Arrested Development Movie Is Finally Happening

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

"Arrested Development" movie is finally happening. No, seriously. After years of rumors, denials security thinking, withdrawal and desire, series creator and executive producer Mitchell Hurwitz has confirmed this week that not only seriously, have fun, unapologetically evil clans Bluth directed at a multiplex, but they get developed for their debut in the film, making a short trip back to TV.

Speech Sunday at the festival in New Yorker, Hurwitz broke the news with "development" actor Jason Bateman, he confirmed a few hours later on his Twitter feed. "It's true. We'll do 10 episodes and the movie. Probably get together next summer for release in early '13. Very excited!"

The New York Times, when asked by the moderator Nancy Franklin to give an update on the long-rumored film, Hurwitz admitted: "We are 80 percent of the form of an answer." Explained as a director / producer Ron Howard, who also reported the series, "talked about this for years and try to get it going. ... We're not the owner of the property, there are the businessmen involved and studies and such things. Only creative, I have worked on the script for a long time and found that over time, there was much more to the story. In fact, where the whole world for five years has become a major part of the story . Therefore, working on the script, I realized even though they have five minutes for each character in the story, was half the film before the characters came together. "

Hurwitz said the panel, which laid the spectacle of a cult favorite piece, "Bluth Family Reunion." He said that the plan is to make limited period (9 or 10 episodes) series on television and then the sequel to the machine frame to crank up, each episode focuses on a character's background to bring us back to the present time. Hand cast members was Bateman, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, Portia de Rossi, Tony Hale, David Cross, Jessica Walter, Jeffrey Tambor, and Alia Shawkat as well as call-in guests Howard.

Given the secret of the show, twisted inside joke legendary wacky humor and tangents, there was naturally some skepticism about whether the announcement of Hurwitz was perhaps part of some cosmic joke. But he later confirmed that he was halfway finished with a manuscript, but has provided no information on the studio or network will be handling the re-boot.

Hurwitz also find a long misunderstanding about why the film does not come to pass: the alleged unwillingness to "Scott Pilgrim" Wax actor, who had allegedly refused to play ball. Show creator explained that the voice that was obstructing wax in the project of a joke gone wrong.

"I kind of repetitive small thing, like, it would be funny if Michael Cera has been a holdout," he said. "Let the device that is out there. And Michael was what Andy Kaufman. And then it turned out really bad, fast. So, really just to say, those of you who have followed this saga, Michael has always been great ".