Matt Leinart Makes His First Start

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

After moving from the desk to the chair after meal Holiday evening, I got to considering all the elements I’m fortunate for in my lifestyle. This is what got to mind:

- That I approved on Colts period seats this period.

- That my mother and father decided not to name me Ndamukong.

- My Andrew Dalton bobblehead.

- My Costs Belichick Tale Publication. You will have fun ’till you cry.

- That we’re in A week 12 and still no hint of T.O.

- That Fireman Ed is not my in the friend.

- Sam Adams Winter period Beer I: for getting me through the Cardinals-Rams menagerie.

- Aaron Rodgers, to develop us all ignore about Brett Favre, his photographic camera cellphone and “The Little Viking.”

- For my pups Erina Vick Eat Toy. Winston likes chomping him some Vick.

- That I never stay in Detroit (10th period in a row!).

- That we be familiar with a look from Ocho Stinko. (And this is wanting it remains.)

- The Bengals. If I have to describe, then you must be new here.

- For Ray Grain, Jim Leonhard and Darren Sproles. Showing excellent achievements do come in little offers.

- For “Friday’s” freezing slider hamburgers. The foods of the gods.

- That I never took (and never will take) Irish moving sessions with Ndamukong Suh.

- That the NFL changed the Patriots-Colts activity next On the evening time with Lions-Saints, therefore significantly curtailing the “drinking to eliminate the pain” part of my On the.

- Sam Adams Winter period Beer II: For its capability to develop me look like Clay-based Matthews to the women.

- That I marketed all my Zoysia Costs inventory after A week 5.

- That as opposed to my peeps in the Catholic Religious, the NFL is not considering delivering its video activity titles in Latina.

- For having to operate on Holiday Eve due to a complete NFL standing. No “Nutcracker” for me this year!

Dutch passengers on the country’s national railroad are none too happy with the current arrangement on the trains. There are no bathrooms and if you need to, you know, go, you have to go to the conductor’s booth and ask for waste bags. Problem? You bet. Bigger than Houston’s quarterback situation? Depends.

So Matt Leinart makes his first start in two years and lasts about a quarter and a half before Jags defensive end Jerome Mincey says thanks for playing and here is a lovely parting gift for you right before he slams Leinart to the ground and injures his throwing shoulder. Before long you have starting QB Matt Schaub and his season-ending foot injury on the sidelines in a boot standing next to second-stringer Leinart with his arm in a sling. Houston hasn’t had a problem this dire since Tom Hanks was having trouble getting his rocket home in “Apollo 13.” (It should be pointed out to the Dutch that Tom and his crew had to use waste bags, too, so quit your whining.). Anyway, the Texans and their hopes of a first-ever trip to the postseason now ride on the arm of third-stringer T.J. Yates or Jets castoff Kellen Clemens.

T.J. Yates or Kellen Clemens? Upon further review maybe this is worse than the whole Dutch bag fiasco.