End Of The World May 21st

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

May 21, also known as the end of the world, is just three days away and there is still much to do! Ack! They are not kidding when they say it will be more stressful than everyday life.

Your bills paid? It is not Christ, as to leave our atheist friends and parents with a lot of debt. Did you know? I personally have only light sweaters and out of my bathing suit back, because others will make better use of them when I burn in hell. What about your pets, right? Have you thought of this? Where do they go? I mean, we love our puppies and kittens in pieces, but unlike what the Disney movie tells us, all dogs go to heaven. Because, according to a web site of biblical prophecy, which have no soul.

This is a tough. We need someone who is so bad he was not invited to the kingdom of Jesus, but not too bad as well, leave with their Shih Tzu. We need ... someone Bart Center, and eternal earth-bound pets!

Bart Center, dumb (but not too stupid), an atheist, is the go-to guy for all your pet needs a post-Rapture. For a small fee is $ 135, and its 44 staff will take care of all pets while you are away from playing 18 holes, JC. Peace of mind for less than $ 200? Where can I get? If I were you I would hurry, though, as the rapture is imminent and 258 people have already scored points.

I know what some of you think, and you have every right to: So how the hell any kind of business should be able to function properly, when death and destruction collapsed on Saturday? Here's a personal choice comes in. If you are a supporter of Family Radio, this is your faith and you're afraid to shell out the money for the companies completely useless. Others might think, "Well, I do not necessarily believe the world Burn After I get up, but leave my pet non-believer? This does not sit right with me. The biblical site, which told us of pets is not the 'soul has expressed concern about this says:

A lot of persons are concerned about their pets, but I don't know if they should necessarily trust atheists to take care of them.

These are all valid points, people. All things that should be carefully thought through. Discuss them with your loved ones. Make a pro and con list. Be thorough. This girl, though? She's not taking any chances. I've already signed my little guy up for Eternal Earth Bound Pets. I mean, it's just money. And it's a different currency in Heaven anyway,