Facebook Announcement

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Make no mistake, before starting here, the opportunity to discuss in a window inside the video capabilities of Facebook with Skype is very good. If the plan is executed correctly, will almost certainly hold a lot of people within the family on Facebook, where thousands of video chat applicants may have other forms of execution + Google video for her new chat program instead of meeting. What we learned today, however, is that the Facebook team has seen what Google + can do and I understand that many people think + Google as an alternative to Facebook and what "They wanted to know what you think + Google about Facebook as it is today. They understand and they said sure.

Today we talk with Mark Zuckerberg started making a case for the idea that social networking has taken off, and that although he does not say implicitly, Facebook has been the focus of this revolution. His first message was relatively big as Facebook already has 750 million users, the idea of ​​ending with a note that had offered to share these statistics because he and the Facebook team do not feel that the number of network users is the number more important. This, in turn, a number of times in the face of Google and allows Zuckerberg to say no big deal - so what, who cares? He keeps saying how much people share is the real big.

Zuckerberg continues to talk about a new type of instant messaging, which is a sort of AOL Instant Messenger friends list, view Mr. Right, group discussions, and, of course, Skype video calls. Having established these three points, Zuckerberg says that will grant applications and programs like these items one at a time, in small doses on purpose. Zuckerberg says the narrator's humble opinion, quite another nudge with Google, the giant Google.