Elin Nordgren Found a New Person

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Elin Nordgren has apparently found a new person, and it is loaded. The Swede is Beautiful Jamie Dingman investors, according to Page Six. Dingman is the son of billionaire Michael Dingman and was related to Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady ex Princess Madeleine (Jamie has a thing for the Swedes). It would be a low key, All-American type, and, no, no golf. Divorce is Elin Woods became final in August.

What is the name?

New parents Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy is not the name of his newborn son because it sounded good Bingham Hawn, has a meaning of family on both sides.

Maiden name of Bingham Muse singer, he explained on Twitter. Bing was also the name of the father of Kurt Russell, who is the stepfather of Kate. Although the biological father of the actress is Bill Hudson, she is closer to the actor, who was mother, Goldie Hawn is a partner of 28 years.


Anna Lynne McCord has changed. His new friend is a star Dominic Purcell Prison Break, who recently visited the actor on his set of 90 210. He is 41, she is 23 years old British born Aussie has four children from a previous marriage.

No problem: "I am looking for a man not a boy,''McCord said after the break with 26 years Kellan Lutz.

Gaga unplugged

Lady Gaga has not been a good week. His YouTube account was suspended Thursday because of "numerous serious violations of copyright or YouTube." Later Thursday, the bill had been restored, a lot of joy Gaga Little Monsters.

Google Inc.-owned YouTube would not comment. Its purpose is to remove the accounts of three violations of copyright. According to reports, in violation of the video was recently sent a piece of performance Gaga in Japan, Fuji TV.

She also lost his wife as the most popular on Facebook. The new queen? Rihanna, with 40 591, 626 fans. Lady 40 560, 781 fans.

Something 'Wild'

Tone Loc has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges in a domestic violence after an arrest in Burbank, Calif., earlier this year.

45 year old artist, whose real name is Anthony Smith, has become the ground on Thursday. A well-known hits Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina, Smith was arrested June 18 after a woman accused him of assault.

It also deals with criminal possession of offensive weapon charge because the police had found an unregistered Colt AR-15 rifle.