Press Conference Apple Just Over

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Press Conference Apple Just Over
Details of the iPhone has apparently revealed 4S-line with the well-publicized press conference Apple just over an hour.

According TNW, was informed of this tech in California, will present this afternoon, and it is not "the iPhone 5", but the iPhone version of the current 4

IPhone comes with 8-megapixel camera with 4S "advanced optical," and "more accurate GPS functionality," thanks to Apple's new A5 processor, the site says.

4S iPhone is said to be "much more powerful than an iPhone 4" and "feels like the top of the line," but confirmed that the device will be Apple's A5 new processor and includes 1 GB of RAM past in previous reports.

The device maintains the same dimensions and design as the iPhone 4, it is said, with the most eloquent teardrop-shaped design and aluminum unibody look for a future iPhone.

Wefll bring the official press agency as it arrives.