Endurance Swimmer Diana Nyad Down

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad down on Saturday, his pace a bit 'slower after a rough night of painful stings Portuguese Man O' War, but progress has been made about a quarter of the way of Florida.

Nyad team, which also updates the fans and supporters around the world through social media, previously announced on Saturday that he was about 25 miles (40 kilometers) off the coast of Cuba is hoped to complete 103 miles (166 km) in Florida, beating his personal record with a swim in open water without a shark cage, about half a mile (1 km).

"It was a difficult night and morning," he told his assistants through Facebook, Twitter and his personal website. "Diana was recovered enough from multiple bites Portuguese Man O War 'for the bathroom - but are struggling now normal pace, between 52 and 55 beats per minute, was reduced to 48, but you can swim.".

Tweet then said: "Diana seems to be increasing his hours of rest are less and less.".

Diana Nyad suffered bites and arms, face and chest. Later, he complained of difficulty breathing, and the two doctors gave him a shot of steroids, oxygen and other medications, they said.

"The night turned into day when the sun rose slowly above the horizon." You do best. I can see, "said his boss Nyad manager.

Diana Nyad says its strategy to take about 60 hours that would take him to swim from Cuba to Florida, testing the limits of human exhaustion at the age of 62 years, is to focus on one sub-goal after another.

"The mental approach is out of the package. None could swim all the while thinking about the whole thing," he said on his website. "Until we get a taste of the end of the beach, I start obsessing about it - is too remote and too vague - I do not know where it is So I'm going to take day to night: first, to survive the night and then spend the day, and then again during the night, and so. continues. "

She told reporters Friday in Havana that loves to sing songs in the head to pass the hours. Among his favorites: The Beatles, Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan.

Diana Nyad makes his second attempt several months in Cuba-Florida border, a lifetime dream, he first tried the 28-year, in 1978, when she swims inside a steel cage shark 42 hours before finishing the test.

This summer, she tries to cage-free, rather than relying on electronic equipment that surrounds a field that deters sharks.

An attempt in August fell short by 29 hours, when, breathless, Nyad threw in the towel after an asthma attack in 11 hours, which he attributed to a bad reaction to a new medication.

But he said the experience convinced him that it is not physically up to the challenge, and Nyad, who called the problems that had nothing to do with his age, came to mind to swim is not interrupted, but a problem of unplanned exercise habit.

Although she had promised that there would be no second trial this week, she flew to Cuba to enjoy what she calls a "magic window" of good weather and sea conditions. Friday night, she jumped feet first into the calm waters of Havana harbor as his support team cheered and blew horns, and began to caress the northern horizon.

Minutes earlier Nyad weighed herself and tipped the scales at 146 pounds (66 kilos). She said she expected to lose about 15 pounds (6.8 kilos) between now and her anticipated landfall in Florida on Monday morning.

Nyad is no stranger to painful stings suffered on marathon swims in the open ocean, and her assistants said she could recover and complete the journey.

"'It was scary' said (chief handler and close friend Bonnie) Stoll," according to one tweet. "But Diana Nyad is happy that this happened early while she is still at her strongest."