Murdoch UK Grilled Hacking Scandal

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Rupert Murdoch has discussed Tuesday by a committee of MPs on the phone hacking scandal that rocked his world empire, shaken by the tough questions before returning to the calm and pushing his interrogators with flashes of his legendary tenacity. The elder Murdoch slammed his hands on the table and said that day was the most humble of his life, to become confused when the committee was bombarded with questions and turned to his son James for some answers.

He recovered after a tense question and answer session with legislators, pushing the firm denial of wrongdoing. Murdoch, 80, said he was "shocked, horrified and ashamed" to hack the phone to a schoolgirl killed by her now-closed tabloid News of the World. He said he had seen no evidence that these victims of September 11, 2001 against terrorism and their families were subjected to any of his papers.

Murdoch said he was not responsible for the scandal of piracy, and his company was not guilty of willful blindness. He repeatedly hit away from questions about operations in the New World, saying he was not really in touch with the newspaper or did not know what was happening there.

Murdoch also told the committee he did not believe that the FBI had found no evidence of hacking Sept. 11 victims in a newly launched application. He said he lost sight of the New World, because it is a small part of his company and spoke to the editor of the paper only about once a month, talk more with the editor of the Sunday Times in Britain and the Wall Street Journal United States

James Murdoch apologized for the scandal, told British parliamentarians that "these acts do not meet the standards of our company strives to".

The young Murdoch said the company acted as quickly and as transparently as possible. Rupert Murdoch, acknowledged, however, he had not looked after Murdoch is the former British newspaper owner, Rebecca Brooks, told parliament of years, the New World had paid police for information.

The lawmakers asked why there was no investigation, said: "I did not know." Says the News of the World "is less than 1 percent" of his News Corp., which employs 53 000 people. Murdoch also said he was not informed that his company had paid large sums of money - 700000 pounds (1.1 million) in one case - to settle lawsuits by victims of phone hacking.

James Murdoch, said his father noticed the colony, said a civil case of this nature and size would be led by executives in the country "in 2009 after a newspaper article was a confidential settlement.. '- In Here, James Murdoch, chief operating officer of News Corp Europe and Asia.

James Murdoch says, news organizations should put more emphasis on ethics in the wake of a phone-hacking scandal, told lawmakers that "we need to think in this country stronger and more concerned about our journalistic ethics."

The value of Murdoch's Corp. "New added approximately $ 1.5 billion, while they were roasted, trading 3.8 percent higher at $ 15.54. The stock has taken a beating in recent weeks, throwing about 17 percent of its value, or about $ 8 billion. Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng and News Corp. executive, Joel Klein, in charge of an internal investigation of wrongdoing, sitting behind him during that he spoke. The elder Murdoch denied that the closure of the New World was prompted by economic considerations, he said to close because of criminal allegations.

Much has been speculated that Murdoch wanted to close the Sunday paper, to merge its activities with the six days of sunshine a week, some said reissued up to seven days. Asked on Tuesday if there was a financial motive for the role, Rupert Murdoch, said: "Nothing like that."

Politicians also pressed for more details on the links Murdoch Prime Minister, David Cameron and other members of the British political class.

In a separate hearing, lawmakers questioned reports that police officers in London have accepted bribes to journalists to report in relation to the tabloid balls and ask why the force has decided to close an investigation by phone before hacking after only two people. Detectives reopened the case earlier this year and is looking at a potential of 3,700 victims.

The scandal has resigned and the arrest of Brooks and the resignation of Wall Street Journal The publisher Hinton, sank on Murdoch 'dream to take complete control of the lucrative satellite television company British Sky Broadcasting and raised questions about its ability to keep track of its global media empire. Rupert Murdoch is eager to stop the crisis from spreading to the United States where many of its most lucrative assets - including the Fox television network, 20th Century Fox Film Studio, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.