Cedric Benson Faces A Three Match Suspension

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson faces a three match suspension for the player-conduct violations lock-out, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Benson will have an appeal heard Tuesday by the NFL to decide his fate, a source told ESPN.com 's John Clayton. There is no timetable for Benson, it will be possible suspension if he loses the appeal. It should be available for Sunday's game against the 49ers.

Sources close to the situation believes Benson is a "strong" to appeal the suspension. He's playing this weekend against the San Francisco 49ers, as the suspension is not official until appeal.

Benson has run 180 meters through the first two weeks, even though he weighs the matter.

Benson was released from prison in Texas on Sept. 3 after having served five days to resolve the violation of two cases of aggression.

He had pleaded no contest and received a prison sentence of 20 days which was reduced in part because he volunteered to help mop the floors and painting crews. He also received credit for time served after his arrest.

28-year, Benson was arrested in 2010 on charges of hitting a bar worker from Austin, incident, which brought him a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but did not lead to punishment. He is not appealed to the competition, which is responsible for an attack on the personal injury case.

He was also arrested in July for allegedly beating a former roommate in downtown Austin. That did not contest a charge of assault with physical injury, family, and will be rejected if done 30 hours of community service and pay an undisclosed amount of restitution to the victim.