Listeria Symptoms The Incubation Period

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Listeria Symptoms The Incubation Period
Contaminated Cantaloupe: Two D-FW Deaths
Two deaths from eating contaminated melons are reported in northern Texas. Tuesday, officials from the Public Health Tarrant County, confirmed the death of a resident of the elderly with underlying medical conditions, and disease in a second case. Monday, Dallas County reported a resident of 89 years died of listeriosis, one in four cases.

Carrie Williams, the Ministry of Health of State said 14 cases were reported in Texas, and the number expected to grow.

Williams: The incubation period for Listeriosis is with great length. Symptoms can occur anywhere from three to 70 days after exposure, which makes these cases so difficult to solve.

Jensen Farms cantaloupe contaminated with listeria, Colorado, was sent to Texas in July-September 10 days. It should be remembered. Williams says symptoms of diarrhea, fever and muscle aches should see a doctor.

Parkland senior executives denied merit increases

Dallas County commissioners approved the budget Parkland Hospital on Tuesday - less than eight million dollars in bonuses for top administrators.

Commissioner Elba Garcia said they would be inappropriate merit raises after the hospital failed a critical federal government and must undergo a management audit on the outside. And she said raises recall will not hurt the hospital's ability to recruit top healthcare professionals.

Garcia: The Council discussed some of these wages, current wages without incentives. And guess what. They are very competitive in the market.

Friday, Parkland Board of Directors has amended the budget to remove dozens of bonuses for senior executives. They include the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, as well as leaders of medical and surgical care, and Operations.

Pay cut jurors

Starting Wednesday in Texas jurors took a "pay cut".

Since 2006, the jury received six dollars the first day of service, and $ 40 per day thereafter. Tarrant County Board of Commissioners GK Maenius told lawmakers reduce the amount of the budget.

Maenius: So controller certify a daily amount that would reimburse on a quarterly basis. This amount is $ 28.

Brooks: So, this amount may vary from quarter to quarter?

Maenius: Yes, sir, it is possible, yes.

Counties to pay jurors and seek reimbursement from a state fund supported by a tax on dollar bills and four fouls. Less eliminate what is now a member of the jury.

Gridlock update from Dallas-Fort Worth

Texas Transportation Institute is out with its annual mobility.

In 2010, the average commuter spent 45 hours stuck in traffic and I lost 22 liters of gas. In 2009, it was an extra hour, and 23 liters of gas. Researchers say "congestion" costs an average commuter in Dallas-Fort Worth more than $ 900 a year in lost productivity and fuel.