Holly Madison Her Breasts $1 Million

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Holly Madison Her Breasts $1 Million
Holly Madison, the extraordinary personality of reality TV and one of the girlfriends of Hugh Hefner has many, would have assured her breasts for $ 1 million.

Model, Showgirl, and TV personality has taken a million dollar policy with Lloyd's of London insurance company, which is famous for securing the most important body parts of famous people - including dancer Michael Flatley's feet for $ 1 million each , and taste buds will be world-famous food critic Egon Ronay, price € 400,000.

Madison, who speaks openly about her breast enhancement surgery, said his intervention has brought him a cup of D-cup. He said that the insured breasts in order to protect themselves and others, that appear in its Las Vegas production of "Peepshow".

"I've heard people get the body parts of the insured, and I thought, why not, because if something happened to my breasts, I'd be out a few months and I'd probably remove one million of dollars," he told People. "I thought to cover their property."

Madison, who appeared on the reality series "The Girls Next Door," which followed the lives of Hefner's girlfriends, and his own series of his exploits Vegas called "Hollywood world", said it appears topless in Vegas Revue.

"I think it's pretty funny. I think they get the credit they deserve," People reported. "They are my primary money makers right now."