Warren Jeffs Did Not Begin

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The fall of Warren Jeffs did not begin with the highly publicized attack by the Texas Rangers in 2008. One of the turning points in the previous year was Utah, Arizona, when Ross Chatwin was standing on his porch and raised the swastika book by its cover.

The day before, Jeffs expelled Chatwin and 20 other members of the Fundamentalist LDS Church, torn from their wives and children and the approach to other men.

When waving the book in front of the cameras news in 2004 when Chatwin's "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich," the prophet as a metaphor for power, which was the consolidation of his power.

"Polygamy is not the problem here," said Chatwin told reporters. "It is a dictatorship."

Chatwin act of defiance was part of a growing protest against one of the Jeffs man. In sect prophet's house full in Hildale, Utah, and later on the road as one of the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" fugitives, Jeffs has been besieged for years by a small army of critics from outside the old sect members and police.

Utah and Arizona, where the unloading began, largely because some people are fleeing the Jeffs group has decided not to go away and forget about it.

Chatwin was certainly not the first to speak. Former members were already in the air battles in the courts and the news media. Flora Jessop fled the group as a teenager and has been active in helping other people trying to get out. She was also able to bring their stories to reporters outside news in Utah and Arizona.

Cousin, Carolyn Jessop escaped from the FLDS Community in 2003 and successfully fought a legal battle for the polygamous husband, to win custody of their children. He later published a book, "Escape", which has helped many readers to understand the emotional turmoil experienced some of the wives.

Chatwin news conference, but reported to a wider audience that something fundamental had changed Jeffs came to power after the death of his father and predecessor, Rulon Jeffs.

"Warren Jeffs was to take it to new levels of aberration," said the private detective Sat Brower, whose new book, "Prey prophet," describes his many years of investigation of the FLDS culture. Brower first went to work for Chatwin and then studied on behalf of lawyers representing former FLDS members.

"Law was dragging his feet," said Brower.

The dam began to break in Utah, as the older members had the courage to talk about Warren Jeffs. "More and more victims came out and we were able to know specifically what he did," said Brower.