Seal Beach Homicide Detectives

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The house light blue with the American flag and a basketball hoop in the front was described by neighbors as the place where a young boy always wanted to play ball or do bike rides with his father. Wednesday night, however, was the Huntington Beach House roped off by police tape, and homicide detectives were on the lawn, when his father was the only suspect in the shooting of Seal Beach salon that has killed eight people and 1 / 9 victim in critical condition.

Christa Andrews, who lives in the street, said Scott Dekraai, the alleged gunman, moved about two years. He said he had been honest released from the army and had a work-related injury leg that caused him to walk with a limp.

She said Dekraai play baseball and football with his son, who seemed to be an age of Andrews '7 years. The family had a white labrador named Conway they have learned to play ball.

Patty Roach, a barber who lived two blocks, go through the house several times a day to your usual dog walking route. Roach has lived in the neighborhood for 25 years, and she said she has always been a discreet and mainly middle-class families raising children.

The street is lined with modest homes with manicured lawns. Skeletons and cobwebs hanging doors for Halloween.

Roach said it was hard to believe that he knows the neighborhood could be behind the shooting. She said that her husband has discovered, he said again and again, "There's no way they could have been him."

Stephanie Malchow, who lives next to Dekraai, describes the family as a magnet.

"They are always outside playing with the dog," he said, referring to DeKraai, his current wife Mindy and her son from a previous marriage Dekraai.

Malchow also remembered to participate Dekraai marriage.

"It was really nice," she said in Dekraai and his current wife. "He was very happy. He was one of the best neighbors I've ever known. He was certainly involved with his son."

Malchow, who said Dekraai told his ex-wife saw his son one weekend a month, it was hard to believe what was happening.

"I gestured to him this morning on my way to work. I never thought about going home to this".