Premier Fitness Down The Road

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

In the last, if you had a bad knowledge with a company, you had to generally keep it with yourself. Sure, you could tell your associates and family to keep away from it, but unless you thought like planning a large boycott, your impact was restricted.

But with the distribute of public networking, it's getting simpler and simpler to grumble when a business fasteners you over -- a sad training gym company Top Health is mastering today. A few time ago, Reddit person Peripheryy discussed his knowledge with Top on the common information panel site:

The Premier Fitness down the road from my work has ALL kinds of boxes for people to sign up to win gift cards to different stores around the mall, the movies, etc. I signed up for one for a $50 gift card to Pac Sun, and received a call saying I'd won, and to meet them the next day to pick it up.

When I got there, he started demonstrating me around, and advised me I'd won a free 30 days at the gym. I authorized a tiny style for my account, and requested about the reward certificate. Of course, he shows me that it's a different pulling for the reward certificate that I had to join for. I said no and remaining.

About 2 months later, I obtain a costs for $1300. I quickly phone the company, and they say I authorized up for a non-cancelable 3 season plan with the gym. I advised them, no. I didn't. So the man I was communicating to started crying at me, contacting me a dickf**k (among other things), and stuck on me.

The next evening, I went there to get a content of the plan. Extensive account shorter, I nicely requested for the plan and the supervisor (huge, bodybuilder type) got in my experience, vulnerable me, and advised me to get out or he was contacting the officers. I quickly remaining, referred to as the officers, and they supported me there while I got a content of the plan. Here's where it gets useful.

The man that authorized me up had authorized me up for Several years on the plan, AFTER I LEFT THE GYM. I was mad. I referred to as the regional information, revealed them to the lawyer common, and revealed them to the Better Enterprise Business.

Thankfully, after a couple months, I got a effect from the lawyer common saying however taken treatment of it, and had a fax from Premier's company supervisor saying she would stop the plan.