Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Galaxy Tab 10.1 The owners? The case of the keyboard has finally arrived. Logitech Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a long product name of what is popularly called Zagg thing. We try not to get caught up in details of design to production, but this Logitech keyboard housing, and towards the laissez-passer on the product page, the product Zagg. Branding is just 2 cases iPad Logitech keyboard. In fact, this product is almost an exact copy of the version of the iPad. And 'designed to work only 10.1 GalTab instead.

If the keyboard connects with Bluetooth 10.1 GalTab and functions of hotkeys above the keyboard Chiclet. The case clips on the tablet with a good degree of protection in the full set.

Pricing is in line with the IPAD version 2 with a suggested retail price $ 99. Of course, you need a galaxy of 10.1 to go with it, making it very difficult in Australia and Europe. Product is only launched, but after writing this post, the great "Pre-order now" will take you to the home of Logitech. Is likely to be fixed soon and will allow buyers willing to tear down your credit card is added to the waiting list.