companies of the GG are in the United States and Canada. For comparison, Newmont Mining (NEM) is a significant number of Asia, says Winmill. "This is a real concern, because many professionals have already had problems with the national governments are trying to force foreign companies to sell their property or to impose a heavy tax burden, without notice," he said.

Barrick (ABX) is the exposure to Africa and Pakistan, as well as "negative" systems in South America, Winmill said. "Even if well managed, Barrick has the political risks that investors should keep in mind," he said.
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Ivanka Has Given Baby Girl

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Donald Trump has revealed the name of his new granddaughter, on Monday - and is pronounced "very exotic." His daughter, Ivanka, has given birth to a baby girl on Sunday. The child's name is Arabella Rose.

"I just went to the hospital and the baby is beautiful," real estate mogul said, "Fox & Friends."

Ivanka, 29, used Twitter to let the world know that she and her husband, Jared Kushner has become for new parents.

"This morning, Jared and I welcomed a beautiful, healthy little girl in the world," she wrote. "We are very grateful and blessed. Thank you for your support and good luck!"

The infant was the child in an undisclosed hospital in the city.

This is the third grandchild and the number of "The Celebrity Apprentice" president. Trump's son, Donald Jr., have two children with his wife, Vanessa, and announced in March that they are expecting a third child.

"We have work cut out for us that our daughter is on the ground and not flawed," Ivanka Trump "Celebrity Apprentice," the judge said recently in the magazine Harper's Bazaar.
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Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

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Did you know that there is a virus that is 100 times more infectious than human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)? The virus not only infects the body and causes inflammation of the liver, however, can cause massive death of liver cells and develop in the liver scarring (cirrhosis), cancer and chronic infection.

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is one of the greatest threats to global health. It is estimated that 2 billion people around the world have received HBV and 350 million people have chronic (long term) hepatitis B infection In addition, about 500,000 to 700,000 people die from hepatitis B each year.

The prevalence of hepatitis B varies geographically, and is classified as low, medium, high prevalence.

Indonesia, along with other South-East Asia, China and some African countries have been divided into zones. Indonesia has 12 million people are infected with HBV, the third largest in the world after China and India.

HBV, discovered by Dr. Baruch Blumberg in 1965, is a DNA virus and a member of the family of hepadnaviruses.

There are eight known genotypes of hepatitis B (genotype AH), and in addition it is reported a putative new genotype (genotype I) was found recently in Asia. Each of the genotypes have a distinct geographical distribution and have different responses to treatment.

The virus is transmitted by exposure to infected blood or body fluids (such as vaginal fluids, semen). The possible routes of transmission have been contaminated blood transfusion, sexual contact, sharing contaminated razors or toothbrushes, needles infected by injecting drugs, ear piercing, tattooing, acupuncture, contaminated instruments, manicure or pedicure In some procedures, and vertical transmission from mother to child during childbirth.

Unfortunately, up to 90 percent of infected infants develop chronic infection with HBV, therefore a higher risk of liver cancer in adulthood. About 25 percent of adults chronically infected during childhood later die from complications of chronic hepatitis B and liver cancer or cirrhosis.

However, about 5-10 percent of infections acquired in adulthood becomes a chronic infection. HBV is not spread by shaking hands, coughing, sneezing, hugging, using the same toilets, food or water.

The symptoms of hepatitis B infection vary - no sign of fatigue, joint pain, fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), dark urine, clay-colored stools.

Complications raging hepatitis (acute massive death of liver cells), liver cirrhosis, which can occur with asides (fluid in the abdominal cavity), leg edema, splenomegaly, bleeding disorders, gynecomastia ( enlarged male breasts), impaired consciousness and liver cancer. Patients with HBV is also susceptible to hepatitis D.

This dual infection may lead to rage hepatitis. There is progress in drugs for the treatment of chronic HBV infection, including the most potent antiviral agents and interferon.

However, the complete eradication of HBV is not yet possible. Liver transplantation is considered when liver damage is severe.

