Skype Download Dropped Call

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Skype was a day of crisis that users dropped calls, connection problems and failures website.

Users to video chat program has been a problem since 12:15 today, signed the caller started off at random and can not log back on, as well as others can not make or receive calls.

Skype website is experiencing problems or, as their site, their server to "take a short break." Why still offers links that allow users to download and use Skype itself.

Skype blogger Peter Parkes offered other options to connect to Skype for Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows XP and Mac OS X, but the explanations were very long. Instead of simply clicking on the icon of Skype on the desktop, users fill out the 12 steps to restart the program.

Your tab "Heartbeat" in place to apologize for the inconvenience.

"Some of you may have trouble logging in with Skype and outgoing calls," it said. "We are investigating and hope to have more to share soon."

IT Pro Skype contact for more details about the accident and know that everything would return to normal, but the company declined comment.

It is speculated that the accident of users could create complications for Microsoft, which recently bought Skype for $ 8.5 million (5 million).