Powerball Jackpot Raised

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Powerball Jackpot Raised

While the summer heat, many people want a place to go on vacation, which is found in cooler climates. Wednesday evening, August 3, 2011, everyone has the opportunity to find the money for a dream holiday, and it is through the Powerball. Currently, the Powerball jackpot is $ 160 million, due to design was the winner Saturday. If you won the lucky winner will enjoy a lump sum of $ 85.2 million profit.

The Powerball jackpot is now the most

If the jackpot is won, it will be the highest price since a group of workers from New York Costco already earned more than $ 200 million to June 1 According to "News of the World Lottery", four players were able to match five times, and every dollar raised 250,000. But they are all non-residents in New Jersey. Lottery.com revealed that two players from New Jersey had the chance to win the second prize in Powerball, which is $ 200,000, in July 23 draft. One of the tickets were purchased in the County of Camden, while the other was purchased in Hunterdon County.

The Powerball winning tickets are no longer valid

Carole Hedinger, Veikkaus CEO, revealed that the stores that sell winning tickets will receive a bonus check worth $ 500. Lottery Post raised a reminder of how important it is to check the tickets, as unclaimed winning tickets. These tickets expire in one year. In fact, the second prize in Mega Millions tickets 250 000 was recently completed. In addition, $ 900.000 is a ticket to the end of Florida.

Plans to improve access to lottery results

Clarence Jackson is considered the big loser in the lottery history. It came just three days later by turning the winning ticket in Connecticut. He missed the prize worth $ 5 million. Bonnie Watson Coleman, Assemblywoman New Jersey, plans to introduce legislation to ensure that people check their numbers. It offers direct lottery is based on the state through its public access channel.

In this article, you learned that the Powerball jackpot reached $ 160 million for Wednesday drawing, New Jersey. The jackpot of $ 160 million is considered the biggest prize for a jackpot of over $ 200 million, won on June 1 Winner Coupons expire, usually after one year. It is recommended that buyers of lottery tickets should check his ticket to see if he won or not. Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson New Jersey Coleman is planning to ensure that ticket buyers will be able to see the results by introducing lottery drawings on the public access channel in the state.