It seems that HBV virus is a catastrophic and unprecedented. But there is a very simple thing that can prevent and break the spread of HBV.

HBV infection can be effectively prevented through vaccination. Prof. Blumberg invented the vaccine in 1969. It is the first vaccine in the world of prevention of human cancer.

There was a significant increase in the number of countries to include hepatitis B vaccine in national immunization programs for children from 31 countries in 1992 to 177 in 2009.

Vaccination against hepatitis B is the mainstay of prevention of hepatitis B and has been shown to reduce the rate of chronic infection in many countries, from 8 to 15 percent to less than 1 percent among vaccinated children. Moreover, Taiwan, the vaccination program has reduced the incidence of liver cancer in children.

In Indonesia, vaccination against hepatitis B for newborns was introduced in 1987 and is part of the routine since 1997.

WHO recommends vaccination against hepatitis B for all infants, from birth followed by two subsequent immunizations each with a minimum interval of 1 and 2 months respectively.

Children and adolescents under 18 who have not previously been vaccinated should be vaccinated. Adults in groups at high risk, such as a spouse HBV infection, requiring frequent blood transfusions, hemodialysis patients, users of needle drugs, occupational risk of HBV infection (health workers) and travelers international areas with high rates of HBV infection should also receive the vaccine.

The vaccine is safe and effective, but the level of antibodies induced by vaccination may decrease over time. Therefore, the booster vaccination is required when the antibody level decreases.

In addition to vaccination, there are some things to keep us safe. These consist of using disposable needles and sterilized, do not share razors or toothbrushes with others, wearing gloves when touching blood or other infected body fluids, knowing your spouse's state of HBV infection, and practice safe sex.

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day. One of the objectives of this event is to raise awareness, prevention, detection and control of viral hepatitis, particularly HBV and hepatitis C virus (HCV), both types of hepatitis most often associated with cirrhosis and complications of cancer.

Although many countries have begun a vaccination against hepatitis B as part of national immunization programs, to help reduce the infestation, the number of people infected with HBV is still high.

Since there is no vaccine for hepatitis C and hepatitis B to prevent hepatitis D infection indirectly, appropriate vaccination Hepatitis B is very important, especially for those classified as high-risk groups.

From an economic perspective, the cost for the purchase of medicines by mouth with HBV is 10 times greater than the purchase of a vaccine against hepatitis B, it will increase several times when the type of drug injectors is necessary for treatment.

There are also considerable costs of purchases for the treatment of complications, hospital costs and costs of laboratory tests.

Last but not least, the disease in human productivity, not only individually but also throughout the world. After participating in the global war against HBV.

He knows of HBV, the means of transmission, measures to protect themselves and be sure to have received the hepatitis B vaccine enough.
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Women's World Cup Final

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While Japan is ready for his first appearance in the final of the Women's World Cup in Germany, fans at home about to stay up all night to cheer the national team. In Kabukicho, one of Tokyo's entertainment districts most sang, fans were already filling the bars and pubs for several hours before the fight that started around 3:30 Japan time. Some fans expected Nadeshiko Japan, while the team is known to disrupt the United States and raise the spirits in a country still reeling from numerous disasters that struck in March.

"I am truly sorry for America, but we will win tonight," said Ryo Takaya, 24, who was visiting his hometown of Sendai when the earthquake struck. "It will be a historic moment."

Sports and politics are different, Takaya said, when he asked the United States, Japan, the game opponent, but also his close ally. Takaya was wearing a blue shirt worn by the national team and was a half-dozen of his teammates in the team that plays football club. They drank beer and cocktails at the British pub, which hosted a special game party.

Takaya friend, Hideki Sakurai, 22, Gunma Prefecture, said the success of the Japanese team had helped raise morale in the country. When asked how he pulled out his cell phone and displays a text message she received from her mother, who is not particularly interested in sports. The note said: "You should take a nap because you have to watch the final game."

A short walk from Shibuya train station, a neighborhood popular with young people, some fans were spotted wearing the blue jerseys of the team on the road. Many of the Japanese pubs had signs outside their doors advertising "Nadeshiko specials" to attract customers. Some of the restaurants planned to stay open late.

