Johnny Knox Will Have Surgical Procedure

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Johnny Knox will have surgical procedure to secure his again on Friday after a terrifying hit left him motionless on the pitch during Sunday's game between the Chicago, illinois Holds and Washington Seahawks. Knox was taken from a field on the island and carried to a local medical after the hit for further assessments and statement. It was later established that surgical procedure was needed to secure his again, which was damaged at a dreadful direction during a fanatic impact early in Sunday's game.

There is great news for Knox, however. Despite the damage and honest again damage, his treatment usually be excellent at this point.

He has a "positive prognosis for his career and quality of life," according to the Bears. The surgery is scheduled for Monday.

"He has total movement throughout his body, has total use of all his extremities, which is good," coach Lovie Smith said. "We're doing tests right now. He has total movement. He's not paralyzed or anything."