MapleStory Is Updated Chaos Series

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

MapleStory is updated Chaos series ends with a bang with Age of Triumph, which, according to Nexon is "a major update that brings a unique content exclusively for the likes of Maple Traverse Global MapleStory server world."

So what is the final update has in store for the world of maple? Well, for starters, it brings a whole new story called The crusade silent. Quests are available for players in the incredibly wide range of levels from 37 to 110, and introduces players to a force that specializes in the removal of masts Monster (a new faction of enemies). Alongside the new story, the update will also introduce PvPers to capture new mode flag. And finally, players will find in their inventory a Codex Crusader, which is essentially an encyclopedia of monsters in the world of maple. Each page is full of monster cards that fall from various enemies. When a page is finished, the page displays information such as monster levels, locations and item drops, players will receive unique rewards such as medals. For some new screenshots of the next update to check the gallery below