Aaron Rodgers Packers Lead Bears

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Aaron Rodgers Packers Lead Bears
Aaron Rodgers did not know how you evaluate it.
Never mind that the Green Bay Packers took control early and won again at Soldier Field to remain unbeaten.

"We just won a big game against division rival on the road, and I think there is a feeling that we might have a little 'better," he said.

Rodgers threw for 297 yards, three touchdown passes to Jermichael Finley, Packers and closing Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears on the way to 27-17 victory Sunday.

The stakes were not as high as the previous meeting, when the Packers left the field at his home in Chicago celebrating the NFC title along the way to the championship. Still, it gave the Bears (1-2) more headaches in the longest streak in the NFL.

Rodgers led the charge, after completing 28 38 races. He threw his first interception season, when Brian Urlacher picked off the Packers leading 27-17 in the fourth quarter.

Bears took their 45, but two penalties - holding, Chris Spencer, and Devin Hester is unnecessary roughness for a confrontation with Sam Shields - ended any shot at a comeback.

Finley Rodgers hit a 6-yard touchdown drive to open the game, a 7-yard run early in the second quarter made it 14-0, and a 10-yarder that gave the Packers (3-0) 27-10 sent a early lead in the fourth.

Greg Jennings caught nine passes for 119 yards, while Finley finished with seven receptions and yards 85. Ryan Grant ran for 92, and Morgan Burnett intercepted twice in Cutler's pass intended for Roy Williams to help the Packers to remain unbeaten.

Still, Rodgers said he still is not quite "click". He sees a better balance between career and go, but still sees room for improvement teams offense, defense and special.

"I think we have the potential to improve, and do not know how many ways you win or playoffs or whatever, but I think we can play better football," he said. "The standard is close to Green Bay is excellent, as we are at this point, there is much work during the week."

That is the argument get to know Jennings.

"We have things to work, and we always try to constantly improve, and we are not satisfied in every way," said Jennings.

For the bear, it was just a brutal performance.

Their quarterback has struggled at large and the running game was nonexistent in Chicago fell to second after an impressive victory in Atlanta.

The Bears managed only 13 rushing yards. And with 12 subjects, matched within their second for the second straight game.

Against New Orleans last week, they called 52 pass plays and delivered 11 times, with a run by Cutler bringing the total to 12.

Coach Lovie Smith attributes the Green Bay defense, and said: "If you do not get your racing game will have to see what the other side of the ball."

Bears, however, clearly has some work.

"That means they probably have to work for next week because it does not work today," said Green Bay BJ Raji. "But seriously, we have played well this season full circle, I know the focus is on the media (Matt) Forte the ball, but we knew that if he took over the business would not be a factor."

For Strong, "it's frustrating." He was only 2 meters of nine works - or less than a quarter of the farm yard.