Amanda Knox Recite His Innocence

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Amanda Knox Recite His Innocence
"I'm not what you say," said Amanda Knox, 24, stood before a panel of judges from Monday to recite his innocence to a charge of murder.

Court of Appeals would agree to free him, but some of the Italian hill town in Umbria, Perugia is not.

"Murderer! Murderer!" cried a dozen people who had gathered outside the courthouse, with the feminine form of the word, even if Knox co-defendant and former boyfriend has been released as well.

What began four years ago, when police found blood, half-naked body of a British exchange student in a cottage in the medieval city on the Tiber, was completed by an American exchange student in tears again its life.

Years after the killing, Knox was played by the British media and the Italian prosecutors as a witch, "devil" who had coaxed her Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, as part of sexual play of her roommate Meredith Kercher, and then forced him to - "dog leash" - and girl, when she stabbed him to death.

None of this was true, the jury of eight members, he said. The jury had two options to pay: the determination that there was insufficient evidence or that the couple simply did not commit the crime. The jury found, of course Knox and Sollecito.

"Not guilty!" announced the title in a national newspaper La Repubblica. Hundreds of journalists and television crews were outside the courtroom for the verdict, two magazines, celebrities and gossip, Today and People, Knox put the lids. Because of his fame, was almost always referred to simply as "Amanda" stories.

Anthony Holt, 21, a native of Los Angeles and a student of the University for Foreigners in Perugia, said the city had an opinion.

"We met a group of students who thought she was innocent. It was my group, "he said." But I know there was another group who thought she was guilty, and they expected elsewhere. "

Knox, who was 20 for the crime, was due to leave today for Rome and returned home to Seattle, where friends and relatives were ecstatic about his acquittal. Sollecito's lawyer was booed as he left the courthouse. Even typhus.

Bukkiah Antonio, 19, student in Rome, said he was happy Knox was free and the courts do not believe train was a very American - and their alleged supporters. "Maybe some people made a mistake," he said.

Even if the judge does not release its reasons for the removal of two weeks, in a bad light, and DNA evidence may have been the death knell criminal case, the lack of a clear motive.

Almost forgotten, that the right can already Kercher. Rudy Guede, the small drug dealer from the Ivory Coast and The Drifter, was convicted of murder.

The police traced a fingerprint on a pillow under Kercher's body to Guede, but only after the arrest of Knox and Sollecito. Instead of concluding that Guede killed Kercher in a robbery, freeing the others, the police said the plot to kill sex.

"They firmly believe in his innocence. You can not blame them for it," Kerch Lyle, brother of the victim, the family said Knox. "But of course it's hard for us."