Disney Re-Released Lion King 3D

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Disney Re-Released Lion King 3D
Nobody really knew Matthew Broderick can sing, back in the 90s. Yet, the point is a little 'surprising that Disney someone else to do his singing in 1994, is the "Lion King". A year later, Broderick would be a revival of the Broadway musical storm, "How to succeed in business without really trying."

"The Lion King" was the Disney film that insiders see as a watermark for the Disney animated classic, the exclamation point in the success story that began with "The Little Mermaid" and continued with "Beauty and the Beast ". This cell animation (with some number sequences) wins a beautiful 3-D classic masquerade as "3D Ling King" from Disney in two weeks editing the film, opening Friday. It is to be followed by a statement early October BluRay.

It always looks nice, with lions and hyenas beautifully designed - more a warthog, a meerkat, a mandrill and a hornbill, and other inhabitants of the African savannah. The wildebeest stampede is almost like new and breathtaking as it was when the film was new.

And the cast - Nathan Lane career had a slight increase substantially after his tour in this area, and Lane and his "Guys and Dolls" co-star Ernie Sabella was the team of Disney's largest comic - Pre-Buzz and Woody .

"As a boy, what Eatin You '?"

"NO! It is at the top of the food chain! "

Jeremy Irons is wearing a mustache in the recording booth to vote Scar, the villain. There is a spin mustache in each row traitors. James Earl Jones as King Mufasa, gave the message of the weight of history ". Be brave does not mean you go looking for trouble"

Maybe "Hakuna Matata" has become a cliché in the music, but the Jackson Five-ish "I can not wait to be king" still tickles. And the songs of Elton John "Can you feel the love tonight" and "The Circle of Life" are also part of the culture both looking tired, but still soar.

3-D does not add much - just the depth - in this film, which won two Oscars, when it is released. Wildebeest and hyena falls almost in his lap, here and there.

Once upon a time, pre-video, Disney re-released classics to their rooms for short runs, for a new generation that know the way they were meant to be seen. This makes this "Lion King" rebirth of a great tradition in 3-D or not. Some of these children were only 17 have the opportunity to make the first Disney film to see their children in a theater.
Disney Re-Released Lion King 3D