Earthquake Today Washington, DC Will Not Bring a Tsunami

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The earthquake today in Washington, DC and its environs has shaken many people, but so far no serious damage or injuries. Recently, more good news was reported, as was its confirmation that this will not bring a tsunami on the east coast.

A report by the Associated Press indicates that the National Weather Service West Coast and Warning Center Alaska Tsunami pressure on the potential of a tsunami in the wake. They said that due to the location of the quake, centered in Virginia, "the earthquake was far enough inland" to trigger any tsunami to the coast. According to the director of services, Paul Whitmore, there are indicators located along the east coast, however, none of these showed the detection of a tsunami.

This is good news for those who were surprised by today's earthquake. The earthquakes were felt in various states of Virginia, as the center of the weather. It should not be in the next tsunami, this should be a startling event made many families to rest a little 'easier today.