Jon Stewart Bill o Reilly

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Apparently Fox News Monday night, Comedy Central Jon Stewart Fox host Bill O'Reilly sparred invited the rapper Common to the White House - and accused the conservative cable network pending the "selective outrage machine ... That [number] pettyfogs only if it fits the story that it suits him. "

Obama administration came under fire from right after last week invited to attend a joint poetry reading at the White House. Conservatives took issue with the invitation, because it is common, a hip hop artist won a Grammy, has defended some of his lyrics a member of the Black Panther and convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur.

O'Reilly, who invited Stewart on the show with the express purpose of discussing the issue, said the White House should not be sending invitations to people who were "celebrating a cop murderer."

"I think that does not celebrate, but to meet someone he thought was convicted of abuse of police killings. I think she believes was wrongly convicted," said Stewart, host of Comedy Central's "Daily Show". "Correct me if I'm wrong, what you're saying is that if the artist will support someone who has been convicted of manslaughter in the police, not allowed to go to the White House."

"I say that when a president to invite someone to the [White House] ... CV must be in front of them and they have to choose a person [is] almost unassailable, "said O'Reilly.

Stewart replied that if the White House were to hold such a standard, but also prevent legends such as Bono, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen - all of whom have written songs about people who have been convicted of killing policemen.

"Guess who wrote a song for Leonard Peltier? Bono. Guess where was I?! The White House," said Stewart. "Booyah. Is a word rap."

"Bob Dylan wrote a song about a convicted murderer named" Hurricane "Carter," added Stewart. "He was in the White House. Why do you draw the line in common? There is a machine here at Fox pettyfogs selective indignation only when it suits the narrative that suits them."

"This guy is a target in a way that should not be," he continued. "We must be consistent with indignation."

Bill O'Reilly responded to Stewart and said "you know, this guy is to sympathize with two cop killers. You know."

"This is enough to talk and say 'You know what? This guy could be radioactive. I do not do, "he continued and said that he found particularly offensive to support the common view of the fact that this week to celebrate National Police Week.

Stewart argued, in honor of National Police Week, the duo should be together as a team to do something "important."

"Let's do something nice for Police Police Board for a week," O'Reilly suggested. "Let's agree we have to promote the return of the ban on assault weapons - because it does not kill the cops celebrate metaphorically or physically, will try to get weapons to kill the police - literally -. Large roads"