M-SPO, a popular sports bar, the manager, Yoshinori Akiyama, expecting a full house of 220 customers. All seats are reserved and exhausted. It closed darts for the night so he can add a TV extra-large for viewers to see the action. The volume was typical of the size of the Akiyama generally prefer games of men's World Cup.

"I expect the U.S. to win 2-0, but I really hope Japan will do everything possible, especially workers who have played for the team of TEPCO and players who have suffered from the disaster," Akiyama said, it was the Japanese team crest painted on his cheek.

Shuji Nishikawa, 37, was visiting Tokyo on business of Yamada-cho Iwate Prefecture, which has been hit hard by the tsunami. He was looking for a sports bar, as it turned away from M-SPO.

"If the team wins, it will increase the morale of the country," he said. "But it's strange to see the distance between people in Tokyo and those suffering from the disaster area."

That the Japanese team wins, they will come back a hero. And if the team comes home with a gold medal, the government plans to award the honor of the people for the players, the newspaper Nikkan Sports.
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Outbreak Of Legionnaire's Disease

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Nevada health officials are investigating an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease has been reported that the Aria Resort & Casino 4000 elegant rooms in the Las Vegas Strip. Four people were housed in the complex were treated for the disease transmitted by bacteria, but many more could have been exposed June 21 to July 4.

Stephanie Bethel Hospital in southern Nevada, told The Associated Press that this sometimes fatal form of pneumonia had been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and that six people had recovered.

The hotel has sent letters to customers who had stayed at the Aria of the period of two weeks, said the high levels of Legionella bacteria were detected in several rooms. Recent studies further showed no detectable amounts.

Previously, air conditioning, showers, whirlpools, and was suspected of being blamed for the outbreak of a major, Legionnaires', but Nevada authorities have not yet defined in this case in September.

"Legionella is a bacterium that lives in water and loves warm, moist environments," said Dr. Mary Nettleman, professor and chairman of the Department of Medicine at Michigan State University. "Unfortunately, people also love warm, moist environments such as spas."

Last February, 200 partygoers are Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion Holmby Hills, California, is descended from flu-like chills and high fever. The four participants DomainFest global conference has continued to develop a mild form of the disease, Pontiac fever.

Castle, David was at the conference, and described uncontrollable shivering fever and 102 degrees: "I went from zero is not a good place for 15-20 minutes It 'was like someone turned the switch.".

Health officials suspect later mansion whirlpool caused the spread of bacteria.

The transmission of Legionnaire's disease can occur through aerosols generated by the air injected into the hot tub, according to Dr. Amir Afkhami, an assistant professor in the Division of Global Health at George Washington University, School of Health Public.
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Elin Nordgren Found a New Person

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Elin Nordgren has apparently found a new person, and it is loaded. The Swede is Beautiful Jamie Dingman investors, according to Page Six. Dingman is the son of billionaire Michael Dingman and was related to Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady ex Princess Madeleine (Jamie has a thing for the Swedes). It would be a low key, All-American type, and, no, no golf. Divorce is Elin Woods became final in August.

What is the name?

New parents Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy is not the name of his newborn son because it sounded good Bingham Hawn, has a meaning of family on both sides.

Maiden name of Bingham Muse singer, he explained on Twitter. Bing was also the name of the father of Kurt Russell, who is the stepfather of Kate. Although the biological father of the actress is Bill Hudson, she is closer to the actor, who was mother, Goldie Hawn is a partner of 28 years.


Anna Lynne McCord has changed. His new friend is a star Dominic Purcell Prison Break, who recently visited the actor on his set of 90 210. He is 41, she is 23 years old British born Aussie has four children from a previous marriage.

No problem: "I am looking for a man not a boy,''McCord said after the break with 26 years Kellan Lutz.

Gaga unplugged

Lady Gaga has not been a good week. His YouTube account was suspended Thursday because of "numerous serious violations of copyright or YouTube." Later Thursday, the bill had been restored, a lot of joy Gaga Little Monsters.

