Columbus Day Is Not Very Respectful

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Although it is a national holiday, Columbus Day is not very respectful. Many places do children do not even get a day off school. His most important observation seems to consist of the suspension of mail delivery.

One of 10 federal holiday, Columbus Day commemorates the anniversary of the great Genoese explorer bump in what is now the Bahamas October 12, 1492 (Julian calendar accounts). But many modern Americans are ambivalent about the man and his accomplishment.

Columbus was not an American. He did not discover or even set foot in what is now the United States. And he was an Italian in the forefront of the Spanish conquest of the New World, while our national mythology goes back to the British Isles, not the Iberian Peninsula.

This does not diminish the importance of the fall of 1492. Although Columbus did not really find a place where people were already living in America, he discovered the abuse in Europe. And, as Robert Frost would say, that made the difference.

Columbus Day now seems to have three different identities: It is a tribute to Christopher Columbus and "discovery" of America, a proud day for Americans and Italian ethnic excuse for a weekend of three days When the leaves fall fire.

Since the founding of America, Columbus has a reputation for varied wildly. He was revered as a kind of proto-founder, whose picture is next to George Washington, our school houses. And it was mocked as a stubborn Bumble that led to the deaths of tens of millions.

Fairness, Columbus was a great sailor and businessman, who was obsessed with, because so many were at that time to find a faster and cheaper from Europe to China and India. He bumped into America, because it was on the road.

So Christopher Columbus was motivated self-interest. Do not scan for the betterment of humanity, but it was not to cause a disaster either.

Form of the name of the explorer, in Colombia, has long been used as a poetic name for America, and as a female personification of the United States. Think of the Columbia Pictures Torch Lady and the patriotic tune "Columbia, Gem of the ocean." Here, a statue of Columbia at the top of Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park, and the capital city of the country is, of course, the District of Columbia.

The watermark on the reputation of Columbus probably occurred in 1893 when Chicago hosted the World Exhibition in honor of the fourth anniversary of his landing. Also at that time, Catholics were migrating to the country in large quantities, and they were very happy to discover that a colleague has been much appreciated Catholic in Protestant America. (The Knights of Columbus was organized in 1882.)

Columbus Day has become the first state holiday in Colorado in 1906, of all places. And 'become a party in the Federal 1937. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a law to respect the man and the event - and his Catholic voters happy.

Since Christopher Columbus was from Genoa, was a source of pride for Italian-Americans. Many would like to be on Columbus Day for Italians of that day celebrates St. Patrick's Day for the Irish. And they are baffled as Irish Americans could have two ingredients, alcohol and green, and make it a holiday. We all confuse.

The Irish American believes that Italian-Americans deserve their own day of celebration. But he also believed he would get more attention in the second month. October Halloween, Oktoberfest, football, hayrides and cider. It is entirely wrong for a celebration of things Mediterranean.

Italian cuisine and culture would be the best day of May or September, maybe - when the mild weather, when people could get a table and chairs in the back yard, hang the lights, served with rustic bread and aged Sopr├Ęssa Provolone cheese and drinking wine in the glasses from the table. This does not mean, how?

Meanwhile, let's make a handful of sweet spices and a pint of beer than a toast to Admiral of the Ocean Sea, Christopher Columbus, who knew for certain that the earth was round - not just big.