California Dream Act Will Send

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Governor Jerry Brown signed Saturday during the second half of the law in two California Dream, which prohibits immigrant students eligible for scholarships funded by the State and aid to state universities.

First half of the Brown Act was signed into law in July, has approved the grants and private student loans illegal immigrants.

The other half of the legislation that allows illegal immigrant students to apply for state aid until they have graduated from California high schools and can prove they are on their way to legalize their immigration status.

Written by Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, recent legislation requires llegal immigrant students to meet the same conditions as other students who need financial assistance to state universities. However, it notes that are eligible for funding only after all legal residents have requested.

"The signing of keeping the two parts of the California Dream Act will send a message across the country that California is ready to rule the country with a positive and productive for our approach to difficult issues related to immigration," The Associated Press quoted him as saying Cedillo.

Opponents of the law of public funds not be used to help illegal immigrants. Because California is the most populous state, however, the adoption of the contested measure is a victory for advocates of immigrant rights before the 2012 presidential election, according to Reuters.