Lawrence O'Donnell Repeatedly Hectored Herman Cain

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Lawrence O'Donnell Repeatedly Hectored Herman Cain
Despite all the hours of Bill O'Reilly that I've seen the sad experience of hearing Mark Levin for his worst, and listening to Rush more hours than I can count Limbaugh, have never been a greater distaste for the spread of a ' interview with presidential candidate to me Thursday night, when Lawrence O 'Donnell repeatedly hectored the candidate, Herman Cain is a disrespectful way. As a guest Cable News, had every right to ask the former CEO of Godfather Pizza difficult questions. Given the opportunity to interview tomorrow, Cain, I would print what he means when he says that many voters blacks are brainwashed to vote for the Democrats to face him to change his position on the wisdom of assassinating Anwar al-Awlaki , and challenge her claim false ideological boilerplate on Wall Street banks.

What I want to do is to avoid complacency O'Donnell shown throughout his long conversation Cain, focus on creating a stupid gotcha moments instead of drawing out or clarify the positions of Cain - There is nothing more respectable reason ask a presidential candidate to respond to the appearance Hank Williams Jr. on Fox & Friends? - And more than anything else, a number of particularly odious O'Donnell asked questions that were offensive, even the standards of Cable News.

Where to start? It 'hard to choose, but my mouth open to the end when O'Donnell asked, "Mr. Cain, what are you thankful for this nation? Is served in the Navy. I have paid to go to graduate when you were a Marine. You grateful to the government to do so? you thankful for this, the government runs the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act? "In all honesty O'Donnell, Cain said he was grateful, but I was grateful bullying research on the ground, wait a minute, that O'Donnell would start demanding to know why Cain was not wearing a flag pin, and when O'Donnell, then the civil rights laws, I thought to myself, are the blacks who grew up in that time and saw the epic battle for equality should really be "grateful" that the government finally granted the rights due to them as human beings, and that should have been all the time?

The exchange was also remarkable because O'Donnell got his facts wrong. Like Cain, politely remarked, "Are we going to practice, I have not served in the Navy, I was an officer. I started working for the Department of the Navy as a mathematician and ballistics analyst. " The content of the interview may be better understood by looking at how O'Donnell responded to correction.

O'Donnell: I misread your book and its references to the Navy. I thought you served in the Navy. You're now telling me you didn't. Can you explain how you avoided military service during the Vietnam War and during the draft, and why you should be commander in-chief if you did successfully avoid service during the war that came during what would have been your war years? After avoiding the Vietnam War, why should you be commander-in-chief?

Cain: Lawrence, you know, do you stay up nights coming up with the wording of these questions?

O'Donnell: Just thought of that one now when I heard you didn't serve in the Navy or the military during Vietnam. How did you do that?

Cain: You say, "How did I avoid the Vietnam War?" I wasn't trying to avoid the Vietnam War! Here's what happened, Lawrence. I was working in a critical area called exterior ballistics. I worked on something called rocket assisted projectiles for the Department of the Navy. It was my local board in Atlanta, Georgia, that told me, "We would rather have you continue to do that analytical work, to help the Navy, rather than us draft you." Secondly, when they had the lottery, I made myself available. The year that they had the lottery for the draft, they did not draft me because they didn't get to my number. So I think that's a poor choice of words on your part to say that I "avoided" the Vietnam War. I made myself available to my country, and they did not draft me. The rest of the time I was serving my country in a critical role called exterior ballistic analysis. So I am offended with your choice of words in terms of what I was doing during the Vietnam War.

You might think that this is finally the subject.

Incredibly, O'Donnell will be monitored by saying: "I am offended on behalf of all veterans of the Vietnam War, which is united, Mr. Cain. Veterans who do not expect to be processed, including John Kerry, who have joined. Do not 't stand there and wait to find out what their draft board was going to do. have had the courage to join and go fight in the war. prevented join? And that gives you a sense of when to participate, you should be the captain? "

Obviously, it is absurd to apply a standard, and it is difficult to imagine that Vietnam veterans who opportunistically invoked O'Donnell then gets upset because a man of his generation are not registered after s' being told by his board of directors project work for the Navy was the place where he could help more.

From O'Donnell on MSNBC, the conference is particularly grating. When Andrew Breitbart has published his latest book, I detailed how much it expresses the attitude and behavior, which he claims to detest in others - selfish reasoning is that the Liberals are behaving badly, then it is right to behave exactly the same way as horrible against a measure. Rush Limbaugh does it too, complained of the race-bait, and continues.

In this interview, O'Donnell does all the absurdity of using patriotism and chauvinism that sticks to attack the guest curator, almost like a parody of Stephen Colbert on the tactics of style you can imagine right could use a braggart. Did you know becomes what you say hate?

This brings us to an interview segment that causes the most confusion. This is a fragment of Cain book. Understand that it is very strange, surprising book is not polished. If it were a ghost writer, has failed. Some items offered for reasons impossible to detect. The narrative jumps from one story to another, and the sections that normally lead to a book, or underline some of the largest offered Sans comment.

The passage in question is preceded by a story about Cain and his brother had a BB gun for Christmas, his cousin in the ass, and escaped.