Remote Analysis Of Cochlear Implants

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

EAR Science Institute Australia is the construction of mapping software and remote analysis of cochlear implants.

The software allows the patient to implant the plug on their computer and they are tested in real-time audiologists. This allows all the benefits of Telehealth software, and reduces the need for patients (especially in remote areas) to visit the centers in their ear maintenance.

According to a research project leader, Dr Rob eikelboom, twenty percent of patients in the ESIA lives 200 km or more away from the clinic, travel to appointments is something that takes time.

Customer must also increase the efficiency of the ESIA, audiologists and may be a patient negotiation, through videoconferencing.

The software also has the ability to text chat communication is possible during the consultation phase, when the computer is off.

First phase of testing and received positive feedback, but have yet to solve some problems, mainly related to network connections. NBN, when it is launched in many areas, might help.