Big East Conference football

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Big East Conference football
Big East Conference football looks set to remain intact through invitations to distribute six potential new members, despite the shocking announcement yesterday that the U.S. Conference Mountain West Conference football and agreed to a blockbuster partnership.

Despite the arrival of a new league, with a maximum of 22 teams seemed to threaten the Big East automatic classification of value (AQ) status in the Bowl Championship Series, the Big East could survive again.

Highly placed source told the Post last night that, despite the notification of the current Boise State Mountain West Conference USA Central Florida and has won two of the six calls.

Mountain West Air Force and the Navy, an independent company, are "fully committed", but wanted to do some exit penalties introduced new, as reported exclusively Friday message.

"This is still very fluid," the source said. "This merger does not restrict any of these schools to happen tomorrow if they wish. Nobody knows what will happen to the Missouri. What if the Big 12 decide to go east or north?"

A conference call yesterday with the school, without FBS football, and two or three that are not paved the way for calls. But madness is not possible to completely shake off the second month or two, said another source.

The two leagues is the opinion of last night, catching administrators throughout the Big East ignorant. However, the merger is not officially closed, and at least the Big East will retain its status AQ until 2013.

"I do not know what's left of the Big East at this time," said U.S. Commissioner Britton Banowsky Conference a conference call last night. "I know we have 22 [school] and at least six hours. Do not want anyone sick. Just know that we will have a strong group here."

Six of the remaining members of the Big East football is in Cincinnati, Connecticut, Louisville, Rutgers, South Florida and West Virginia. The NCAA mandates that the alloy is composed of at least eight members, although there is a grace period of two years, if the membership slips below eight.

The grace period does not help the league, which has solidified its membership by next September, when its TV rights will be won. The league was hoping to stave off extinction after returning to Pittsburgh and Syracuse TCU ACC and left for the 12th Grand

The Big East has left a lucrative television deal on the table for several months. This decision appears to be a grave mistake when Pitt and Syracuse defected. However, a high source to the media for the university said that the Big East might get a better price if it solidifies.

Big East schools that do not play FBS football - DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Notre Dame, Providence, San Juan, Seton Hall and Villanova - have left little empathy for their brothers in football.

"There are so many moving parts in this area, it is difficult to predict what will happen," Post as a source. "If the football schools are unpacked, that becomes their problem, not ours."

As reported in Friday's Post, after two days of bitter debate, which is divided roughly along the football league basketball lines, cooler heads prevailed Thursday when a higher fee for out of $ 5 million to $ 10 million agreement to FBS schools. But the time to get the league back on track may have distracted the members at a crucial time for realignment.