Leighton Meester Own Mother

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

These days you hear all kinds of trials to come from the city of glitz. But it is enough to make even the most hardened veterans balk right. In a gesture worthy of its single-screen alter-Person Blair Waldorf (CW show hit TV, "Gossip Girl") is requesting Leighton Meester own mother turned against his own flesh and blood.

This is one of the real moments in which art imitates reality, when the show of a cold-blooded of Manhattan will begin to play with the agreement of the truth. Yet, despite its intriguing Blair Waldorf, and show that quickly became a sensation teen, Meester could well be justified in slapping his mother with a massive lawsuit.

According to celebrity Gossip Thirty Mile Zone site (TMZ), the applicant Meester's mother Connie Meester, for allegedly pocketing the money sent by the young star for his younger brother, Lex, who has serious medical problems. Meester has been sent to his mother - who apparently refuses to work to earn his bread and butter - a whopping $ 7500 a month to provide treatment for Lex.

However, the dress is horrible accusation. It claims, Constance, Meester has used the funds for his daughter, cosmetic procedures, hair, plastic surgery and Botox. Meesters can also be argued that it was a "verbal agreement" with each other, which was followed by an understanding that Leighton will send more than $ 10,000 a month old. Now is what you call good parenting.

Leighton argues that there is no contract or agreement and is currently in negotiations with the judge awarding the contract to declare null and void.

But Constance respond and, according to TMZ, the oldest Meester claim the money, especially $ 7500 each month, is part of a settlement that has been assigned to get to the point that his daughter is in her career, and play a central role in making the money she earns. Constance has threatened to sue unless $ 3 million Leighton will start to pay up.

Constance has also filed a counterclaim against her daughter in Los Angeles County Superior Court that in December last year, Leighton assaulted with a bottle. She argues that Leighton had to be taken from his mother after she was thrown to the ground and started "hitting it repeatedly with a bottle."

However, what makes the strongest case Leighton is the fact that Constance is an old sedition and subterfuge. Celebrity Circuit CBS says: "Connie Meester has a history of trouble with the law." She actually gave birth to her daughter to serve a federal prison known for his involvement in a smuggling ring that transported the illicit drugs from Jamaica to the United States.

Moreover, New York Daily News reports that earlier this year, 54 years, Constance, had a restraining order filed against her by a Wigg Laurel, whose son went to school with the son of Meester. According to a statement by Wigg, Constance had threatened to "hunt and kill" both Wigg and his son.

One wonders if Leighton was chosen for the lead role of Blair Waldorf for the dreaded her acting skills at all, or if his genes ensured she landed the role as the evil New Yorker. Anyway, it seems Leighton will not be out to sign messages to her mother with the mark of Gossip Girl "xoxo" anytime soon.