Williams Syndrome

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder found in one of every 7,500 newborns. These children are hyper-social personalities that can hardly see beyond the world of this syndrome. Show empathy, and extreme heat and show an openness to foreigners.

Children with Williams syndrome tend to facial features slightly different from normal children. They have small sharp teeth, upturned nose and small bags under his eyes, but no matter what they look like their friendly nature requires you to be friends with them.

Usually, when children reach 4-5 years of age, it seems a positive attitude towards people of their race. However, children with Williams syndrome show any racial bias what so ever according to recent research. During the research, the two images was shown a sample that covers the normal childern, and those who have Williams syndrome. One image was a white man and the other showed African-American. When asked which of them is a bad boy, children with Williams syndrome seemed indifferent. However, when the same question was asked the normal children, they reported the photo was the person who is different from their own ethnic ago.

These children or adults are a very empathetic character. Have not seen any pain, and if this situation arises are the first to extend help. The experiment was conducted with a girl hit my knee on a table. A typical child watched cry only when the child has Williams syndrome were more worried. She went to her and rubbed his knee. He also asked: "What happened?".

With empathy is the absence of fear. These children are not aware of any malicious intent to harm them, they are not afraid of dangerous situations or objects. If they get a spider, they will probably pet, instead of being afraid. These extreme innocence could have real consequences, and for the same reason these people still need protection because they are unable to detect danger or defend themselves on their own.

Studies show that the syndrome is due to lack about 25 genes on chromosome 7, and can be highly affected by physical, behavioral or cognitive personality composition. The deletion of chromosomes occurs during the production of sperm or ova. However, the reason for the absence of these genes cause hyper-social behavior remains a mystery.