Sensation Known Northern Lights

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The sensation known as the southern signals, or the aurora borealis, designed a unusual look as far southern as Atlanta Friday evening, according to WSAZ in Huntington, W.Va., and other news businesses.

A sun wind turbine designed the vibrant sight visible much further southern than normal, WSAZ reviews. There have been sightings revealed from The state of kentucky, Atlanta, In, Ok, Ms, Illinois and other places, according to publicized reviews.

The image of the southern signals in our photo is not from last night, in addition, but from Nikiski, Ak, back in early May. As soon as shots from this recent look become available, we'll post them here. provided an even more precise description of the look, revealing that a strong pressure in the magnet field around the The planet allowed electrically energized debris from the sun wind turbine to go through to within 22,000 distance of the The planet.

The southern signals usually appear in the Arctic areas.