Russell Brand Tribute To Amy Winehouse

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Russell Brand has posted a tribute to Amy Winehouse on their website, calling it "genius". Brand has revealed that he had met on several occasions Winehouse in Camden, but his lack of musical knowledge meant that he was "embarrassed" when the singer got the attention of mainstream jazz. However, he then saw live, and he changed his mind.

Fire said ... "Go into the room, I saw on stage Amy Weller [Paul] and his group, and the fear of reverence that surrounds a genius when witnessing my ears, my mouth, my heart and my mind instantly all open so now I know It was not just a wannabe ... it was unfortunate ** king genius. "

He continued his message by saying that the media are "more interested in a tragedy that the talent" and calling for a review of those addicted to the way it is.

"When you love someone who suffers from the disease of addiction are you waiting for phone calls. There will be a phone call. Sincere hope is that the call is from the addict himself who tells you they are tired, they "are ready to stop, ready to try something new. Of course, even if you fear the second call, the night bell sad a friend or relative tells you it's too late, she disappeared.

Frustrating is not a call, you can still do to be received. It is impossible to intervene.

I called Amy for years. When I met him near Camden, it was just some twit in a pink satin jacket mixes round bars with mutual friends, most of which were cool indie bands or peripheral figures Withnail Camden-ing their way through life on charisma powerless. Carl Barat has told me that "Winehouse" (as I usually called and got kicked out cos it's a little funny to call a daughter by his first name) was a jazz singer who struck me as an odd crowd, unusual. For me, with my limited musical knowledge of this information is placed Amy beyond an invisible border relevance, "Jazz Singer? It must be a kind of eccentric" I thought. I talked to her about any so even if she was still a girl, and she was cute and original, but most of all vulnerable.

I myself was at that point just out of rehab and was thirsty women seeking less complicated if you just thought about the fact that Winehouse is already evident and I share a sorrow, sickness dependence. All addicts, regardless of the substance or the status of them a clear and consistent symptom, not as present when talking to them. They communicate through a veil almost imperceptible, but not ignorable. Whether a homeless right on his head, wondering about 50 cents for a cup of tea or a coked-up, foam stripes executive of its "star" will be a toxic blocking the connection. They see them as well, look through you to another place they like. And of course they are. The priority of any addict is to numb the pain of life to facilitate the passage of days with some relief purchased.

From time to time I bump into Amy, was beaten so good that we can talk a little ', and laughing, it was a "sign", but that the world was full of half-cut, drugged up opportunists, I was one of them , including the initial recovery was maintained I live just outside bodies that Winehouse, but its nice features, not specifically recorded.

She then became massively popular and I was happy to see him recognized, but also confused because I had not seen his work, and what is not 1950, I wondered how a "singer jazz "had gained such cultural significance. I was not curious enough to do something as extreme as listening to his music or go to one of his concerts, I was about to be famous me at the time and it was an experience while consumption. It is only by chance that I attended a concert by Paul Weller at the Roundhouse that I never saw her alive.

I arrived late and went to the public through the plastic smiles and plastic cups, rolling resonance heard a female voice wonderful. Entering the room I saw on stage Amy Weller and his band, and then fear. The fear of the envelope when we attended a genius. His presence curiously delicate voice, a voice that seemed to reach it, but somewhere beyond even Billie and Ella, police in all sizes. A voice filled with such power and the pain was both fully human with the divine is still tied. My ears, my mouth, my heart and my mind instantly all open. Winehouse. Amy Winehouse? Amy Winehouse! It's silly, all eyeliner and detection of Chalk Farm Road lager and a copy of Barnet hair, lips that I had only seen shaking a queer fish and curses now dripping a portal to the saint. So now I knew.

It was not just some hapless would-be drunk again, even the NIT is never clear, and it was up to ten-penny-singer to enjoy her fifteen minutes. It 'been f ** king genius.

Shallow fool I am now looking from a different perspective, the light shone from the sky when she sings. Now that his power and began a new phase in our friendship. She came to some of my television and radio, I kept looking around, but now I saw the interest of a little more. Publicly, however, Amy has become increasingly by its length. Our media is more interested in the tragedy of talent, so if the ink begins to rent out your gift to represent the fall. Destructive relationships, blood-soaked ballet shoes, it shows the folly of youtube mice. In public perception this ephemeral gossip replaced his timeless talent. Thus in our occasional meetings and brought home the seriousness of his condition.

Drug addiction is a serious disease that will end up with prison, mental institutions or death. I was 27 when, through friendship and the help of Chip Somers to the treatment center found Focus12 recovery. With the approach was introduced to support scholarships for alcoholics and drug addicts that are easy to find and open to all with the desire to stop drinking, without which there would be alive.

Amy Winehouse is dead, like so many others whose deaths were unnecessary retrospective of fiction in 27 years. That this tragedy was avoidable or not is now irrelevant. Is not avoidable today. We have lost a beautiful and talented woman with the disease. Not all addicts have incredible talent Amy. Or Kurt or Janis and Jimi, some people just punishment. All we can do is adapt the way we see this condition, and not as a crime or a task, but as a murderer in romance. We must review the way society treats addicts, not criminals but as sick people needing care. We must examine how our government is funding the rehabilitation. It's cheaper to rehabilitate a drug addict sent to prison, while the penalty does not make economic sense. No, we all know someone with talent, Amy had but we all know that drunks and drug addicts and they all need help and support is there.