Google Inc.-owned YouTube would not comment. Its purpose is to remove the accounts of three violations of copyright. According to reports, in violation of the video was recently sent a piece of performance Gaga in Japan, Fuji TV.

She also lost his wife as the most popular on Facebook. The new queen? Rihanna, with 40 591, 626 fans. Lady 40 560, 781 fans.

Something 'Wild'

Tone Loc has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges in a domestic violence after an arrest in Burbank, Calif., earlier this year.

45 year old artist, whose real name is Anthony Smith, has become the ground on Thursday. A well-known hits Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina, Smith was arrested June 18 after a woman accused him of assault.

It also deals with criminal possession of offensive weapon charge because the police had found an unregistered Colt AR-15 rifle.
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Costly Affair Roger Clemens

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If you've ever wanted to see in the courtroom goes to the ball under the legs of Bill Buckner in 1986, the World Series, we have seen today. U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton said a mistrial in the government's costly affair with the legendary pitcher Roger Clemens, who would have lied to Congress in February 2008 on the use of illegal steroids and performance enhancers. Miscarriage of justice does not preclude the process, but puts the government reopen a significant, if not irrevocable.

Prosecutors made a mistake by violating a judge's decision seriously Walton, prohibited the admission of the evidence spoke to the credibility of certain witnesses. The witnesses included former pitcher Andy Pettit - who was set to testify that Clemens admitted to using illegal performance enhancers - and his wife, Laura. Specifically, prosecutors allowed jurors to see a screen that displays the comments of the member Elijah Cummings, who spoke to the credibility of Pettit. It was a clear violation of the orders of Judge Walton. Comments should be redacted, but someone in the U.S. Attorney's Office or forgot to redact or tried to drag them in. Anyway, it was a mistake.

Judge Walton ruled mistrial because prosecutors in error, according to him, Clemens from getting a fair trial. Sixth amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees criminal defendants a fair trial and fast, in which an impartial jury. Here, the jury may have lost its impartiality, because he found the data can be improperly influenced in their opinions on the Pettittes and, indirectly, by Clemens. Tainted the jury is presumed to be able to operate fairly.

Judge Walton said he would be willing to hear the government's request for a new trial on September 2, but seemed skeptical of allowing a new trial. He suggested that a retrial would be double jeopardy. According to the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution bars repeated trial-specific processes for the same crime. For Clemens, to try again on charges of perjury and false testimony itself, especially because it relies on the same underlying hardware incriminating testimony in Congress, is likely to constitute double jeopardy.

The government can appeal the decision of Judge Walton in U.S. Court of Appeals DC Circuit, but do not expect to turn. Courts are very respectful to the way in which the trial judge control the process and how it takes decisions on the fairness of the trial.

For the Department of Justice, a mistrial Clemens, when combined with Barry Bonds escape conviction on all but one count of obstruction of justice, give rise to serious doubts about the wisdom of processing for baseball players perjury, suspected steroid use. Millions of tax dollars and thousands of hours of work are injected into the process. At a time when the federal government requires its citizens to sacrifice, perhaps the government should think more critically about how it allocates its resources to testing.

For Clemens, mistrial, it is highly unlikely that it will never convicted of the charges against him. This does not give the justification of a "not guilty" decision of a procedural error simply shows that the government fumbled the issue in a way that prevents a fair trial. For a pitcher so deeply interested in his baseball legacy he wanted to testify before Congress, a mistrial is not greatly help his chances of reaching the Hall of Fame.

Perhaps the biggest winner today is the much-maligned Rusty Hardin, who led the legal team Clemens', who deserves credit for the prosecutor to identify the error.
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Debt Ceiling Stiller Health Care

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Overall, the current negotiations on the debt ceiling Stiller health care as a right shows a fertility of ideas who can help the gap currently between stumpage and increase revenues. Here's how.

