Earthquake Centered In Virginia Giving New York Shaking

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

A 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia shook much of the East Coast, Tuesday, giving New York the biggest upheaval in decades as office workers caught scrambled in the streets of towers sway and residents of countless asked what they had witnessed.

The quake, whose epicenter was located just outside of Richmond, Va., was one of the strongest ever on the east coast. It 'rocked Gotham at 13:51 and lasted about 30 seconds. This was long enough to temporarily shutter the city's airports and delayed flights along the east coast, quick to break the Holland Tunnel inspections, growling mobile phone service - and put the wrong idea, that large earthquakes are the province exclusive West Coast.

"It was crazy, the first thought I had was that the building was crumbling down," said Frank Schulterbrand, 62, who was inside a building on 34th Street during the shaking afternoon. Take really influenced office ceiling collapsed, and New Yorkers wondering what to do.

"I looked at the blinds and moving, and he said:" It was time to get out of there, '"said Schulterbrand.

He shook the East Coasters rushed to file transfers on Twitter tweets that affects more than 5500 per second after the death of Osama bin Laden, and the like shaking and tsunami in Japan.

City Hall was evacuated and the buildings of the city, but no injuries or deaths to mourn, authorities said. The MTA says there is no interruption of service, and the Fire Department said that in addition to a water tower in Red Hook, which receives reports of other damage to the city.

Capital buildings were also evacuated, including the White House and the Pentagon and the National Cathedral towers were damaged. Some injuries have been reported in DC

Two nuclear power plants in Virginia stops automatically as a precaution as they would during an earthquake. Up to Martha Vineyard, was the president Barack Obama vacation to play golf when the earthquake occurred, although he said they did not feel it.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was at work at City Hall where he felt the earthquake, among other things, put an abrupt end to the press conference the district attorney Cy Vance, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

"For many, it was a stressful afternoon, but so far we have been fortunate to avoid major damage," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg.