Breaking The Winners And Losers Of The 2011 NBA Draft

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz


Bobcats. Charlotte was able to snatch some important goals during his time list. First, they were able to get younger with two players who had led the acquisition of the No. 7 pick of the Kings and to keep their No. 9 pick. This allowed them to have a Biyombo Bismack great man, a guy who, with forward Tyrus Thomas, gives them two very active shot blocker. Second, they were also able to take over Connecticut polished Kemba Walker, who will compete with DJ Augustin at point guard and will undoubtedly be in the field with him sometimes. Third, it could get more, especially to trade veteran guard (Stephen Jackson) to Milwaukee for a veteran who can play both in the front seats (Corey Maggette).

Cavaliers. Ultimately, the Cavs could have made a serious mistake to pass through the center of Jonas Valanciunas at No. 4. However, ending with a Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson at number 4 is the least oppressed Cavs fans a glimmer of hope for the future, Thompson is a big guy who can catch a rebound, run the floor and finish at the other end, and Irving is a leader who can run an offense and coach Byron Scott to help up-tempo offense. "Exactly what (Scott) went to Chris Paul and his transition to the NBA, became much easier, and what kind of wanting to imitate the way of Chris Paul and the transition to the offensive, which is fast paced and just run "Irving said." When I was in Cleveland as a whole (Scott) said he wants to do is run, as he did when he played for the Lakers in 86. "

Scout euro. Actually, some time, looked like a pick-up of European players in the first round had left the Dodo. Teams had overreacted to the success of Dirk Nowitzki and Pau liquefied petroleum gas, and has been repeatedly extended only slightly talented international students, who almost uniformly disappointed with the NBA. Last year, for example, there was only one international player selected in the first round. But this year, particularly in reduced yields collegial, the stars of the European Union in a recovery, five will go in the first round. Turkey, a great man Enes Kanter was elected Utah Although technically Kentucky, but soon after followed the three International: Valanciunas (No. 5), Jan Vesely (No. 6) and Biyombo (No. 7).


Spurs. It does not help that many of Tony Parker, Richard Jefferson rumors swirled in the days before the project because San Antonio is now in an awkward position. They enter the season with two tickets that they know they have bought, and instead of moving and Jefferson Parker, easing an impasse in salary cap potential, away from San Antonio tried to stop George Hill friendly choice in Indiana playoff Leonard Kawhia . However, the Spurs were hoping to change the composition of his team, and while Leonard is a promising player who was considered as a potential acquisition of the seven, the Spurs were able to eliminate the big problem I had expected.

Timberwolves coach TBD. It was the reason for the Timberwolves were so Fielding a No. 2 pick - almost had to pick, Derrick Williams, Arizona. But Williams is very similar to the Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley, and Minnesota, Kevin Love did not move forward, the power spot. But it is not suitable for dealing with fire, and with whom to replace Kurt Rambis Timberwolves hire has some difficult situations to find out how to get minutes, Williams. But is not the only problem. Next, the trainer must also decide how to develop the Rookie point guard Ricky Rubio properly. There is talent in Minnesota. But it is difficult to sort.

ESPN. NBA general managers said before the draft that the uncertainty created by the lockout and the likelihood of a hard salary cap starts with the next collective agreement is expected to hinder trade in the night of the project. And yes, there were only a handful of small transactions to go around while the big names rumored to be on the market - Other Iguodala, Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Parker, all on the Lakers - have been set. Overall, it is a yawn of a night.