Three years ago now, I announced that health care should be a right for all Americans (even though I'm sure I'm not the first to say). Teddy Kennedy at the Democratic convention of 2008 was the same thought. Back on the campaign in Nashville in October 2008, Obama and McCain are asked how each of the health care viewed - as a right, privilege or responsibility. Obama was clear: health is a right. Since then, many of them in Congress mouth the same words.

When I wrote about health care is a right, I did not mean anything in the founding documents of the country, although it is involved in the concept of right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness comes to mind. After all, without our health, we can not do anything, can not be productive for us, our families, our communities, our employers, or even the nation in a global sense. Healthcare is the only one who have everything, and it is equally important to Americans as it is from one to another. The passage in March 2010, in what is known as "Obamacare" was a step in the right direction to achieve this goal, but this law only affects access to health services market, no doctor available to all. Now, of course, the role of rule of law (in which everyone must buy health insurance) was legally challenged and reach the Supreme Court a day earlier.

The award has never been the first choice of Obama - he wanted a public option, but the health insurance industry, and wanted the power to pay what the law is never placed before, in order to obtain his law on ' health care into law, he needed to do some good old horse-trading.

Those who require health care is the nation's elderly. Medicare is a government program started in 1965 to do just that. Without Medicare, millions of these 65 years are unable to afford health care. Now, however, it seems that those who oppose Obama wants to start a "slicing and dicing" of Medicare as part of cost cutting programs right before the debt ceiling is increased.

Actually, in order to reduce the budget, much has been done, and every sector of the economy feels the pain - for those who rely on the defense budget of the Ministry of living for those who do not want to make billions of oil drilling billion dollars, and everything else. To be honest, social rights are part of this combination. But l ', withdrawal or reduction in the removal of the interests of our elderly population, which requires them to stay healthy is disgusting We believe that health care for all Americans should have the right. The right to be and stay healthy for all 65 years is just as important as anyone to have access to health insurance that Congress will soon vote on the debt ceiling. Think someone else to do, or Congress can not believe, and does not recognize the forest for the trees.

For those in Congress, his arrogance will show if you think your health and ability to maintain, is more important than the health of the population that gets in the office.

But if the hairdresser's scissors are made to Medicare, even in a trivial way, so why not now consider setting Obamacare public opportunity, or something like that? No, I do not mean to have the insurance company to run the government to compete with the private market, only to have to provide seed money for a unit that will become self-sufficient in coming years and provide real competition companies to offer health insurance to cover all Americans - including our elderly population. Real competition lowers the price of a product, including health insurance. In this way, at least the elderly (and we all), while there may be some cuts in Medicare as part of the current negotiations of debt reduction will know that an alternative would be available with an optional public the next few years will not use any taxpayer money to finance or run it.
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Coheed and Cambria Took The Stage

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Coheed and Cambria took the stage, Mansfield, Massachusetts on Sunday, without a bassist Michael Todd. The musician, who goes by the name Mic (pronounced "Mike"), was arrested shortly before showtime, after allegedly robbing a pharmacy to get painkillers.

Make five facts about the rockers, as they continue on their last tour dates with Wes Styles compensation.

1. The band's name comes from a science fiction series comic written by singer Claudio Sanchez called the Amory Wars. Coheed and Cambria is the story's two heroes, whose story was used for the narration of each group of albums. They chose the name in 1998 in Paris.

2nd Todd is not an original member of the group. He came to Sanchez and Travis Stever founders when their bassist of the former group title Shab├╝tie called quits in 1996. Todd initially played guitar, bass picking up especially for the new band.

The third band released their first studio album in 2002 by Vision Records chances. The album concept is technically their second in a five-part series and was reissued in 2005 with three unreleased bonus tracks.

4. Recruitment revolving door of musicians over the years, the Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins meets the fourth release of the band. The current drummer, Chris Pennie, had just joined the group, but was held to contractual obligations, restrictions to the previous character at a time.

5. Coheed and Cambria are a number of pieces on show band playing rock videos, including "Welcome Home" and "Guns of Summer."
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