Casey Anthony's Trial Coming

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Casey Anthony's trial is coming to an end and the Orlando Sentinel is Streaming remains and the argument. The trial follows the death of Caylee Anthony, the daughter of two years of Casey Anthony, who disappeared in July 2008. His remains were discovered in December 2008.

Mor Caylee, Casey Anthony Staar anklaget per Omicidio Første grad, and af forværret manddrab stalla, Grov børnemishandling og oplysninger til a dare Forkert retshåndhævelse. Hvis dømt, Dove hun Blivi dømt Dodenne flight.

Caylee mother, Casey Anthony Faccia charges of first degree murder, of a child Omicidio involontaria aggravated, aggravated child abuse sabato and providing false information to the Laws applicazione. If convicted, she could be sentenced to death.

Caylee Anthony Casey di madre the accused faced di primo grado di Omicidio, Omicidio colposo aggravato, di abuso di minority aggravato a bambino, e alle informazioni false fornendo Autorità. Is giudicato colpevole, potrebbe essere condannato has died.

Caylee mother, Casey Anthony is charged with first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, serious abuse and providing false information to law enforcement. If convicted, she could be sentenced to death.

The trial will begin on 9 an AMI. SINCE it will begin a counsel for Casey Anthony defense to an AFFIRM that two years Caylee Anthony Drowned in the family pool has a passport Summer SpamAssassin few SA mother. Opening in Statements SA, Counsel for the Defence, José Baez your Qué Caylee was swimming with his grandmother Cindy Anthony On June 15, 2008. He suggested a decline that Cindy Forgot Scale Security and the little girl a gliss dance La Piscine Quandt nobody was looking.

Sanoi Baez, Etta Casey ei Soita poliisille, Koska hermostui it. It väitti rheumatism, he Etta oli väärin isänsä lapsena cock cock veljensä yes, Joka sai isyys Testi Nahda, Jos, it oli Caylee ISA. Nama tekijät Myos ollut osansa peitellä tyttären hukkumasta he totes.

According to ABC Casey Anthony defense that she did not tell anyone for over a month that Caylee was missing and has insisted for months that Caylee was stolen and she made up stories because " she was "trained to lie" through many years of sexual abuse by her father and brother.

The prosecution alleges that Casey Anthony killed Caylee with chloroform and then taped to his nose and mouth.