Jon Bon Jovi Had Handed Down Away

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Before Jerry Recco could get to providing his first bring up to date of the day, Todd put to bed the speculation that Jon Bon Jovi had handed down away. The tale got Craigie to considering distributing a gossip that Boomer is deceased, questioning if he could get it off the earth. Naturally Boomer was not all that relaxed with the patient matter and was delighted to switch on to these Jerry.

Jerry started his bring up to date with the war of thoughts between the Aircraft and the Leaders as the two groups make to secure horns on Xmas Eve.We got to notice from Rex He, as he shot the first salvo, which advised Mathias Kiwanuka that Rex does not actually have fun with.

Antrel Rolle went on the Mid-Day Display with Joe & Evan Friday and was requested if he would like to take again his ‘Giants would defeat the Redskins 99 out of 100 activities,’ this after Big Pink decreased their second online bet on the period the the Cases on Saturday. Rolle was also requested about how many periods the Leaders would defeat the Aircraft if the two groups performed 100 periods and about phoning out teammates for not training. ‘At the end of the day’ it was obvious Rolle’s regular area with Joe & Evan is still must pay attention to r / c.

Many believe Rolle’s comments were directed at the banged-up Justin Tuck, who joined the Mike’d Up program and took the high road.

Giants head coach talked about what it’s like to be in the playoff hunt before we got to hear Kevin Harlan talk about what he and Dan Fouts did during last night’s blackout prior to the start of Monday Night Football in San Francisco. The 49ers beat the Steelers 20-3 and it sounds like Harlan and Fouts passed the time in a productive manner.

The Jets-Giants isn’t the only big NFL game this weekend as the Cowboys and the Eagles prepare to battle, Deion Sanders caught up with Tony Romo on the NFL Network and asked a rather personal question for the newlywed Romo and the Knicks sign injured Baron Davis to a contract…